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The best way to play online slots

The best way to play online slots
There is a vast amount of online slots accessible on many sites at all times, so you are blessed (or cursed) with plenty of options to explore before making your final judgment at which Canadian online casino and which exact game to play. Loaded with your groundwork conclusions and keeping in mind that the main requisite for winning, however, is nothing else but luck, please check our tips to broaden your chances to play at slots in the best way, and to make your pokie sessions successful.

With this article, we can just give our summarized technical steps and ideas to be considered until you discover your best slot MO (Modus Operandi/Rule of thumb). We will exhibit the MO steps having in mind the top slots from NetEnt - the obvious leader on the market at the moment.

Presumably, you know already how important is that:

  • All NetEnt slots reside on the company estate situated on the servers of NetEnt. 
  • Any online casino in Canada using NetEnt software is only the proxy entrepreneur. 
  • As such an interdealer representative, the casino has no access to slots. 
  • Thus, the casino cannot change the payout percentage (RTP) or adjust the software to a specific outcome for a particular gambler. Nor have the casino possibility to change the cycle of the operating NetEnt slots.

MO principal steps for slot game

The average RTP of an online slot is 95% or higher (at some NetEnt casinos the slots RTP is even 97-98% of the bets). You will be able to find it by clicking on the slot’s corner. These days everybody has a penchant for slots with high, higher, highest RTP! That is why we all like to take our spins on the Blood Suckers slot, with RTP above 98%! So, the most evident aspect that we are all drawn to is the RTP! 

Just don’t forget that is a theoretical indicator that makes sense only at a long distance!

You can choose high, medium, or low volatility games, depending on your preferences. Presently, slots with high volatility are overly popular as they are coming with lucrative multipliers and exciting money-making bonus features. Everyone seems to like to have a bash at the high volatility “piñata”, cause no matter how deep in the pot the candies are contained the temptation is compellingly intoxicating. The higher the slot volatility – the loftier the payout. 

A good example is the Dead or Alive slot machine. It is an excellent slot, but you can hit frustratingly long losing streaks. During the dry period, your entire bankroll is in a jeopardy. With every spin, you are squeezed more and more toward zero balance. But once you catch the wilds and the free spins – it will give you an EPIC win.

Just don’t forget that high volatility slots are mostly recommended to risk-takers with a larger budget!

This is the most hidden information, which the developers are concealing from the public. Long cycle-length allows the player to win more money - but losses too can last longer. Therefore, the only recipe to win while playing slots (if you want to win big) is to play machines with high RTP and with medium variability! By the way, in the long run, the Canadian online casino earns a certain percentage of each of your bets. That is, if you play on Space Wars slot for example with an RTP of 96.8%, every spin earns the casino 3.2% of your stakes. Meaning, the more you spin, the more you pay. In fact, the game of slots is no different than playing roulette or blackjack (regarding mathematics and probability of winning).

Just don’t forget that the more coins are declared at the slot for a maximum win, the longer the cycle of winning will be!

We recommend that you follow this plan of actions:

  • GO to a licensed gambling site

Licensed by more than one commission shows a higher level of dedication and honesty.

  • REGISTER your account only after checking the operator’s history and feedbacks 

Scamming casinos do not survive long. Any house with a few years of remarkable archives is worthy of the players’ trust.

  • READ the Terms and Conditions sections thoroughly

Never start playing with real money before reading the Terms and Conditions. Scamming casinos do hide into these regulations some tricky bonus requirements or intentionally avoid some advantages for the player rules. (One such rule is the responsible gambling - some Canadian online casinos “miss” it on purpose, so you cannot add self-limit with the help of the Customer Support)

  • DO SIGN UP with one, or more sites, who offer a huge number of games 

Cheating casinos are not investing in agreements with different game suppliers, i.e. the possibility of direct fraud is smaller.

  • DO TAKE full advantage of bonuses, promotions, and rewards

Conduct experiments in DEMO mode with different new games and play smart till you get the hang of the game.

  • DO TEST more than 1 (preferably 9-10) different slot games

They can be from one or multiple developers. Once you start spinning for real money and hitting a big win you should learn to stop in time. If you achieved your original goal- hitting a big win and the slot is not in a giving mood anymore, you can go to the next slot that was tested.

  • DO CONSIDER playing for the progressive jackpot

Choose wisely your preferred network. Not all slots participate in the progressive jackpot accumulation. The ones that partake usually have high dispersion, and are estimated as riskier.

  • DO MANAGE your game time 

If you want to play longer, you can place a smaller bet, or play in a single line. This way you can still trigger some healthy wins. You can effectively search for slots with low volatility and high RTP, which will give you low or mid-sized payouts, but more frequently, i.e. will extend your game.

  • DO STICK to your budget

Consider your starting bankroll well and manage your emotions throughout your game. Don’t let your greediness or your vengefulness control you. At all times be Gamble Aware for your own sanity protection!

Explore all the options you are given and enjoy!

Where to play?

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