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Why do we gloss over in a casino?

Why do we gloss over in a casino?
In recent days, I have once again spent a lot of money and started thinking: "Well, I tried to gloss things over, but I smeared them instead. "I have concluded long ago that losing money is much more offensive than winning it. It would seem that there's perfect logic there, but I refer to emotions.

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Let's exemplify

So, let's say that you decide to use 1/10 of your total - which is $1,000.Then you double the money and get $200, but you continue until there is nothing left; you’ve lost all of the $1,000 you had. You feel as if the loss was just $100, even though it was truly $1,000.The bad thing here is that there is a huge chance of you doing it again. 

After losing your full deposit, you start thinking: "What kind of garbage, it has to return me my $100 immediately", and you keep playing nonetheless... It turns out that the moment when we make a deposit is plaster, as in the majority of outcomes, we merely gloss things over. This is the reason why your Canadian online casino constantly sends you messages advertising their deposit bonus offers that obviously have small payments to them.

The fact that you are very likely to deposit more after you start playing isn't a secret. Most people say that limiting your deposit and ending the game when the deposit runs out is important; these people are lying. You have 2 simple choices, to play or not play. If you pick to play, you will gloss over.

You may do so without depositing, as no deposit bonuses are quite common. In this situation, our brains are weirdly arranged. Many of us find it a lot harder to lose something that we already have than to dream of the things we don’t own.

Summing everything up

Imagine winning a jackpot and spending it all. Most people get jealous when you win; in the end, they play a lot and lose a huge amount of money, then they usually end up in a bad state.

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