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Licensed and fake NetEnt online slots at casinos in Canada

Licensed and fake NetEnt online slots at Canadian casinosIt is difficult to be an online player these days! As if it is not already enough that you have to check the casino license, to pass through all kinds of verification processes, to inspect if the operator is accepting your payment system and what kind of payout limit it is imposed, to discover the slot RTP, volatility, and cyclicality, to pick a right game strategy and play smart, no, now we will introduce to you one more annoying niggle in this list of bothersome hitches to untangle. 

Ladies and gentlemen, you need to check out if the slot is fake or real before you put your money in it!

Umpteen Canadian online casinos can offer you a Net Entertainment slot to play. Most of them are white-label online casinos combining software by different developers: Yggdrasil, Microgaming, Netent, Play'n go, and Amatic.

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Difference between fake and licensed slots

Scamming operators have created different plots tending to adjust the slots RTP. Meanwhile, the trusted Canadian online casinos are functioning objective, fair, and unbiased, having no entry to the game settings. The software is located at the controlling platform directly on the network company`s servers. Besides the enjoyable gaming experience, these accredited casinos guarantee the ability to withdraw all honestly wined money. Working hard to achieve their impeccable reputation, it is unlikely for them to implement any fake software to ruin their long dedication, committing a criminal act on the way. Such fake implementations are, in fact, exposed sooner or later anyway. Check our list of Canadian online casinos with no verification withdrawal.

We are all aware of the illustrious NetEnt motto: Equal and Fair Game conditions are for all players - without exception. After having more than 1000 online casino operators/partners using the NetEnt software, how can the company assure equal conditions for all the players on its platform? This is how:

All NetEnt slots reside on the company estate situated on the servers of NetEnt. Any Canadian online casino using NetEnt software is only the proxy entrepreneur. As such an interdealer representative, the casino has no access to slots. Thus, the casino cannot change the payout percentage or adjust the software to a specific outcome for a particular gambler. 

Nor have the casino possibility to change the RNG and the cycle of the operating NetEnt slots.

Blacklisted casinos, running an illegal business with limited finances, which are not engaged with any network and are cashing in at the expense of the developers and the players, utilize fake software. It can be that they purchased it from other hustlers, or they developed the pirate version themselves. Either way, using the fake slots:

  • The scammers do not have obligations to any network - i.e., not paying the game developers' royalty. On every 100 CAD a player loses in an official online casino, the casino should pay the developer between 15 and 22 CAD as a royalty payment. One casino with pirated software does not pay anything.
  • The scammers do not have legal commitments to any jurisdictions - i.e., not paying for licensing—separated license costs around 100 000 CAD. With fake software, there are no moral or legal duties.
  • The scammers only offer knock-off versions of the games (even if they look similar to the originals) they are still cheap, in a way that they have an individual prize pool of winning, being connected only to their casino, so players cannot win more money than this operator shows. If you're playing in licensed slots, the pool is expanded to all casinos on that platform/ provider.
  • The scammers can tune the RTP to whatever percent they want- i.e. the players stand no chance to win. Or they can set the RTP temporarily extremely high and launch a stream showing how someone is winning millions in their casino.
  • The scammers do not abide by any area taxes and legality differentiation- i.e. anyone is free to play the fake game without GEO restrictions.

Checking the software

Presently, for pirated software operators, it becomes tough to trap anyone but beginners because of: 

  • the technological shifting from Flash to HTML5;
  • the players’ awareness of the fake software existence;
  • the casino communities sharing their experiences constantly.

Experienced players can much easily catch the discrepancies between fake and real games:

  • the graphic and sounds are usually slightly off;
  • the bonus features run in different ways;
  • the slot sends a request to the unofficial server, which differs from the developers’ server.

Authenticating the accurate server (the URL of the game) info is, in fact, the best way to spot the fakers (even in a DEMO mode) and to avoid them. There are signals that some bogus (fake NetEnt) slots are using a domain registered (FAKE)

While the real server registration shows this domain: (REAL)

Below is our chart with a detailed explanation of how to directly inspect your Google page where your online slot sends the server request.



  • 1. NetEnt Starburst slot - Play for fun.
  • 2. Click with the right button of the mouse on a free (empty) space of the page (out of the game frame)
  • - In our example, click on the red circle until the drop-down menu comes. 
  • - In that menu, choose the option “View the page source” or use the shortcut CTRL+U (which displays the URL).
  • 3. This leads you to the page with a URL- some gibberish technical code stuff, where you can find the specific server detail for NetEnt Use the shortcut CTRL+F (which finds the word on the displayed page)
  • 4. In our example, the word is present at least 3 times (yellow and orange automatically highlighted), which means that the game console connects the accurate REAL NetEnt server. With fake games, the server detail will not be present.

Follow these steps, and find the licensed slots to play; only then you will have a fair game with a chance to win and actually receive any big payout!

Where to play?

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Written by Kamen Valev
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