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Progressive betting strategy at slots

Progressive betting strategy at slots
To tell you that there is an omnipotent strategy to win at slots all the time is silly and deceptive. Even the machines with the best RTP are designed to return partial investment. With this feature, we will focus on giving you our input on how to increase your chances of winning with the technique we experimented with ourselves, hoping that might save you some money.

Just remember that the progressive betting strategy at slots we will present can be applied only to the stipulated below a fixed group of slots. If you grasp the gist of it, you can probably use the same steps with most of the other slots (first, inform yourself how to get a positive expectation of the winning). 

Unlike poker (with an exact number of distinct poker hands - almost 2.6 mil) and roulette game (with the 38 number set), where the combinations, the odds, and the house edge can be practically calculated, with slots, these aspects are really unpredictable (because of the RNG - random number generator and the infinite number of virtual reel positions).

This is what makes the design of the financial slot scheme difficult to absurdly impossible. Sure, you can start by defining your bankroll and your win and loss limits. Beyond that, from experience, we advise you to follow our strategy steps.

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Betting strategy steps

This should be the money tactic in three sessions for each slot:

  • Slot “X.” Length of the session 25 or 50 spins. 1) First game session. Define the basic rate for this game session - something like 1% of the deposit. Play with this basic rate of around 25 spins. If you win more than 10 times in those 25 spins - go to play a new slot (Slot “Y”). If your balance continues to be around the beginning amount - then make once more 25 spins. If your balance drastically shrinks or is negative, go to step 2.
  • 2) Second session. Slot “X.” Length of the session 25 spins. The rate for this game session should be 2x the rate of the first session (i.e., around 2% of the initial deposit). Play with this rate around 25 spins. If you manage to build your balance - it becomes greater or equal to the balance of the launch moment - first game session - then go to play a new slot (Slot “Y”). Otherwise, proceed with step 3.
  • 3) Third session. Slot “X.” Length of the session 10 spins. мThe rate for this game session should be 2x the rate of the second session (i.e., around 4% of the initial deposit). Play with this rate for 10 spins. If you retrieved your initial bankroll - go to play a new slot (Slot “Y”). If the slot doesn't pay anything, it is frustrating, but you have to move to the next slot.

Money practice:

  • Deposit - 100 CAD. 
  • Step 1 - bet 1 CAD (1% of the deposit). The goal is to increase our balance by 10 CAD and to move to the next slot.
  • Step 2 - bet 2 CAD (2% of the deposit). The goal is to return to the initial balance - 100 CAD, in another 25 spins (as we didn’t succeed in step1).
  • Step 3 - bet 4 CAD (4% of the deposit). The goal is to return to the initial balance - 100 CAD, in 10 spins (as we didn’t succeed in step2).

Please note that:

  • The bet size doesn't change if you win. Do not double the bet size, as that doesn’t double your chance to win! For example, if you double your initial deposit with the first slot, you can: A) withdraw your money right away and rest for the day, or B) keep playing, but only with your original deposit.
  • The success of this betting strategy lies in finding low dispersion slots. For hitting many wins with this strategy, you need to identify low volatility/dispersion slots, which usually pay between x20 and x100.
  • The success of this betting strategy also depends on playing low-denomination slots. Start testing this theory with cents rather than with 1CAD or 10 CAD per spin. The trick is to extend the length of your game and increase your bankroll; if you jump in the game with 1 CAD per round, you risk seeing your initial balance vanishing pretty quickly.

Unlike one of Sting’s “Summoner’s Tales,” where it is not advised to stretch your luck in too many places, here we will advise you to extend the belief of your winning possibility to 9 slots, most of which from NetEnt.

This is the list of slots we recommend to try out our betting strategy, where you should keep the order while progressing with the plan. Please be advised that these games have nothing to do with our graphic, sound, and design preferences. These slots purpose purely to prove our strategy with real titles. At the end of this article, you can read a true story following the betting technique with specific money examples and game time.


The point of this strategy is not to beat the Canadian online casino - that's impossible. The point is to increase the game's favourability towards you. Mathematics will do its own thing, and you'll need to place deposits, but not as nearly as much as if you play on the other slots and if you use other strategies. The problem with the slots, in general, is that they often give small payments (x20 to x50).

That doesn’t make us happy, and we don't know how to appreciate them. We always want more. Remember, waiting for the big payout can take long hours - only a very few people have the patience to survive it. In most cases, the machine eats up the entire budget. You need to play with small bets to wait successfully, covering the fruitless sessions before the big win comes. 

True story

Beginning at 17:27

  • Example of strategy at slots
    Victorious: 100 => 101, second session paid.
  • Kings of Chicago: 101 => 120, the first session paid +19.
  • Esqueleto Explosivo: 120 => 120, the casino doesn't offer the slot.
  • Dracula: 120 = > 54, -66 after the slot gave nothing.
  • Foxin Wins: 54 => 54, the casino doesn't offer the slot.
  • Jack Hammer 2: 54 => 89, 20 free spins gave +35.
  • Attraction: 89 => 100, paid +11.
  • Blood Suckers: 100 => 111, paid +11 by hitting five symbols per pay-line twice in a row.
  • Egyptian Heroes: 111 => 54, gave nothing but ate up -55.
  • We finished at 17:52
  • So, the presented nine slots played with the strategy provide around half an hour-lasting action.
  • Remember that you can't recalculate the bet of the initial deposit. Lose means lose; the slots can't be pressured into paying.

We started at 17:55

  • Victorious: 54 => 121, +67 paid; on the last spin of the second session, the slot gave five emperors (x60 on the line).
  • Kings of Chicago: 121 => 151, almost immediately paid +30.
  • Esqueleto Explosivo: 151 => 151, the casino doesn't offer the slot
  • Dracula: 151 => 210, free spins paid +59.
  • Foxin Wins: 210 => 210, the casino doesn't offer the slot.
  • Jack Hammer 2: 210 => 252, +42 with the help of free spins.
  • Attraction: 252 => 170, -82; took back a decent share of the previous winnings.
  • Blood Suckers: 170 => 174, +3; bonus triggered during the first session didn't pay, while free spins during the second session paid only a little.
  • Egyptian Heroes: 174 => 230, triggered free spins and paid +56.
  • We finished at 18:20
  • You can withdraw your winnings now.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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