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How to choose an honest Canadian online casino

How to Choose Honest and Fair Online CasinoGambling nested itself at the Digital World since the early Internet years (the late 1990s- the beginning of the new millennium), and it became an indelible part of fun/distraction time for some people or making livelihood/seriously trying to recoup for others.

With a consistent soar of popularity and rivalry, nowadays there are thousands of places offering gambling technology services, rat racing for customers’ attention. It will be naïve to think that that is a piece of good news. Sure the competition brings the industry standards to a boom, but what about the sky-high possibilities of scams and bamboozling- especially when some rookies are entering the “playtime”.

For all the new players, who maybe never had gambled before (but finally decided to try it), or for the “old” gamblers who finally gave in to willingly swapping the dark and smelly casino house (with its real working time and location) with a cushy and comfortable home computer, for all of them, who want to open the online casino door for the first time - here is your guidebook how to select where to play.

List of fair online casinos in Canada

  • A fair casino will impress you with its equitable balance of best self and players’ interest.
  • A fair casino will be keen to keep the players continually satisfied.
  • A fair casino will not purposely delay players’ payouts.
  • A fair casino will try to surprise not only with substantial bonuses but with actual ones.
  • A fair casino will be detectable not only for its advertising spots but for its real player’s friendly qualifications.

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More useful information

  • The trick of winnings payout avoidance because of machine failure or deliberately retarding payouts are unfair practices of low-level online casinos. Such establishments are not looking to keep their good reputation and their names and methods can be reported.
  • Check the Casino’s blacklist as a factual tool of early fraudulent identification, dedicated to alert all the players to be cautious handling their online activities with great awareness. 

Typically with general browser search, you can find several external site indicators, which cannot be altered:

  • date of domain (name) registration;
  • history of the domain name- length of existence;
  • records on violations and penalties enforced by the registrar to the domain owner;
  • statistics of visits since the domain registration;
  • statistics of actual players.

The shady sites are usually active only a few months, then disappear. Unfortunately for them, some blemish feedback residue is still to be found and parts of the negative domain name history can be traced through different platforms.

How to understand which casino is reputable

To fully comprehend this topic, we recommend you to carefully read the following articles:

Fastpay casino

By definition, every online casino is a place of business. By definition, every business meant to bring profit. Nobody will launch and maintain an unprofitable casino. Regrettably, some casino sites are designed entirely to deceive and to get quick money. Profiting from the fact that the players are not all the time attentive with reading the Terms and Conditions sections, and are often hurrying with excitement to start the game, these casinos grab the players’ money, with no chance to win given.

Advertising is a powerful tool used in every business thriving. But the casino player should become aware of how easy is to buy commentary reports from advertising sites and feedback forums. At the low-cost of 25 CAD for 100 reviews, some shady operators can buy such sleazy services. In-between these 100 opinions one genuine honest feedback will be lost. And with it the chance of the true reputable and fair casino to stand out of the 100 fold hoax.

Those, who are willingly posting such comments on special forums for a ¼ of a CAD will never play at that casino themselves. They only corrupt the system for the rookie player, who is reading the “candidly paid” feedbacks before placing his first bet, as he is supposed to. So, he will register an account at such an online operator with a bonus of a 5000%, from 20 CAD and 100x wagering. Gambling places with similar bonus offers are hardly legit and not quite honest.

In the time of vigorous competing between the online gambling providers, where new names, smooth, fresh deals, most bankable offers, and glossy advertisements are popping from every platform the beginner is facing difficult and complex decision making.

  • Play at casinos, which are using the NetEnt software.
  • Obtaining a NetEnt license card is difficult and seen as a higher level of honesty acknowledgment. Therefore the operators who earned it are persistently working on keeping it.

For all the starters there are several crucial (but proven by the experts) steps to follow.

Player’s concerns

  • Check your device, operating system and browser

Depending on the device you own, there are two kinds of online casino services you can use:

Browser Casino and Mobile Casino (either with or without downloading software to the device). Obviously one of them is with PC, and the other utilizes gambling with hand-held devices like smartphones or tablets. In both cases, some app or software connects the player to a specific gambling service provider.

Here your concern should be what your device compatibility is. Inform yourself in advance!

  • Check the casino reputation

Type on your browser the name of the casino of your choice in combination with search words like scam, scammers, liars, cheaters, fraudulent, and so on and skim through various pages. Generally, if one casino has such a reputation at least a few articles will come high-lighted, so, take the time to read them.

Here your concern should be sensing the truth from the fake words and finding an honest casino!

  • Check the casino license

Every trustworthy online casino has a gambling license and its inspectorate party, to whom the players may concern their claims in case of a dispute. There is a legal term of 21 workdays settled to investigate a complaint and reply with an inspection report. Before you move to gamble with real money, take the time and check if the casino of your choice holds such a license and registration (usually displayed somewhere on the main page of the casino site). Only then your deposits and gains will be protected!

Here your concern should be to find out if the casino of your choice is legit!

  • Check the casino Terms and conditions (incl. Bonuses)

In order to meet the licensing authorities’ obligations and uphold its standards to gambling regulation, every online casino is compelled to put together all rules in one construction (“T&C’s”).

It makes good sense to read the terms and conditions of a bonus offer that attracts you. While one casino might be offering 100 CAD and another offering 500 CAD, it doesn’t always mean that if you choose the higher amount you will surely pile up quickly. In fact, as a general principle, the higher the bonus, the more burdensome the terms for the players. 

Here your concern should be to read well the Terms and conditions before starting to play with real money.

  • Check the casino Payout policy (incl. Account verification)

The fairest suggestion is completing the account verification process in advance before you start with your first money deposit. It might turn out that the casino of your choice does not support your payment method, or it takes an unworkable long time to manage payments.

By making early account verification you will be able to receive your prize faster, thus not being tempted to cancel the withdrawal in the desire to "win more" until your account is verified.

Here your concern should be to find out all-round transaction options before you make an account and sign up.

  • Check the casino site security

Online gambling operators are dealing with sensitive private and banking information. They are not permitted to pass your documents to any third party. They are only permitted to save this personal data to their own casino databases during account verification. The operators working with reputable game developers like NetEnt are supplied with embedded security features (incl. firewall protection and 128-bit SSL encryption), designed to ensure maximum site security (by default- from the developer).

Here your concern should be if the casino of your choice keeps the developer’s security protocol.

  • Check the actual casino games

Despite the possibility of a full set of basic games that most of the online casinos offer, you should decide for yourself what game you prefer, do you know the rules well enough, how intensive or systematic you want to play (slots, table games against the house or against other players). Legit and worthy casinos (as Fastpay) offer a large number of games selection (up to thousands). On the contrary - the cheaters will propose only very few choices. Many platforms offer the chance to play in demo mode, so you can test a few rounds and single out your favourite game.

Here your concern should be if the site offers demo mode to test the game beforehand.

  • Check the casino Customer Support responsiveness

Sure all gambling sites have customer support service enabled. One trustworthy operator should offer 24/7 contact via chat, phone, or mail. If you get an instant response on your query or satisfactory resolution on your issue - that manifests the casino reliability.

Here your concern should be if the site offers assistance in a timely manner.

Under the spotlight - Bonus anxiety

True story:

“A year ago I played at two online casinos, spending thousands of dollars, vastly enticed by their bonus promises. At the first one- City Club (Playtech) - I was slowly but steadily losing, the casino was riding high on my money. One evening I started small but was in a roll and soon I got a lucky break. I won something like 3000 CAD. (My overall loss at this point was 25000 CAD) Right away they cancelled my win with the declaration that I misplayed my bonus. I put a lot of time to catch a paragraph in their Terms and Conditions that confirm this “wrong play”. There was none in my version. The casino excuse was that there was a recent minor change in a number of rules. 

Was I gullible, or foolish, or duped into this casino "honesty“ belief? Maybe all of the above. 

Nearly at the same time at Europa Casino (Playtech). I was congratulated with my withdrawal of 3000 CAD when my total loss of 19000 CAD, which alarmed me. It seemed that the software is configured that you always lose. I will not risk again playing on such software! 

So, what is my lesson - Always test the casino - how they proceed with withdrawals before you start to make serious deposits.” (Anonymous player)

  • The problem with the casino bonus system is a “no joke”! You need to pay extra attention for there could hide an acute and unresolvable issue. The more tough and uncompromising the bonus system, the less likely you would be cheated.
  • Vice versa - extra sizeable prizes and “monster” first deposit bonuses must keep the player alert. It is outstandingly important to be thoughtful about the bonus wagering requirements. The cases of too small or too big wagering requirements should be already alarm of dubious bonus methods of that casino and a serious question to its honesty.
  • Be diligent in testing the casino you will put your deposits in. Gambling houses that impose restrictions like a limit on withdrawal amount per month or high fee on withdrawals should be disregarded. You should look for a real trustworthy casino, where to play with your assets.

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Where to play?

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