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Tips about how to play slots to get profit

Tips about how to play slots to get profit
There are two general types of players: Group 1 - delighted by a decent win; Group 2 - big win chasers.
To draw the difference, we will put numbers on these 2 categories.

  • A player from the first one is usually satisfied with 100 CAD after placing a 50 CAD deposit. He has enjoyed an hour of spins, and this small win (2x of his initial money) makes him pleased for today. While there are not many of those gamblers, we think you see what we mean.
  • A player from the second group is the opposite. He will be equipped with a higher bankroll and will have all the time in the world to pursue his target: an “epic” win. He will most probably place a 1000 CAD deposit. Despite the temporary satisfying slots, payouts, to him, is not enough - his ultimate aim is not double, but triple or quadruple his balance.

There is sure no strict winning recipe for all types of gamblers, but one thing is sure they all strive to play online slots to get profit!

This article is our extension of the "How to win at the online casinos in Canada" basis, and here we hope to give you our deeper objectives and advice to play with profit at an online slot in the form of QA blocks.

Some experienced players share their “effective” technique - directly moving/depositing the amount they accumulated with several generous spins to the ‘Cashier’ section. From this moment on, the player uses only the portion of his money down but doesn’t touch the cash stored up. You should give it a try! So, there is no jeopardy to lose hasty that amount.

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Additional materials for online slots

Our website provides information and recommendation regarding slots from different software providers.

Use these the links below to make your game as profitable as enjoyable:

Questions and answers about profitable gambling at online casinos

  • Are the slots adjustable to smaller RTP (return to player percentage)?

The common belief is that Canadian online casinos cannot manipulate the slot settings easily (like everybody was concerned about land-based casinos). 

However, there have been signals regarding Play'N Go slots with 91.51% (RTP) instead of 96.51% (publicly announced by the software provider) in some particular casinos. (Play'N Go slot Holiday Seasons - adjusting RTP controversy)

Remember: Even a 5% decrease in RTP can be totally dramatic for the player.

Only when gambling at NetEnt casinos (regulated with a central server), you can have an honest not adjusted consequentially RTP (rigged by the casino itself with the “(in) valid” reason of jurisdictions request).

  • Can you earn quick cash playing slots?

Yes, sure, sometimes. But other experiences can be devastating, and it seems that over time the frustrating moments will prevail. The payouts we know are entirely up to luck, which is actually a good thing because luck can change!

  • Which is better? Microgaming or Netent? 

Unlike the NetEnt centrally controlled slot software and rigorously picking operators practice, Microgaming slots are individually procured by the operators with no further tangible liability for doing fair business after the acquisition, i.e. the casinos have the opportunity to tamper with the games, once Microgaming seals the deal. 

In the former times, Microgaming slots were handed out almost for nothing, which at that point diminished the developers’ evident achievements and the manufacturer’s reputation. In this sense, having games priced so down for many shady just launched casinos was an easy way to close the entire establishment rather than to pay some big win

Moreover, licensed slots are supposed to work equally in DEMO and REAL money mode. There is no certainty that if you perform your tests on specific slots by other than NetEnt developers, you will have identical software once you start playing for real money. Read more about Microgaming and Netent using these links and make your own choice.

  • When can I play?

Wish MasterIf you are keen on playing with real money, you can put aside one amount (from your salary) and reserve it for a couple of months. Then you can reward yourself with a “Friday” game night, for example (a very obvious decision in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation), replacing your usual going out to some local event or physical gambling house with online game activity. Then besides having fun, earning cash could be just a side gig! After all, at Canadian online casinos, you can play with the positive mathematical expectation of winning. Contrary to that, if you have a very limited budget and your only goal is to profit that small amount, we recommend not even starting it! The possibility of losing everything on top of the negative pent-up emotions like being damned, pitiful, and broken is almost unavoidable. 

  • I won. What now?

Yes, you are a winner! The slot is defeated! Hooray! Please, handle yourself with dignity and restrain. Don’t play anymore. Just withdraw your payout, and rest for a while from the casinos! Have some free time for yourself and your family! If you resume playing with the money won, you will most probably lose everything because you are looking forward to extra money. Before returning to the slot, you should reevaluate all that happened. If you still think this is the right slot for you, then get back after a week and play once more with the same victorious strategy!

  • I have lost. Can I recoup?

You weren’t fortunate with a prize in this slot. With the loss, your brain is swirling - the pragmatically tailored “you” want to solve the situation with the vanished capital somehow. One of the “solutions” is to place a new deposit and put a higher stake. But often there is no more fund. Or even after putting fresh cash into the machine can fruitlessly hit your head against the hoggish slot. There are no shortcuts. You keep on losing. Canadian casinos make a major profit from players who attempt to win back their losses.

  • What to do when the slot doesn’t pay anything?

You can try some techniques like: 

  • refreshing the casino page, 
  • shuffling the game with a few abrupt “stops,”
  • changing the stakes - up/down.

It may be that your bet is too high, and you have to spin many more times to win your refund, but you don't have any deposit left! If you did all of the above and the slot still doesn't give anything, there is no point in filling it with more cash! Just come back in an hour! There is a chance to return your temporary bank and even give you the maximum payout! You cooled off and came back, but still nothing. Then forget it! The slot didn’t keep your bank! No reason to think that you will recover! Your temporary bank starts accumulating again from scratch!

  • To stay or go? To play or not?

The slot didn’t give you anything for the whole session. Thinking that this will change any moment now, and you will get your deserved payout. But it doesn’t happen. Stop hankering! Keep your money plans. Do not spend more than you initially intended. You are already a loser! Don’t add the word “big” before! Collect your stamina and move on! If you are not winning today, well, it is not your lucky day! Join the crowd, my friend; these are the feelings of near 100% of all gamblers! Gather your strength and concentrate on different things! You can go back to playing another time.

  • What to do If the slot paid already?

Confirm the status of the slot by testing it with some more (5-10) spins and then leave. You can go to some other slots from the same developer or from other providers. Just broaden your options! Don’t let one slot drain you or consume you the entire time! The slot was already generous to you more than to other players! If you go there over and over again, there is a chance that you will spend 5x, 10x more than what you once won! All because of the mindful first-hand memo: you know how handsomely this slot can pay!

  • What to do to snap the third scatter? 

If you are constantly getting two scatters and can’t catch the third, you can refresh the page hoping that this will revive the game, and if the slot still doesn’t pay, try to grab the third scatter by hitting the "stop” button. Otherwise, you can increase (but not lowering!) the stake for a couple of spins. Ultimately, if this doesn’t give the expected result, go away and resume your game later. If it keeps happening again, that means that the situation is somewhat changed, but not in your favour. Change the slot!

  • Why are only two scatters appearing often? 

Super big win at Space warsIt could be that this is a game where two scatters are paid at a specific rate. Generally, if the slot reveals two scatters frequently, that signifies that your temporary slot bank is rife with some cash, and a possible bonus can be triggered any moment now. If it happens that the bonus isn't triggered, that would mean that the amount has been given already, and a good bonus shouldn’t be anticipated soon. When will the next bonus be triggered? It is a mystery. As we established already, if new cash is injected into the slot, the bonus will be triggered quickly.

  • •But what if I had played on a higher stake?

If you all of a sudden strike 10000 CAD with a 10 CAD bet, don't start to regret that you didn’t play for 100 CAD per spin. Even if you wagered 100 CAD each round, the machine would've given you the same 10000 CAD or yet nothing at all!

  • How to take back the control over the game after a bonus? 

Following a good bonus, you naturally have to try the game with several more spins and see if/how the slot mood has shifted. The slot behaves hasty and reckless during the free spins. That’s why after the bonus, you can stop the sprint by spin on intervals! It may have some additional cash to payout or open a “dry-flat” page from the operational book.

  • I triggered a triple pick-and-win bonus; which of the three options should I choose? 

Remember, whichever you select - that is the accurate one for this situation. The machine has already pre-determined the amount that you will win at this point! Because of this, crashing your head "Gee, I should've picked the right box" is worthless. You elected the best treasure chest! So, forget about all the hesitations - appreciate your playing without rupturing your brain with what-ifs!

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