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Free play French Roulette by NetEnt

Free play French Roulette by NetEnt
Fans of the good old classics will certainly respect NetEnt’s present: making available to the players two new rooms with French roulette. 

Interesting facts regarding the history of roulette:

  • In the 17th century the French physicist, mathematician, and inventor Blaise Pascal was experimenting with a perpetual movement wheel - a device, operating continuously with no external source of charge. The laws of physics undeniably screamed - “impossible”, but being a pioneer and a creator, Mr. Pascal was going against all conventional opinions and sought to defy the odds. Ales, his experiment failed, but the process becomes the genesis of the Roulette.
  • This initial wheel was missing the ZERO, but later in the 19th century the King of Monaco, experiencing monetary troubles of his own and of his domain, being advised that with just one simple adjustment- adding a ZERO the wheel will deliver a higher house edge, which in turns will contribute to filling in the kings' pockets.
  • Lastly, at the same time, when the wheel was introduced to the common people and become important to the prosperity of Monaco, gambling was banned as illegal in France- gave one more reason to go and play the French style Roulette in Monaco. 

If you make a few spins you will most positively enjoy the smooth gameplay and will be convinced of the excellent quality of NetEnt’s game. On our page, you will have the opportunity to play French roulette by NetEnt for free without registration.

If you spend all your free money, refresh the page, and the balance will be reset to 5 000 CAD. The number of free game sessions is not limited. The RTP (return to player percentage) is set at 97.3%.

The appearance of French roulette from NetEnt

The appearance of French roulette from NetEnt
The two tooms made available by NetEnt in the ‘French Roulette’ section can be depicted as former glory - ‘classical’; and present-day exclusive- ‘modern’ style. They are both designed with high-quality graphics and elegant manner contributing to specific comfort and enjoyment of the game. The music pieces are perfectly chosen to support the whole classy or fashionable flair of each room.

  • French roulette Room N: 1. Has a standard green field and the Zero is an exception with a bright yellow shade.
  • French roulette Room N: 2. Has a lighter background than the classical version, and the playing field is grey, but all the numbers are white, and the zero stands out by a rich green tint. 

The game field: designation, menu, statistics

Every player has at his disposal a set of chips (located at the bottom) - of different colours for different denominations.

In the classic Room N: 1 of French roulette from NetEnt,

  • You will be given the usual menu with the fast and simple spin features, as well as the ability to clear the field from the stakes
  • The statistical window (moves, winning combinations, the "cold" and "hot" numbers, and the ratio of red and black) are slightly higher. 
  • The scoreboard with the winning is located at the very bottom of the screen. 
  • Graphics settings are not available here; however, you can choose between low (light) and high (heavy graphics) before launching the game.

In the modern Room N: 2 of French roulette from NetEnt, the number of newer and more comfortable functions for the player is greater.

  • At the bottom central position is again the set of chips - various colours with various values. We consider that it expands the possible range of the bets.
  • Next is the stake features: the double bet, return to the previous one, and vice versa. There is also a clearing of the field from the chips on the right side.
  • The analytical useful functions - (include the combination of the maximum and the minimum winning; the simultaneous bet on five numbers or certain combinations; player statistics and their winnings and a detailed percentage report of the winnings and losses) - have the form of 2 compact keys, which are located at the bottom- left side- and must be unfolded for detailed information.
  • And at the upper right corner is one steady statistical window showing the "cold" and "hot" numbers.
  • The balance/scoreboard with the winning is located at the very bottom of the screen.

Comparison between French, American, and European roulettes

The roulette game went through some changes in different geo regions of the world. As a result, nowadays there are 3 most popular variants: American, French, and European roulettes.

French Roulette

  • One zero and 36 numbers.
  • “0” is located between 26 and 32 on the wheel.
  • 10 types of possible bets combinations.
  • French terminology on the field.
  • The Inside bets are positioned horizontally across the table.
  • The Outside bets are placed on both sides of the table.
  • High, Even and Black are on the bottom.
  • Low, Odd, and Red on the top.
  • The Dozen Bets are presents on both the upper and lower right field side.
  • La Partage - Special Rule - if “0” lands -even-money bets - return half of your bet.
  • En Prison - Special Rule - if “0” lands -even-money bets - kept till the next spin win or lose.

American roulette

  • Double zero, regular zero, and 36 numbers.
  • “0” is located between 2 and 28 on the wheel.
  • “00” is located between 1 and 27 on the wheel.
  • 11 types of possible bets combinations.
  • Latin terminology on the field.

European roulette

  • One zero and 36 numbers.
  • “0” is located between 26 and 32 on the wheel.
  • 10 types of possible bets combinations.
  • Latin terminology on the field.
  • Zero is winning for the casino.

The visual differences are minimized on the NetEnt gaming portal

The three types of roulette are generally but the differences have a significant influence on the game. For example, the individual markup of numbers for each of the roulettes, or double zero in American roulette. Each game has its unique style and field. Besides the optical difference other distinction is in the house edge and the RTP (check our table below).

The French and European versions with the single “0” have a house advantage of 2.70%, while because of the “00” added in the American version, the house advantage increases to 5.26%.

European French and American rolette

Tester's feedback

French roulette is an excellent game with many advantages for the player. The RTP (return to player percentage) is almost a full return of the bets. Besides, the Roulette allows you to play using the progressive betting strategy. The physics of movement and stopping the ball is perfected via NetEnt’s software.

We advise the player to follow which numbers are "hot" and to bet on them. The ball often falls into the same sector or the "opposite" one. The game is centrally controlled by NetEnt servers i.e. that indicates the highest level of fairness. In case of doubt, there is always a chance to revise the statistics of the game rounds.

What category of players will be interested to play French Roulette?

Despite the French terminology on the playfield the essence of the game is similar to the other roulette types and does not cause discomfort if you have prior experience with American or European roulettes. 

At NetEnt’s casinos, you will have the chance to fully enjoy the luxury atmosphere of the game, as well as to feel the excitement of winning with such high RTP and the opportunity to hit the jackpot.

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