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Rules for Online Roulette

Rules for Online RouletteRoulette is undoubtedly the game offering the most variable ways to bet and win at a casino. This vintage game was carried through the ages and continue to be one popular choice for different age category and different skill level gamblers. This article features the basic game definitions, a digest version of the rules of online roulette, as well as some tips, tricks and winning techniques.

The central occurrences of the game are:

  • to buy your chips;
  • to place your chips on your desired places on the betting table (usually, a minimum bet is enforced); 
  • to wait for the ball to fall after spinning on the real Roulette.

The betting table corresponds to the actual wheel sockets and holds the player’s inside and outside bets. The same variations of Roulette bets are valid for:

  • electronic online casinos, 
  • live games at online casinos, and 
  • physical (with croupier) casino houses.

The player can place single or multiple bets on a wide range of places and combinations.

Outside bets

Whenever the ball makes landing on the colour of your choice on one of
Black or Red 


 Whenever the ball makes landing on a number of your choice on one of
Odd or Even
 Whenever the ball makes landing on a number of your choice on one of
Low (1 to 18) or High (19 to 36)
 Whenever the ball makes landing on a number of your choice on one of the 3
1st or 2nd or 3rd Column
 Whenever the ball makes landing on a number of your choice on one of the 3
1st or 2nd or 3rd Dozen

0 is on the fringe of the table but have a payment as a straight-up Inside bet - 35:1. If the ball makes landing on 0, all the Outside bets are lost.

Inside bets

Straight-up  Any number from 1 to 36  35:1 
 Split bet  Between two numbers  17:1
 Street  Between three numbers  11:1
 Corner  Between four adjacent numbers  8:1
 Six line bet  Between two adjacent rows  6:1

For the five number bet (0, 1, 2, and 3), the chip is placed on the outside corner line between the 1 and the 0.
This is the most unfavourable for the player bet on the table (with higher house edge).

Roulette styles

In regard to the internet variant of the Roulette game, placing the bets can be pulled off:

  • 1) Betwixt ball spins
  • if there is only one player - unlimited time for betting is given; 
  • if there is more than one player - it is given a fixed period of time in-between every launch. 
  • 2)Precisely on the launching time.

There are few variants of the game:

A live version of the Online Roulette

We are all used to think of live casino Roulette as of physical (with croupier) casino houses. There we are witnessing the actual ball throw and landing in one of the sockets according to the gravitational force with its distinguishing factors (power, angle, the velocity of the croupier ball release) and the components of fortuity.

Online Casino Roulette is, however, significantly different. Here the number on which the ball lands is produced by a random number generator

  • In the live version of online Roulette, you can play with dozens of other players from different countries via your webcam.
  • In the electronic version of online Roulette, you play alone, and there is no hurry to place your bets or spinning the ball.
    The basic principles for all the variety of versions of Roulette are much alike.

Only the American version has its obvious otherness - the presence of double zero “00”. Having the “0” already tilts the chance of winning in favour of the house, so having the “00” on top of the “0” implies an even greater disadvantage for the players.

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Electronic Online Roulette

  • The classic European Roulette contains a wheel, one field to play and one track field specially designated to bet on neighbour numbers - “call bets.”
  • When you start playing on the Internet with the Roulette emulator, you can have limitless time to place your bets. Unless you press the spin button, the game will not start. Once the game is launched, no further betting for this spin is possible. There is a quick spin feature, which reveals the winning number instantly - without waiting for full wheel rotation.
  • You can find the “call bets” located on the wheel as well as on the boxes.
  • You can make your betting on the playing board or on the “call bets” (see below) by clicking on the chip of your liking (different nominal available) at the bottom right of the screen. Next, you click anywhere on the playing board, which will place the chip on the location of your liking.
  • Important to bear in mind is that you can always change your bets or cancel them until the button spin is not clicked. (Exception: On the live Roulette - with a webcam, the bets are automatically closed!)
  • You can use the special function - same bet (repeated bet), which enables you to make quick same bets as you did with your prior spin.

Be aware of your odds

The very reason the gamblers play is to try to win. Sure with Roulette, some people can also play because of the social aspect and the excitement, but players, be aware - you can feel winner but will be only in the short run. At a distance, the house will always be at your odds (having “0” gives the casino 2.7 % edge and the “00” at about 5.2 % edge).

  • In case of playing only the numbers, and “0” comes, all the bets are lost. Except on the French Roulette, when in this regard is enabled the function “Prison.” If “0” falls, at the same location will remain only half of the bets, and they cannot be withdrawn on the next spin.
  • You can play on small chances - betting on one of three dozen, or one of the three columns (odds 1:3)
  • You can play on even chances - betting on black or red, or odd or even (odds 1:1)

“Call bets rules”

Roulete sectrors
If you would like to make wagering on the part of the wheel, then more appropriate is to bet via the "call bets" field. The convenience of this type of betting is that the numbers are bundled in sectors exactly as they lie next to each other on the actual wheel ( for example, 5,10 and 23 are next to each other).

  • Zone Tier - 12 numbers sector, located opposite the numbers zero - small series 5/8.
  • Zone Orphelines - 8 numbers sector, located between the small and the large series 
  • Zone Voisins - 17 numbers sector, covers half of the wheel, where central is the zero, large series 0/2/3- average payouts.
  • Zone Zero spiel, smaller than the large series (located across from the small series) with numbers based closely to zero, whereby the most profitable number is the 26 in which the payouts 35:1.
  •  Another functionality available for the players at online Roulette is the Hot and Cold numbers shown on the scoreboard. Call bets enable the player to place a fast bet in a particular number section or fellow-numbers.

Betting limits

Main viewUsually, during the launching stage of the game, you will be proposed to play on tables with different bet limits. For example, Table with a limit of 1-100 CAD, the total no more than 500 CAD allows you to bet in a number from 1 to 100 CAD, for a split of two numbers 1-200 CAD, for a corner of 1-400 CAD. The total bet can not exceed 500 CAD. 

Winning strategies

However, unpredictable streaks the Roulette ball can have; however, the payouts might seem unfair; there is always some strategy you can try to improve your gambling results. 

To find the best system that suits you, please go to the section “How to win” and choose “Roulette,” wherewith drop-down menu selection, you can obtain information about different winning methods and their overall functioning.

Roulette can be found in almost every online casino, but there are plenty of good reasons to play the version by Net Entertainment:

  • A high percentage return on your bets.
  • Ethical above board gaming.
  • The chance to play a live version of online Roulette.
  • Player-friendly betting and gaming system.

Winning tips for beginners

There are a handful of guidelines for new players, which can be employed only to the software Net Entertainment.

  • Before gambling, you should always get familiar with the rules of the game of Roulette. Placing the bets is an essential part of the game and could be more rambling than anticipated.
  • If you decide to play, then registers the account, make your first deposit and start playing. It is advisable to start playing immediately after creating an account at an online casino to win the intended first 50 spins and complete the game on this session.
  • You should avoid playing at not checked online casinos. (Review the black-listed casinos). Some gambling places do not give the slightest chance to win with whatever bets or strategies.
  • Try to test some techniques or strategies while playing in free mode (not for real money), for this is wise for your time and pocket.


  • You need to be familiar with all the rules of online Roulette in order to explore all the possibilities. Needless to remind you that the game of Roulette is joyful and yet at a fast pace, so you have to keep up. 
  • The more experienced players advise playing fewer spins rather with a bigger bet than many spins with a small bet. (for example, play 5 spins rather than betting 10 CAD per spin, than 50 spins with 1 CAD per spin)
  • In case you decide to use some system - whenever possible, take the opportunity to spin the ball in advance with no real bets. This way, you can create a favourable situation just by trying the system.

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