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Myths about online slots

Myths about online slotsThere are a lot of true facts and myths about every online casino game and slot. Besides their individual superstitions, all slot players, like any other gambler (roulette spinners, blackjack players, etc.), have general concepts and opinions that they accept or hope will enhance their game and provide them with advantages for winning. Most of these beliefs, however widely held, are totally false and without too much substance to confirm them.

With this article, we will look at some of the biggest misconceptions and will try to shine the light with ideas, logic, and accurate facts that are proven to be valid.

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Busting the myths about the online slots

  • Online slots are rigged.
  • Judgment: Partially true.

The majority of people withhold from playing online slots, declaring that they are manipulated. Well, the claim for being rigged is true for some of the slots - the fake ones (pirated or copies of original games) from the scamming Canadian online casinos, running an illegal business with limited finances, which are not engaged with any network and are cashing in on the expense of the developers and the players. NetEnt, Microgaming, or Play'N GO.

Of course, the greatest number of slots are utilized by legit, trustworthy, and reputable Canadian online casinos, being created by the most popular developers: Their software is located at the controlling platform directly on the network company`s servers. These developers have built the slots to bestow with enjoyable gaming experience but with a fair outcome (incorporating the RNG). The casino cannot change the payout percentage or adjust the software to a specific result or to a particular gambler. 

Besides the regular auditing, the accredited casinos on their side also guarantee truly random games and the ability to withdraw all honestly wined money. Working hard to achieve their licenses and impeccable reputation, it is unlikely for them to tamper with the software to ruin their long dedication and rig the slots, committing a criminal act on the way.

  • Using the “max bet” button increases the winning prospects.
  • Judgment: Not true.

Max BetEach modern slot has the buttons Spin, Auto-play, Max-bet. Some players have adopted the misleading statement that they have better overall odds by enabling the Max-bet than the players who bet less. The truth is that the buttons are made for players’ convenience during the game. The winning probability doesn’t depend on the certain method/strategy/technique of activating any button on the slot.

The online slots perform with specific RTP (return to player percentage), which is pre-determined by the developer while creating the game. The RTP indicates roughly the portion of the money invested in the game, which is expected to be returned to the player via prizes in a long distance. If, for example, the RTP is 97%, that will say that 3% is essentially the toll we pay to play the game. No slot button affects the RTP, i.e. pushing the Max-bet button will not prompt a higher RTP.

Furthermore, there is an opinion that shifting the buttons Spin and Max Bet will influence the switch of the slot cycles. Players who chase “hot” slots (hoping they will remain in a giving mood) or “cold” slots (expecting they will finally payout to somebody) seems to forget about the RNG and luck, both of which cannot be planned and manipulated, i.e. the Max-bet button will not impact them either.

With NetEnt’s slots, the changing of cycles is impossible. Learn here if a player can affect the slot's program.

  • The Jackpot drops by pushing a button.
  • Judgment: True.

JackpotTheoretically, the Jackpot can fall on the first spin of any player’s session. Every beginning gambler has just as good a shot at winning the jackpot with one push at the spin button as someone who's been playing frequently/constantly for a day/week/month.

Some allegations (not proven yet as true or false) that the biggest jackpots are getting pulled by players decided in advance or by players close to the company developer, i.e. not by pushing the button themselves, but by prior manipulating the issuing of the big prize. Well, those are nothing else but debatable statements by players letting their imagination run free.

Conforming to the RNG fundamental principle of every online slot, each operational spin is unique. This means that you cannot fix the slot to show a specific result at a certain time, much less reward one particular player with a jackpot. Learn more about progressive Jackpots.

  • Three-reel slots are less profitable than other slots.
  • Judgment: Not true.

Three-reel slotsThere is a common belief that the (old-fashioned) three reel online slots have a lesser paytable than their modern siblings and offer a smaller chance of winning. This is a wrong assertion. However, the slot operates with three, five, or seven reels - the frequency and amount of the payouts are entirely determined by the RTP, volatility, and cycle length. The slot can have high or low volatility and average RTP (return to player percentage) between 90% and 98%. Usually, old slots have lower RTP than modern ones. 

Feel free to examine also NetEnt table games with 97%-99% RTP.

  • If the slot didn’t issue a win in a long time, it must drop soon.
  • Judgment: Not true.

In the pursuit of a big prize, some players believe that a slot that has been “cold” for a long time will definitely drop a huge win very shortly! Alas, for such believers, this is nothing but a myth, based only on the player’s own hanker and hope. As mentioned above, the outcome of each spin of the reels is entirely random and unique,i.e. independent from the previous one.

Ask yourself, does the result of the black or red area of the roulette depend on the previous one? If the ball felt on a black for the last 10 spins, on the 11th round, you will still have the same possibility: hitting black or a red. Identical with online slots. Each spin is an exceptional one of a kind and totally isolated from the previous two spins - before and after. If the slot hasn't given anything during the last 15, 30 spins, this will not modify the result of the next spins to give the long-awaited prize. Remember RNG and luck, both of which cannot be planned and manipulated?

  • The slot can be "hot" or "cold."
  • Judgment: Not true.

At licensed and reputable Canadian online casinos, supplied with software by legit developers, the slots are performing as they should fundamentally operate: following the RNG rule. Everything should be random and unpredictable. Winning or losing streaks should not happen. Because of the randomness of each spin, if such streaks occur, they are simply a result of a short-term deviation from what is statistically likely. Anything can happen in the short term, just as we pointed out already, the run of 10 blacks in a row at a roulette table, but the results will level approximately to the expected payout rate in the long run.

For example, there is a chance that the slot will give you two or three winnings in a row, followed by one or two or three losing spins. The probability of this happening is around 80%. But there are other outcomes as well, like 20 losing spins. The probability of this happening equals 0.5%. So, this will happen a lot less, but occurring is possible and normal. If streaks like these did not happen, that would be very weird. So, it's quite a common thing in the world of mathematics and statistics.

  • The winning probability depends on the time of day.
  • Judgment: Not true.

This myth is inherited from land-based casinos. The assumption is that online casinos are prearranged to issue lower winnings during the rush hours, and thus they are tuned to a higher return in the morning or at night. In reality, all winnings are paid out equally and momentarily, whenever they occur, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. Canadian online casinos have no reason to limit payments during a particular time of day. 

  • Playing in "auto-play" mode reduces/or raises the winning chances.
  • Judgment: Not true.

Auto-playNowadays, this is one undeniable myth. The auto-play button is intended to serve the player’s comfort, who can decide during his session to take a drink, or he is one of the players who like to see the result of the spins rather than the process of spinning itself. Auto-spinning is faster, so the number of rounds per hour is significantly higher. This is an important aspect used by more experienced players. 

  • Playing with bonus money gives a smaller win.
  • Judgment: Not true.

This is another popular misconception. A player receives a bonus from the online casino and wants to use it. If that was unprofitable for the operator, then it shouldn’t be given. The RNG cannot determine whether a player is playing with his own bankroll or with bonus money. The winning rate of any online slot is the same regardless of using a bonus or not.

Bonuses will not directly affect the player’s possibility of winning, but they can advantageously supply him with extra cash to play with. The added money then renders new chances to get winning spins. Some lucky players may get a positive result from playing with bonuses. Learn how to get a positive expectation of winning at the NetEnt casino. 

  • High-rollers always wine the progressive jackpot. 
  • Judgment: Partially true.

This myth originates from some past slots examples by giants like Microgaming and NetEnt, which released games, possessing the attribute to win the largest jackpot only with a maximum betting rate. This resulted in the rumours that exclusively high-rollers can win the most massive jackpots. So, with the earlier slots, this myth could be considered true.

But at present, all casinos and networks are aiming toward equal play for all the gamblers. That will say that you can play on any stake and still hold the same chance to win the jackpot as any other player on any other stake. However, the experienced players know that the possibility of winning the jackpot is close to zero; therefore, they are focused on making a profit on their bankroll rather than chasing the colossal progressive jackpot.

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