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Rules of Baccarat at an online casino in Canada

Rules of Baccarat at Canadian casinosBaccarat is one of the most popular card games worldwide; moreover, it is fascinating and easy to learn. It also has one of the best RTP (return to player percentage) compared to other table games. Nowadays, you can play it anywhere, any time, at land-based casinos and online casinos too. The target is very simple – you need to collect cards, the total sum needs to be 9 or at least as close as possible. Further, in the article, we will describe the game and the rules of Baccarat at Canadian online casinos in detail and we will also be giving examples of situations. 

Denomination of the cards

All of the Aces bring 1 point, the pictured cards (Ten, Jack, Queen and King) will be counted as 0 points, and the other cards (2-9) will bring the points accordingly to the nominal value of the shown card. For example, if the cards are King + 8, then the total number of points is 8.

The basic rules of the game

  • You have to place bets on 3 possible fields at the start of the game - Player win, Banker win, and tie.
  • After that, the dealer gives 2 cards to the player.
  • Your target is to get 9 points.
  • The denominations define the value of the card.
  • The player and the dealer both get 2 cards if the sum of the player's cards is below the minimum, he draws another card.
  • The dealer must also take an additional card if his score is 4 or less.
  • If they both have numbers that don't go below the minimum, they won't draw any cards.
  • The one who gets 9 or is closer to 9 wins the hand.
  • If the points are the same and the player placed a bet at the “tie” sector, he wins according to the winning table. All payments are shown in that table.

How are the bets paid?

As we said, there are 3 types of bets:

  • Player – if the player wins in the end, the dealer collects all of the other bets (dealer and tie) and pays the player 1:1.
  • Banker – when the dealer wins and the player has to bet on Banker field, then he'll be winning 1:1. The important thing here is that the dealer takes 5% of the bet for the casino.
  • Tie – when a player places a bet on a tie and the final points of the player and dealer are the same; the players win 8:1 of the initial bet. 

Types of Baccarat

  • Macau is the most complicated game,2 decks of 52 cards are used in the game. When playing this game, a player can change cards (when they pay money, of course) instead of losing. The cards in this variant of Baccarat are dealt one by one
  • Punto Banco is the most popular gin casinos. Both the dealer and the player must draw a 3rd card when their number is less than 6.
  • Victoria is close to Macau, but the dealt cards are 2.

Should I play and can I earn money?

So, in the end, we have concluded that playing Baccarat has a positive result. The casino has a small advantage over the player, and to be honest, you don’t need a specific strategy. Perhaps the most important thing is to learn how much to bet.

Should I bet on Banker?

According to the rules of Baccarat, the most advantageous bet is the Banker one (Banco). The advantage of the casino is just 1.05%; for example, each time the player bets he gives an advantage of 1.25% for the casino. The banker bet doesn’t matter, we don’t say that the player is bad. Both of them can bring a good profit to you; the most important thing that you need to follow is your intuition. Moreover, you cannot keep betting on the Banker field; in this case, the game will be very boring, and you will lose your nerves. The essential thing while gambling is to play calm. In the longer game, you should bet at the Banker more often. The third bet (tie) should be avoided because of the advantage of the casino, which is 15%.

How many decks do I need to play?

Most Canadian casinos provide you with an opportunity to choose between 6 or 8 decks of cards. We advise you to select the smallest possible variant as the advantage of the casino gets lower.

8 decks in a game, the winning percentages

  • Bet on Tie - 9.52%
  • Player - 44.62%
  • Banker - 45.86%

6 decks in a game

  • Banker - 45.87%
  • Tie - 9.51%
  • Player - 44.63%

Find casinos with a lower fee

In the rules of Baccarat, there is a fee of 5% for the Banker bet, after deducting this percentage, the advantage of the casino is 1.05%. You need to know that there are casinos that offer a 0.4% fee, then the advantage over the player will be 0.6%, so try to play in such casinos.

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