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Play Texas Hold’em for free at Canadian online casinos

Play Texas Hold’em for free at Canadian online casinosNowadays, all Canadian online casinos offer a free demo mode and the real money mode for Texas Hold'em, many punters also call it TXS Hold’em. During the last few years, this has become the most popular card game in casinos worldwide. Usually, the game is structured in a specific way - a dealer who is dealing cards and then there are players who bet against each other. While in online casinos, the virtual type of game is a little bit different, in online casinos, dealers play against punters; such a game can also be found in a lot of land-based casinos (Texas Ultimate). We advise you to start playing Texas Holdem online for free without registration and restrictions, test some strategies and, after that, try playing for real money at a trusted online casino in Canada.

Variants of free Holdem poker

The Texas Hold’em that comes from NetEnt is very close to the one played at land-based casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, as well as many other casinos all over the world. The most significant difference is that in our variant, there are no side bets in the beginning and at the end of the game. Most of the land-based variants offer to place a side bet (bonus), but NetEnt decided that they wouldn't add such a bet in their variant as this lowers the player's winning percentage. Here, the dealer is dealing with a flop, after that, the turn and river are made automatically. When all of the ends of the round, the cards are compared, and the higher combination wins.

How to play (rules) free (demo) poker and poker for real money

  • FlopThe First step is two make the initial bet called Ante. Then 2 cards get dealt for both the dealer and the player. After the punter sees the cards he has to decide whether to continue playing.
  • For example, if the player gets an A and a 7, then we'd recommend you continue the game, you can even double the bet.
  • If the game continues, you open the flop. Three cards will be opened face-up and two will be opened face-down. Then you have the choice to call or check.
  • Let's say we get A-9-K on the flop, the player gets the highest pair in the game (Aces), you definitely should double your bet and continue the game. 
  • Now is time to turn the fourth card. Let's imagine it's a K, so now we have two pairs (AA-KK).
  • The final card that we have opened is called the river (this is the most decisive card). In our case, it will be another one. Here, we have to make the final decision, to bet or to fold; you cannot check at this stage of the game. After all of the bets are made, both the player and the dealer have shown their cards, the winner is the one with a higher combination. 
  • We need to make a combination of the 5 strongest cards considering our 2 and the 5 on the table; in our case, we have a Full House (AAA-KK).
  • Then the dealer shows his cards (J-J), so he has a combination of AA-JJ-K (two pairs); thus, the winner is the player with a higher combination of a full house.

What are the features of Texas Hold 'em?

TurnYou can launch the free texas hold' em on top of the page in demo mode. We strongly advise you to spend some time playing Texas Holdem poker for free and then switch to real money. You can test all of your strategies on our site, so you will know how to react in certain situations. After you played many combinations and win or lose free money, then you will be prepared for the real money game. Playing Texas Holdem online for free is a fascinating and addicting game, at the same time, you will get experience so you will not be easily "cheated" by the big players for real money.

How to win

The RTP (return to player percentage) of the Texas Hold’em is 97.96%, which is a pretty high percentage. You can also learn some tips and strategies from our site, this will help you increase the odds of winning. For example, you should not fold before the flop is opened in most of the hands. Of course, some of the worst cards for the player are 2-3, 2-4, 2-5, 2-6 and 2-7, if you get such cards, we recommend you fold before the flop. On the next link, you will find beneficial information about how to win at poker.


RiverTo be honest, there aren't a lot of strategies in online poker (compared with roulette), most of the decisions depend on your cards and those on the table as well.

  • In 43% of the hands, you should see the flop, while in 48.5%, the player needs to continue to the turn. 
  • In a big part of the hands, the most beneficial bet is on the saw flop.
  • In more than 50% of the hands, you will win at the end if you bet on the flop when having good cards.
  • In most cases, when you have suited cards and one of them is a strong card (Q, K or A) the second card doesn't matter, you should place a bet, most of the hands will be won. But when the cards are not suited, then you should wait for the turn and river to bet.


So, reading this article, we learned that playing Holdem poker for free can be fascinating and profitable for the player. On our site, you can test all of the strategies you know, but first, play Texas Holdem poker for fun and then switch to the real money game. Like this, you will be able to pass through different situations and learn a lot about the game. Most of the time, you should wait for the flop, and most of the suited cards can be profitable for you. The best stage to place a bet is the flop. Follow our recommendations and win more often.

Where should I play?

  • The best place to play poker for free and for fun or for real money is Fastpay casino. A 100% honest and reliable gambling site in Canada with instant and no-hassle payouts.

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