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Canadian casinos without utility verification

Canadian casinos without utility verificationPlayers’ proof details in form of account verification are a “must” for any online casino. There are logical reasons behind it - the prevention of underage, fraudulent, unsafe, and criminal online operations, and most of all to keep their licenses.

With a rough line, you can make the following distinction: light and deep verification processes.

By light check, you should understand out of conditions verification way, where will be checked and confirmed: your name, address, age (all three are stated with your ID), and initial payment details.

The deep check however is the one seen by some players as a bit much and discourages them even to try playing in casinos, who requested it.

The biggest hurdle during the deep verification process is seen as the colour copy of a utility bill -  (e.g. gas, water or electricity), bank statement, or another official government document, dated within the last 3 months. Players, who live in rented places see immediately the problem with getting such a bill - it doesn’t state their names, but the names of the landlords, roommates, families, etc., i.e. additional disadvantages.

So, hereby we are introducing you to the list of online casinos without utility bill verification. 

Gamblers can withdraw money within 5-15 minutes and will be asked only their photo and their ID.

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The need for a copy of the player’s ID

Why do online casinos demand your ID?

It is an official standard adopted by the Licensing institution, which issues the legal certificates for online gambling activities

Because the head company Net Entertainment holds a Maltese general license, as a subsidiary All Net Entertainment operators have their license cards issued in the EU by Malta as well.

For transactions above the equivalent of 2500 CAD, according to Gaming Authority in Malta, it is needed player’s payment account verification.

However, the online operators are requesting the player’s ID for amounts even below 2500 CAD. Why?

In our opinion, by asking for an ID before the first withdrawal of your winnings, the casino has two intentions:

  • Firstly, they want to insure themselves from multiple account registrations using fake data, when players are applying for first deposit bonuses. So by requesting ID, the player is deterred from such attempts.
  • Secondly, they want to baffle the players by performing the following crafty scheme: placing deposit - playing - winning - cancelling the deposit (all this in a very short time). So by requesting ID, the player is discouraged from such trickery.

Regarding the first objective:

No need to cheat the casino by falsely duplicating your account. You have the real chance of winning by using casino bonuses with the 40x wagering requirements. You can read more about it at the following link:

Regarding the second objective:

Many online casinos do give the chance of cancelling the withdrawal from the player's bank by pushing just one button, hence to restore the money he deposited in the first place back into his balance.

Seemingly non-compliant to the Licensing Authorities prescription the request for player’s ID for amounts under 2500 CAD is still covered by the section in the Terms and Conditions which many of the online operators constructed:

“…The casino (regardless of the amount that is in play) retains its right to require at any time when needed player's documents, for verification of his account and the details submitted in the time of player’s account registration”.

The best online gambling places

We can conclude that the recommended casinos (in the list above) are the best places to play for real money online

Their outstanding priorities are:

  • Fast payouts. Per usual within 15 minutes.
  • Wide payment methods operations.
  • Many payment systems without commission on deposits.
  • Not requiring utility bills during the account verification.
  • Punctual and professionally competent troubleshooting and service support (including live chat in case of issues)

Where to play?

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