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Slots modes depending on the type of your session at online casinos in Canada

Slots modes depending on the type of your session at Canadian online casinos
This article is a continuation of what is beyond slots at the Canadian online casino. With reservations, we categorized the online slot modes into:

Slot modes which can be activated

Basic Mode one, named "Fat ass." 

The aim is to create a temporary bank, and most important are your betting rates. Wonder why?

In this passive mode, bonuses are rarely given, and if they are, they don’t amount to much.

But it also occurs that after you put in many “efforts” to fill the slot, you finally hit a Big Win. Fortune!

Initially, the slot refuses to deliver anything, but as the hours go by and you keep on feeding the slot lots of cash, the mode of the slot changes gradually as the balance in the main pot grows.

However, this is a risky strategy. There have been numerous occasions where punters filled slots with thousands of Dollars without ever getting any winnings in return.

One time, an experienced gambler I know had to live through almost a thousand spins in such slot mode before he finally hit a giant bonus with a few zeros.

  • The first reason for the slot to be lazy - The slot is wiped out! If the slot has just spit out a sizeable prize, it takes time to recover part of the balance or bring back some bankroll to the central network bank. In other words, if the players don’t put in a predetermined minimum amount, the machine will be too lazy and not pay out any further wins. 
  • The second reason for the slot to be lazy - Recent win! A little while ago, you won a big amount which was saved on the server. If you have the intention to take even more than that before you start playing again on the same slot, you should be aware that it is only achievable if you return the amount you won into the slot or put some more on top of that. 

Basic Mode two, called "Drain and return."

In this mode, you start by spending many resources, and then you expect to win your money back.

The temporary bank receives the biggest part of your wages, but your main bank gets zero, or just a small amount. The reason for the slot to be so inactive is similar to this in mode one. Bonus actions occur very rarely. If you extend your playing session for a longer period of time, it might turn into mode three.

Basic Mode three, called "Something to give."

This happens when your temporary bank receives a modest sum of money from the central bank and hands it over to you. You could call this ‘being lucky.’

Usually, at least one good bonus round is triggered during mode three. Sometimes more than one.

If you hadn’t had enough yet and want to try your luck some more, keep on spinning those reels, and you might enter mode four.

Basic Mode four, called "Make a millionaire!"

Virtually from the start of mode four, you win a large amount, and nearly every spin generates a reward. Bonuses will be coming in your direction nonstop, and you’re very likely to hit one epic bonus.

If they are in this mode, certain slots that have a quick return, such as Space Wars and Starburst, can increase your funds pretty swiftly. But beware! If you’re betting big, even in this mode, your capital should be large enough to hit the big win! It’s what could be called a ’fast drift’ of steady winning waves.

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Bonus games modes

  • Bonus games modesA lousy bonus

The machine can occasionally randomly trigger basic scatter combinations, three scatters (once every 50-200 spins, on average, depending on the machine.)
The slot conveys commands to the RNG - mode "bonus 1", let’s pay something!
Immediately, the RNG produces x5, but just as easily, it gives zero sometimes.

  • A worthy bonus

Even though rarely, generating a string of bonuses can indeed occur. When they do, it is a reason for big excitement. In this situation, you started your session, and the slot connected you to a large sum that has been recently gathered, which is the trigger for a bonus mode where prizes are activated one after the other. Moreover, these won't be just plain generated scatters but more generous. An additional bonus (like the drop feature on Immortal Romance) works the same way. 

The random generations that are causing the drop of these strings might force the counteraction - sending a message to the RNG to stop distributing prizes. On the flip side, you might be the lucky one for whom the slot is receiving numerous orders to keep on giving the amount of "bonus 2" mode.

How much can one slot pay

Have you ever asked yourself what the payout maximum of a certain slot actually is? Is it possible for a slot to give a million? Just like at Microgaming Canadian online casinos, the limit to this sum is imposed on the network bank.

We not aware of the actual current policies, but it used to be the following way: 

The casino pays one fixed amount each month, and in return, gets an agreed limit on all slots. At the end of the reporting period, there's a mutual balancing of sheets between the network and the casino operator. 

The circumstances can shift rapidly, and the maximum amount can be restricted to only deposits coming into the network in general.

Canadian online casinos can set a certain limit on slots or request the network to edit the limits manually.

We can recall a situation when at a casino, one player got paid out a huge amount from one slot “in demand.” After this lucky win, the 3 nights in a row, the slot refused to pay anything out anymore. Of course, the gambler's community took notice of this travesty and complained to the casino management. As a result, the case was directly corrected. Although there were recent rumours that NetEnt slots limits can be manually adjusted, we cannot support this theory since it's only hearsay.

Here the RNG is without alteration. A demo is what it is - a demo. Billions of credits go into demo slots banks, and these slots generally do not have a modification so that you can win millions there!


It’s common knowledge that the slots adjust themselves to you, developing a specific session due to the general situation of the network bank and the slot situation (how much was withdrawn) and based individually on your gains.

  • Microgaming

Mostly solid and durable ‘waves’ of slot adaptation. Regardless if just today you received something, you can expect to get some more the following day, even on the same machine. The common principle is that Microgaming software offers much less super-mega-multiplier than NetEnt, allowing Microgaming to keep the slot fluctuation steady.

  • Netent

It can be characterized as the one with more intense ‘waves.’ It gives "waves" more often than Microgaming but then forgets about good bonuses until it returns to the network at least the amount spent during the last drift. Netent's great love will follow you in other institutions too. After a good "skid" in another institution by NetEnt software, it's necessary to hide if you haven't "slept" there before.

  • Quickspin

This software developer created some of the most visually attractive slots, with the smoothest operation, but with the smallest returns and small-scale bonuses, the norm there is 10-20x. Casinos are luring more and more punters with Quickspin’s captivating slots and draining their pockets at the same time with measly returns. The Quickspin software seems to have set the mathematics on these slots a little too much in favour of the house.

The players should just remain aware that “all that glitters isn’t gold”!

Another inside theory about the slots adaptation reveals the correlation between the slot and the round number of your balance. Clear examples are the Microgaming slots. 

Imagine your balance is 10150 CAD. While you play the 150 CAD, the slot will return some small winnings, and maybe some bonus triggering will occur. Until you go below the round number - in our case - 9999 CAD, at which point the slot goes to sleep and kicks off again once you'll have 9150 CAD.

Additional info

  • The difference in slots

Some slots pay more than others, for example, the slot DOA. What could be the reason? The key is that the maximum value of the pre-set winning formations of one game is significantly higher than that of the other game. Some slots can grant a huge amount at once; others - generate small winnings, but more often.

  • The refunds

Machines can occasionally return a quick loss or not. Slots at different casinos under the same network umbrella can exchange returns. For example, if you pour a lot of cash in slot ‘X,’ it can be returned after a while on slot ‘Y’ of the same network. If you win on the second slot ‘Y,’ it is recommended to don’t go back to slot ‘X’ - most probably, your temporary bank will not be available anymore! 

On a separate occasion, a punter lost a sizable sum playing on slot ‘A’ at a certain Canadian online casino. Later he went to another operator from the same network and almost immediately won back at slot ‘A’ the same exact amount, which he initially lost. That is how the refunds can be shifted.

  • Interception rates.

When your wages are 10 CAD each spin, and you are steadily filling up the bank, and out of nowhere appears another player (maybe a high-roller) who bets at rates higher than yours, and the slot grants him the win out of your bank. 

In a separate case, somebody finished his session with a loss of 500 CAD or more; for the next few hours, this sum is available to be picked up by the next punter.

On rare occasions, lower bets from small-time players are favoured instead of the big bets from the high-rollers. NetEnt is known for the practice of benefiting regular punters.

  • The management of slots. 

We know that the casino cannot amend the centrally operating slots. The operators, however, have minimum control over the slots only regarding panels - with their visible statistics and configuration of free spins shares. 

  • Jackpots. 

After the last Jackpot has been paid out, the next Jackpot is rendered when a certain cash reserve has been accumulated, and a certain number of spins have been played out. It is common knowledge that when one gambler wins the jackpot, the operator pays only 10% of the amount, and network NetEnt pays 90%. This is what makes online casinos genuinely happy when a player hits the jackpot (plus, the jackpot is not subject to various restrictions on payments).


Here is a simplified version of how the slots are wired: 10 people insert 1000 CAD each. The system picks the winner randomly from the 10 punters. At some point, one punter wins 10000 CAD (actually slightly less because of the commission), while the rest of the players are rewarded with zero. 

If the Canadian online casino is popular and highly attended, the earning ambience is shifting quicker. There the chances of some winning to come your way are greater than at a site where you are the only player. Rarely but not impossible less-popular casinos can surprise moneywise as well.

Where to play?

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Written by Kamen Valev
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