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Rules of Blackjack. History and designation!

Rules of Blackjack. History and designation!Тhe most popular casino game after Poker is unquestionably Blackjack (generally known as 21).

The first historical notes on this game are dating from the early decades of the 17th century, originating from Spain. The great writer Miguel de Cervantes - gambler himself, describes at that time the stories of some low-level swindlers, making their living with the game of 21. Later in the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, the game takes its name Blackjack after some 10: 1 payout bonus (granted for the unique hand of Ace of Spades + Jack of spades), some gambling establishments offered to encourage players' interest.

Fast forward to our 3rd millennium - 21st century - 2nd decade - 2021. Maybe you are completely new to the online casino experience? 

You may have ever seen what the Blackjack game table looks like, but you always thought that this is a difficult game where everything develops extremely fast, i.e. is it only for the smart and the specialist?

Well, with us, you are at the right address.

If you are an absolute beginner at Blackjack and want to start from ABC or are partly familiar with the basic elements but want to “dust” your facts about some of the special Blackjack rules? With this article, we will give you explanations, guidelines, and tips for the game.

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Basics of Blackjack

Please review the chart below with the most important information you should apprehend about Blackjack. 

If you put in the time, effort, and conviction, you can mature into a Blackjack clever player!

Mission   To outplay the dealer by collecting a higher card sum without going over 21
 Cards meaning
  • Ace has a value of 1 _, or _ Ace has a value of 11
  • 2 to 10 carry their number value
  • K; Q; J are valued at 10
 Note:  The suits are irrelevant.
 Other Attributes  
  • An Ace and a card worth 10 points (21 total) - Blackjack / Natural
  • The unhidden card in front of the dealer - Upper card
  • Face-down card in front of the dealer - Hole
  • Whether or not to take another card - Hit
  • Whether or not to stop at the current total - Stand.
  • Going over 21 - Bust
  • Player’s and dealer’s hands with an equal sum - Tie / Push
  • Whether or not to split a pair - Split.
  • Whether or not to bet extra when the dealer’s hand is weak - Doubling Down.
  • Whether or not to give up your small chance hand - Surrender
  • Whether or not to put a side-bet on the dealer’s hand - Insurance.


 Note:  Doubling Down and Split are optional play only for the player, not for the dealer!
 Game launch
  • Players place their bets/chips in the frame betting box in front of their seats. (as many chips as they want)
  • The dealer distributes in 2 passes a total of 2 cards to each player-revealed. 
  • The dealer gives 2 cards to himself, one of which flipped till the end. 
  • The dealer calls on each player, in turns, if he wants to hit or stand.
  • The player should decide to hit or stand based on his own hand and the presumption that the dealer holds a 10-card in the hole.
  • The player carries on hitting until he thinks he doesn’t need more cards. 
  • Once all players have completed their choices, the dealer reveals his face-down card and hits or stands, respectively. 
  • The winnings are calculated according to the number of bets and the outcome of the hand.
  • The winnings are calculated according to the number of bets and the outcome of the hand.
  • When your hand total is higher (or if the dealer busts), you win. 
  • When you hold Blackjack, you receive from the dealer 3 to 2 on your bets.
  • When you and the dealer both hold Blackjack, it is a push situation. No chips are given or taken away.

When the cards are revealed, the dealer imposes strict rules for paying or collecting bets.

  • Player's hand: Totals over 21= the hand is a “bust.” Dealer’s reaction: Immediately get hold of the player bet and is done with his hand.
  • Player's hand: Totals under 21. Dealer's hand: Totals over 21= Dealer’s hand is a “bust.” Dealer’s reaction: Paying to all remaining players 1.5 X their bets.
  • Player's hand: not a “bust” (under 21). Dealer's hand: not a “bust” (under 21). Dealer’s reaction: Comparing his hand total to your hand total:
  • In case the dealer’s total is ≥ the player loses - and the dealer collects his chips.
  • In case the player’s total is > the player wins- and the dealer pays his bet.
  • If the dealer’s total = player’s total- it is once more a “push” situation.
  • Reaction: The player neither win nor lose his bet. The dealer lets the chips stay, and it is up to the player to remove them, let them remain, or even add some for the next hand.

The most lucrative variant to play Blackjack is the game with a single deck and a maximum number of betting boxes. At Net Entertainment, you can play 4 diverse games with a single deck. At Net Entertainment, you can play surrender with three boxes, six-packs, and standard four decks.

Player’s alternatives in Blackjack

BlackjackOne player's constant choices during the game are to act with HIT, STAND, or SURRENDER. There are 3 alternative actions the player can make: DOUBLING DOWN, SPLIT and INSURANCE.


The most frequent verdict the player must make: take another card– “HIT,” or stop at his current total “STAND.”

  • Example Player 1: Initial 2 cards: 10+2. The player decides to “HIT.” He gets an extra card. Third card: 6 - the player now has the value of 18 (10+2+6) and decides to “STAND.”
  • Example Player 2: Initial 2 cards: 10+3. The player decides to “HIT.” He gets an additional card. Third card: Q - the player now has 23 (10+3+10) value, considered a “bust.” This is an automatically lost hand for exceeding 21.


If you see that your chance of winning the current hand is small to none - you can give up your hand right after the opening deal.

This option is suitable for players who prefer to “go under,” losing half of their bet instead of losing the whole amount.


If you already have Blackjack and the dealer has an Ace face-up, the dealer will offer even money instead of 3 to 2; what is the normal Blackjack payout. If you do not take this offer and the dealer’s face-down card brings him also a Blackjack, it will be a push situation just as usual.


If you have received a pair, you can treat your hand as it is, or you can “SPLIT” it in two independent hands, playing them separately. 

  • Example Player 1: Initial 2 cards: 2 x Q. The total value of 20. This is a strong hand. The player decides not to play SPLIT.
  • Example Player 2: Initial 2 cards: 2 x 8. The total value of 16. This is the worst possible player’s hand - not likely to win and very likely to bust. The player decides to play SPLIT. Then he needs to put the original bet on the 1st card 8 and an equal amount bet on the 2nd card 8. After that, the dealer draws an extra card to the 1st card 8, and now this hand can be brought to finalization. Regardless of this hand's outcome, after completion, the dealer draws an extra card next to the 2nd card 8. This hand also has to be played till the end.
  • Exception: When the player receives a pair of Aces and decides to play SPLIT, he is given only one card for each Ace. He will not receive additional cards. If next to one of these aces is dealt a ten-card, i.e. this hand is a “Natural,” the pay-off equals only the initial bet (not as with a Blackjack x 1,5).
  • NOTE: This optional play – SPLIT is only for the player, not For the dealer!


At the moment of a two-card hand, before a third card is dealt, you can try to maximize your profit by the option Doubling Down. When the initial cards you received are 11,10, or 9, you have a good chance to win; therefore, you can use this option and match your initial bet. Having a sizable pile of chips to back your extra bet, what you have to do is to pay attention when the dealer’s hand is weak.

NOTE: This optional play – Doubling Down is only for the player, not For the dealer!


In case the dealer's face-up card is an Ace, he will propose to the players to place some INSURANCE bets. The expectation is that the house will make 21, so the players can win money on the dealer’s hand. You have the possibility to put a side-bet on the winning chance of the dealer’s cards.

  • The amount of the bet is half of your original bet, and the chips should be placed on the special insurance semi-circled stripe on the table. 
  • After you put the additional chips, the dealer will be checking if he holds a 10-card under the Ace, i.e. if he made Blackjack or not. 
  • If the dealer does unveil Blackjack- you win- you will be paid at 2:1 odds. However, you will lose your initial bet, so your total here will be “break-even.”
  • If the dealer does not expose Blackjack - you lose. Your insurance –side bet chips will be gone, and you still need to play the initial bet out.
  • It is no wonder that the house has a massive edge on the insurance bet- between 6 and 7 % edge- depending on how many decks the ongoing game is played.

Betting on bonuses

There is an obligatory amount for a minimum bet, with which the game starts. Per the rules of Blackjack, there is a chance to bet on bonuses. At NetEnt, this bet, also called “Jack side bet,” is situated on the left side - above the main box. If you get the first two cards at any of the three boxes: 

  • First card-Jack- 10 bets on the winning bonus 
  • Any two-Jacks- 25 bets on the winning bonus 
  • Two same-Jacks- 100 bets on the winning bonus

Tips, Tricks, and Strategy at Blackjack

The most popular technique, which helps the Blackjack game player, is anticipating the next card based on counting. The most advantageous tactics call upon playing each hand opportunistically, considering the dealer’s upper card at all times.

  • With cards as Ace, 10-card, 9, 8, and a 7 (judged as good cards) as a dealer’s upper card- the player should draw cards till 17 and more.
  • With cards as 6, 5, and a 4 (judged as poor cards) as a dealer’s upper card- the player should draw cards till 12 and more. The main aim here is to cause the dealer to hit and hope to go above 21.
  • With cards as 3 and a 2 (judged as fair cards) as a dealer’s upper card- the player should draw cards till 13 and more.
  • If the player holds a soft hand, the winning strategy is to hit a minimum of 18 in total. (For example: With a hand of Ace + 6 = 7 or 17, the player would not stop at 17 but would hit. should not keep requesting cards, and not stopping at 17)

The strategic tactic with doubling down is:

  • With 11 as a sum, the player should consistently double down. 
  • With 10 as a sum, the player must double down if the dealer has an Ace or 10-card face-up. 
  • With 9 as a sum, the player better double down if the dealer is holding fair or poor cards face-up.

The strategic tactic with splitting is:

  • A pair of 8s or a pair of Aces should be split.
  • Pairs of 2s, 3s, and 7s can be split only if the dealer doesn’t hold an Ace, 10-card, 9, or 8.
  • Identical 10-cards, a pair of 5s and a pair of 4s should not be split. 
  • Ultimately the pair of 6s must not be split except if the dealer holds poor card face-up.

Where to play?

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