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The prize pool at online casinos in Canada

The prize pool at Canadian online casinos
We all have the notion about the scamming Canadian online casino operating on scenarios. They have created several different plots by adjusting the slots RTP. Meanwhile, the trusted online casinos are functioning objective, fair, and unbiased, having no entry to the game settings. The software is located at the controlling platform directly on the network company`s servers. 

Explained in a nutshell - players winning in a scamming scenario casino hinges on the casino manager’s greed (the one “calibrating” the RTP), but will definitely be between 30 and 70%.

Each Canadian online casino has its own prize pool. For example, if you play in a new casino where there are no other players, then you will not have the chance to win an amount much higher than your starting balance. At best (if you selected a bet from the calculation 200+ bets on the balance), you will accumulate your own prize pool and successfully win almost the entire amount of your deposit back. In the worst case, you will run out of money before this moment.

At a fair and certified Canadian online casino, the player can win х100 of the deposit. For example, by placing a deposit of 100 CAD, the player will be able to win 5k, 10k, 15k, depending on the casino pool and luck or randomness. But forget for a while about the cheating element, and concentrate on the randomness - then which online operator or which slot you chose is not important.

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A casino budget lesson

All Canadian online casinos have monthly costs to pay:

  • for taxes;
  • for licenses; 
  • for payment systems fees;
  • for royalties, partners (affiliates) commissions, salaries (employees & support teams);
  • for additional marketing, insurance, and so on.

Roughly speaking, 70% of the casino revenue goes for expenses, and 30 % remains as earnings for the casino. From this 30% still, the casino has to put aside capital to spend on players' current payouts. What is leftover should be used to create a pool for future winnings. I.e. one very minuscular part of the money deposited by the players is hypothetically used to shape up the prize pool. 

To pay the players, the casino needs to cut funds from its own earnings. Gradually this small amount goes misspent or embezzled. The scammer's trick is to cheat you at once, and the license guarantees a long-term scamming process. All this demonstrates that there is no randomness over the player's pool.

What is an online casino's pool?

A pool is when 100 people place deposits of 10 CAD, so the casino has a total of 1000 CAD. The prize pool is the sum of all players' bets, minus winning in one Canadian online casino (or network). In this relation, the important notion is that the higher the dispersion and cycle's length are, the more money will be collected for the next lottery (just a few players will gain a winning amount higher than their stakes)

We also have a clue that each slot points at a different RTP (return to player percentage) but is usually average around 95%. Simplifying - we lose 5% of every bet we made. Sometimes the game has different flows, and you may win 1000 CAD in 5 minutes with or gain thousands from 100 CAD during a long game session. Roughly said, you use the RTP to trick slots, thus decreasing the winning amount available. The smaller the spin time and amount, the more money left for players in the pool.

There are hundreds of slots with an RTP higher than 90%; also, there is various software. It is believed that each software has its own bank, though there may be a common pool for all the games at one casino. Special Application programming interface (API) implementation defines the interactions between multiple software and helps to allocate the funds among the games. There is no certainty, but the claimed RTP would be quite different for each player,i.e. you may get 10%, 70%, 300%, and even 1000%. 8 people out of 10 will lose.

Want to win? Then play at popular Canadian online casinos with many players; there is a cycle of money pool created in them.

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