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About SLOTS and beyond at online casinos in Canada

About SLOTS and beyond at Canadian online casinos
Mechanical slots

We all know the classical slot, designed with rotating reels (usually three), where winning or losing is composed of the symbols/pictures lining up together. The payout is determined by the combination they make. different reels, different numbers of unique symbols, different compositions, different payout, oh, it is math, and it is not easy! This article will write all the necessary information about slots and beyond at Canadian online casinos. 

This type of slot works only with their internal “bank”/pot/pool. A player sat down, put in a few coins, spin the reels for some time then left. A second person sat, played as well, and left. Along came a third individual, played a bit, and took away the whole pot. This happened over and over again. 

You ask yourself, where is the randomness if the outcome depends on the “bank”? What if there is no money in the pool? Then the slot will give nothing! See, this is restricted randomness - in the sense that the slot can only function inside the limitations of its own “bank.” 

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Electronic (virtual reel) slots

With the virtual reel, the creators successfully increased the number of outcomes. Because of the excessive amount of combinations (pay lines), electronic slots gave potential for paying bigger winnings and more variations in payouts. By replacing the mechanical with the virtual reel, the game designers could adjust all possibilities - for example, manufacturing less volatile games by shrinking the jackpot and increasing the payouts for the smaller winners.

But what if one player unexpectedly wins a million jackpot? To answer the institution's need to be prepared to pay such amounts, the developers created the slot's “bank,” linking several machines, even several Canadian online casinos - attracting every player’s attention (collective jackpots).

Computerized slots

Nowadays, the advanced slot machines are designed with the same entertaining formula looking and feeling similar to the old mechanical models, but operating on a completely different concept. The player’s handle pulls outcome is practically managed not by reels motions but by an inside computer. The pivotal point of this computer is the RNG (random number generator), ensuring that each “pull” has an identical shot at hitting the jackpot.

This ‘RNG’ is responsible for the sequence of events happening “behind the scene” at online casinos.


The emerging of:

  • Particular symbols on the display of an online slot machine
  • Specific cards from the deck during the online card gambling or
  • Precise numbers on the wheel of the online roulette 

Is determined by combinations produced by the RNG.

Simply said: ‘RNG’ at casinos is one physical machine with its own software. ‘RNG’ is a mathematical pre-defined, computer-implementable bundle of instructions (maps) designed to represent accidental outcomes. Another hardware RNG provides a guaranty of a sheer result and therefore manifests the game's honesty.

From one precise basic number - launch point, the generator calculates every next value based on the already activated sequence.

The outcome number becomes the next launch point to be used by the algorithm in the next sequence. This is one never-ending process, done smoothly over and over again, even if the game is not being played.

By pushing the Start button on the pokie, the player naturally expects to win, but the combination of appearing symbols is preplanned even before the reels were launched. The developers assign this plan during machine manufacturing. Significant elements of this plan are the payout percentage (RTP) and the hit frequency (Volatility).

About online Network SLOTS

About online Network SLOTS
Modern network slots are operating differently. They have a standard (consolidated) bank, which is centrally regulated by the network servers. For example, the casino software leader NetEnt guarantees for its slot players uniform winning opportunities from its collective - network bank. 

Use this link if you want to know the answer to the essential question: How do these slots work?

Here is an elementary snip of how that works:

  • With the launching of the game, your session begins. 
  • Placing the first bet instantly creates a temporary bank for this session, accumulating rates.
  • The session lasts from several hours to a few days or until the situation on the slot is drastically changed. The slot can reward you on your first spin or not. 
  • You make the first spin of your temporary bank, and the situation changes for your slot and for the general bank as well.
  • The slot immediately draws the amount from the network bank and gives it to you on the first spin.
  • Or it never gives you anything throughout the whole session - eating your entire bankroll.
  • Learn more about slot modes from this article.

We are all aware of the illustrious NetEnt motto: Equal and Fair Game conditions are for all players - without exception. After having more than 2000 online casino operators/partners using the NetEnt software, how can the company assure equal conditions for all the players on its platform? This is how:

  • All NetEnt slots reside on the company estate situated on the servers of NetEnt. 
  • Any Canadian online casino using NetEnt software is only the proxy entrepreneur. 
  • As such an interdealer representative, the casino has no access to slots. 
  • Thus, the casino cannot change the payout percentage or adjust the software to a specific outcome for a particular gambler. 
  • Nor have the casino possibility to change the cycle of the operating NetEnt slots.

Boost your chances at online Network SLOTS

Everyone is aware that the main requisite for winning is luck, but please check our tips to broaden your chances and to make your slot sessions successful.

  • NEVER use an unlicensed gambling siteLicensed by more than one commission shows a high level of dedication and honesty.
  • NEVER use the operator before checking the history and feedbacksScamming casinos do not survive long. Any house with a few years of remarkable archives is worthy of the players’ trust.
  • NEVER start playing with real money before reading the Terms and Conditions sections. Scamming casinos do hide into terms and conditions some tricky bonus requirements or intentionally avoid some advantages for the player rules. (One such rule is the responsible gaming - some casinos “miss” it on purpose, so you cannot add self-limit with the help of the Customer Support)
  • DO SIGN UP with one, or more sites, who offer a huge number of games. Cheating casinos are not investing in agreements with different game suppliers, i.e. the possibility of direct fraud is smaller.
  • DO TAKE full advantage of bonuses, promotions, and rewards. Conduct experiments in DEMO mode with different new games and play smart till you get the hang of the game.
  • DO CONSIDER playing for the progressive jackpot. Choose wisely your preferred network. Not all slots participate in the progressive jackpot accumulation. The ones that partake usually have high dispersion and are estimated as riskier.
  • DO MANAGE your game time. If you want to play longer, you can place a smaller bet or play in a single line. This way, you can still trigger some healthy wins. You can effectively search for slots with low volatility and high RTP, which will give you low or mid-sized payouts, but more frequently, i.e. will extend your game.
  • DO STICK to your budget. And be GambleAware for your own sanity protection!

Explore all the options you are given and enjoy!

Where to play?

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