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Free American roulette by NetEnt

Free American roulette by NetEnt
NetEnt is always trying to create appealing and engaging games, making the players hankering for more of the delightful and profitable at the same time rounds. The Company achieved this by offering a full variety of classical, modern, slots, and table games.

Among the most liked is undeniably the American roulette. Although this roulette variant's main popularity is throughout America and Asia, the Swedish software studio provides equal opportunity for fans from all over the world.

NetEnt Company is kindly surprising roulette lovers, making available 2 additional rooms with American and French roulette, welcoming all the players in the best traditional atmosphere of the game.

On our page, you will have the opportunity to play American roulette (testing both rooms) by NetEnt for free without registration. If you lose all your free money, refresh the page, and the balance will be reset to 5 000 CAD. The number of free game sessions is not limited. The return to a player percentage (RTP) of the game is 94.74%.

Features of American roulette from NetEnt

The 2 rooms, which NetEnt provided to the gambling lovers and fans of American roulette, are classic and exclusive (VIP).

In the classic Room N: 1 of American roulette from NetEnt, players can enjoy the game in a classic style environment, evoking the typical prohibition/mafia movie appearance, greenfield and attuned to the American theme soundtrack, including light instrumental music.

In the exclusive Room N: 2 of American roulette from NetEnt, the design and interior are lavishing in elegance, and delicate fashion, corresponding to the modern VIP rang of the wealthiest people. Except for the field's background colour - burgundy red velvet, the rest of the setup is very similar to European roulette (figures and terminology on the table). However, it is executed with precise intention to provide a feeling of comfort and delight.

The betting layout of NetEnt’s American roulette table has the usual 2 sections: ‘Inside’ and ‘Outside’ bets.

Inside Bets

  • Straight-up bet: directly on any single number, including ‘0’ and ‘00’.
  • Split bet
  • Street bet
  • Line bet
  • Corner bet
  • Five bet

Outside bets

  • Dozen bet
  • Column bet
  • On Color bet
  • Odd/Even bet
  • High/low bet

If the winning number is ‘0’ or ‘00’, a half portion of each outside bet is returned to the player. Every player has a set of chips (located at the bottom) - of different colours for different denominations, so they cannot be accidental mix-ups regarding the amount of stake. 

The graphic settings and the fast spin button are available in the menu features. The playing field's additional features are: return to the previous bet or go to the next one, clear all the chips and stakes, and double the stakes - x2. Via the info (‘i’) menu button, you can view the paytable for the Inside’ and ‘Outside’ bets.

Next is the racetrack feature, which allows you to do a maximum of 5 neighbour numbers bets (plus/minus installment). The third feature brings you to detailed statistics of the combinations in a percentage. It expands the window with the "hot" and "cold" numbers in the upper right corner.

One more feature is the players' statistics, which shows your place relative to other rivals in the table of victories. Auto mode allows you to choose up to 1000 hands-free spins via your last stake.

Comparison between American, French, and European roulettes

At NetEnt’s lobby, both French and American roulettes are presented with 2 distinctive rooms to play. They have their characteristics, some of which affect the game:

  • 1. The most important difference between the American and the French roulette is the unusual double zero, which increases the total number of stakes from 37 to 38 possible sectors.
  • 2. Again, concerning the double zero- the possible combination of the French roulette field is 10, while with the American version, the players can place 11 different types of bet combinations.
  • 3. Another particularity is the type of letters on the field: letters are only Latin over the American field, and French roulette terminology for the French version: rouge/noir, pair/impair.
  • 4. Another important distinction is the location of the betting places for American and French roulette. For example, where black/red betting is situated is totally different, significantly changing the game. 

If you compare European roulette with American, then the first one, like the French one, will not have double zero. This is because Europeans have their system of the arrangement of numerals on the reel. So, you will not be able to play the same in all 3 types of roulettes. Even if you have a general knowledge of roulette rules, you will have to familiarize yourself with each variant's particularity before starting playing.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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