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How the RTP (return to player percentage) works

How the RTP (return to player percentage) worksIn this article, we will talk about one of the essential parameters in slots and casino games in total. How does the RTP (return to player percentage) work, and what does it mean? Many experienced players who spend a lot of hours gambling check the parameters of the game (slot) before they start playing; one of these essential things is the RTP. It means that if the RTP of the slot is 96%, in a long-distance (millions or billions of spins/hands in card games), the game will win 96% of all the bets, or statistically, the player will lose 4 cents in each dollar bet, 4 dollars on every 100 dollars wagered, etc.

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The meaning of RTP

To be honest, we as players, shouldn’t consider the RTP so much because this percentage will be fulfilled as followed: for NetEnt it's 9 billion spins, and in Amatic for example it's fulfilled after 3 billion spins. Why should we care about the RTP when we’re planning to spin the reels for 1-2 hours? In my opinion, it‘s more important to check the volatility, and the prize pool where all the winnings get collected, after the pool is filled, the payment gets distributed between players. This pool is filled much faster than the RTP is fulfilled.

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Simple example

What is an RTP? This is the percentage that the casino games (slot) have to return to players for all bets made, the point is that no one knows when this will happen and the official RTP declared by the provider will be fulfilled. By the way, some providers hide this percentage, so, playing in a short distance, anything is possible. You can be in a situation where your game session lasts 1-2 hours, and you find out that your RTP is 110% or even 120 %; or even worse, a percentage that's higher than 1000 spins will show negative statistics than the declared one - 80% or 90%.

Don’t think that 10% - 20% is a small number, let me explain: We start to play with 20 000 CAD on a 25 CAD bet, after playing for a few days and after you wagered 2 000 000 CAD you won 20 000 CAD, so in total, you have 40 000 CAD, 20k deposited, and 20k won. Because we doubled, the money doesn’t mean that the RTP is 200%. Our positive percentage is 1%; now it’s time for mathematic, 20 000 (the winning) from 2 000 000 (wagered) is precisely 1%. So, the RTP for the time we played this session is 101%. You are probably now aware that 10% or 20% in the long game are not small numbers, now you see the difference between slot with an RTP of 96% and slots with an RTP of 94%.


The providers of slots give you a number – the RTP, they do not promise that you will lose 4 dollars on every 100 CAD wagered (if RTP is 96%). Do not pay huge attention to the RTP (return to player percentage); there are more essential parameters you need to check. The RTP will be fulfilled after billions of spins, and no one knows when it will be a positive or negative percentage. There is a big difference between the RTP of 97% and the RTP of 95% in a long game.

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