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Randomness at an online casino in Canada fact or false belief?

Randomness at an online casino in Canada fact or false belief?
At the restaurant. Thinking of ordering something juicy, meaty, and greasy to load my empty stomach. I had nothing since last night's hasty order of delivery pizza. The waiter is coming and starts with this place's best offers - rich, vegan salad, vegetable crème soup. Blah-blah-blah. All I hear is a salad of words, but I just want to have the crouton on top - the truth! Don’t spin me now - isn't this Joe’s famous steakhouse? What are you trying to garnish then?

Same with my yesterday‘s slot session. Yes, I know about the distance, the cycle of winning, and volatility. Yes, I checked the forums, the RTP’s, and all the possible angles of strategizing at this game. But, oh man, these networks might be smarter than I thought! All of them? Netent and Microgaming too? Probably. With registering my account, they gave me a player ID. So, they can trace every my online move, just like with my Gmail. Once I gave my consent to create my Google account, Google maps know precisely where I am, Google + knows exactly with who and what I share, and YouTube knows accurately what I watch and listen to. That will say, with making a login to one, you are automatically getting all the rest willingly or not!

Identically to my casino actions. Controlling my activities is just what the networks were after. I will never win more than what they will give me! Nor will I win less - after all, they want to see me keep playing. Then the question is: where is the real randomness, when they predetermined the outcome of my session before I started to play, and the payoff only hinges on my current bet, the spins gap, and my last deposit?

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ID tracking at the Canadian online casino

Is it possible? Yes, it is probably applied to the software itself and to the casino platform the same way as they can geo-block you with real legal limitations from going between different jurisdictions. Imagine travelling in America by train with your device and want to play during your journey. Passing through the countries’ borders will lock or unlock your possibility to play at some casinos with your same player ID. How do they track you? Using one app or another. Well, not only via your IP address. Cause knowing your location is OK- but it is not enough. They want to have all on you! Then they use cookies! Greedy, uncontrollable networks and casinos!

People who work for them are vigorously investigated before starting their job for the “system.” They probably know how the Remote Gaming Server (RGS) tracking is functioning. The RGS is holding your IP address and your player ID, and most probably, your digital wallet. The RGS will make your ID archive and the scenario associated with it, which of course, is adhered to the deposits you made. It is quite simple - you can win some, but then you will lose it all.

Who is the real villain here? The casino - they are probably cautious about not losing their license. But surely they act as a store, or like sales agents - trying to hook you up with their product, like on this sale hangs keeping their entire job. Or the network - which never intended to make you rich either. By having your player’s history (via IP, ID, and cookies), your current wallet, and the bet you just placed, they can tune your winnings. If you are winning something - then they have you silent. If you are not winning, well - join the crowd, my friend - these are the feelings of near 100% of all gamblers!

Most of them are “screwed” so bad that the only thing they think would help the Martingale pyramid effect: to get back the 5000 CAD you have lost, you should spend 10000 CAD and raise the stake. That’s how you will get “them” back! Yes, becoming a high-roller is your lemon answer to your "make lemonade" predicament. Who wins? Smart people-who play at small stakes, the ones who stick to their bankroll? In your dreams! The risky guys? They might win big someday but lose it all in the end.

Players’ID tracking, but to what end?

Many Canadian casino operators hide behind the legal explanation of “responsible gambling” and “loyalty programs”- targeting your demographics and personal data to structure offers and rewards, but is this the real reason they track, keep, and process players' details? The same counts for brands and networks.

The Austrian giant Novomatic is surpassingly generous to new accounts by giving opulence of bonuses. And why? How come the poker newcomers win like pros? You may have heard of that man who won €250 000 at Poker Stars. He would rather have gotten struck by lightning. But it’s not about that; everyone may claim big winning. All successful players have big wins. All beginners have luck! 

Casino poker along with the others. The online casino has no involvement with Novomatic’s software adjustments, but it may have a direct line with the provider and require generosity for this or that player. Online roulette statistically proves the same. Craps and Bingo - ditto. Let me see your hands: raise your hand if you think online slots are not doing the same?!

You may ponder upon mountains of strategies while surfing the web. 6 lines, then 7 lines, keep increasing your stake. Useless. Rational people may advise you to play a big bankroll, then a smaller one, or change the software, perhaps. Nonsense. To what end? Nothing works long-term, and no one is continuously successful in gambling.

The system is tracing and studying your behaviour. Then get confused when you abruptly change your game style, and you start winning or, more accurately said - your win slipped through their cracks! Go back to your beginning - you invested money to get money, you kept searching for ways to get it! But the truth was already out there! The system is rigged and won’t let you stay a winner. The system is messing up with you.


While a Canadian online casino draws the player’s attention by advertising, the software provider is the corporation that does not handle any marketing stuff but is in charge of retaining the player. By losing 10 times in a row, the player would most probably give up! In the best scenario, he will retire, or he will cross to other software. That is the explanation of why the provider is interested in your winning but not in your withdrawal. You may not pull out your winnings on time because of your greediness, but not because of a lack of winning. 

You are blaming yourself for not stopping and withdrawing all you had. Probably the players are classified. And recognizing your temperament, the software is messing up with you via counter psychology.

If you are an occasional player or a newcomer, you would rather play in the demo mode with advertising campaigns. You must experience the feeling of joy and victory, so you must win. Providers do not invest much in your feelings. Once you are "in" and start withdrawing - you get a badge of a dangerous player. From that moment on, you should deposit to get something back. Otherwise, you have no chance.

True story:

  • A balance of 1000 CAD.
  • Average bet of 2 CAD.
  • Only dead spins.
  • No bonus feature.
  • Money lost.
  • After zero balance comes a new deposit.
  • Within 5 min getting 3 bonuses at the same slot.
  • Random, you think? Highly unlikely.

Each deposit you make goes to the network server or any other software. The software then calculates (regarding your history, the deposits you made, your character) and decides how much you will win or lose plus when. You can forget about winning until you lose enough money, according to the software. You may probably get a 50% RTP (in the long run, around 50% returns of your deposits), and depending on your investment status, the RTP tends to circle around that number. A Canadian online casino will not let you leave time and time again with money.

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