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How to choose THE BEST online casino in Canada

How to choose the best online casinoWhen you already decided to gamble and you moved toward choosing THE BEST Canadian online casino, it’s important to look beyond the attractive at first glance. Sure no punter wants to see his money going down the drain before he even blinks a few times. An online casino should have records of being credible. After eliminating the fly-by-night hustlers with their rigged platforms you should be left with only the reputable operators. But even amongst the legitimate casino companies, there are substantial differences. 

It’s up to you to measure all the qualities of a given casino, against the competition, before selecting where to sign up with an account.

Gamblers most distinctive element during choosing is: 

  • Punctual and undivided (in parts) payout of winnings.
  • eCOGRA is an independent organization that helps to regulate this and other attributes for the online gambling industry. Obtaining the eCOGRA seal of certification is a declaration of that casino’s reliability.
  • All operators presented on this site are members of the Net Entertainment network.
  • They have testimonial qualifications of principles, integrity, and loyalty. 
  • Currently, players' trust that is included in the NetEnt family is the highest guarantee of casino honesty.

List of THE BEST Canadian online casinos 2020

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Fastpay casino
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Instantpay 150CAD
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Casumo 500CAD
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Joycasino up to 2000CAD
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1xSlots casino
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BitStarz casino
BitStarz 400CAD
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Riobet casino
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Play Fortuna casino
Play Fortuna 750CAD
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Booi 450CAD
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Casino types by representation

Casinos embodying networks

The majority of reliable Canadian online casino houses are working within this design of operations. Their software is based and is driven under a network concept. That will say that these casinos are not only having their programs developed and propelled by a big gaming entity but throughout their functioning, these casinos are being influenced by that big entity as well. Examples of such network-based software operations are the casinos who applied to the industry leaders Microgaming and NetEnt for game integration tender, whereby they will pay one small singular payment (usually between 5000 and 25000 CAD), which will give them the package of games, operating on network principle. Besides the one-time payment, these casino operators will have to pay supplementary monthly loss percentage (losses of the players after deduction of their winnings). At the same time, the network organizes the jackpot payments.

  • With this work setup, it is not manageable for the casino to manipulate the payments ratio, the cycle speed, and the total percentage (RTP) of return of all bets made because the slots configuration and the software have to match perfectly.
  • Having the network being responsible for the RTP is a prerequisite for the player when choosing THE BEST online casino. For an operator embodying network, influencing the settings of software on his site is unattainable, no matter how much cash hungry he is.
  • The only entrapment for the player could be some regulations, specific for that operator (the hidden in his terms and conditions section), and his bonus policy.
  • Each software developer and the provider is being pertinent to the reputation of their licensees in a different way.
  • For the company Microgaming, for example, the rules violations and players’ payment refusals from some of their operators are not of essential regard
  • For the company Playtech some regulations breach is an issue, but Playtech is trying to remain neutral in the disputes
  • Meanwhile, Net Entertainment is a company with great concern about infringement of the rules, which could be detrimental to its network reputation. That is why the players trust that if one operator is a member of the NetEnt organization that is the highest recognition of that operator’s honesty.

Separately established casinos

Besides the casinos represented by the big software producers, there is another group of operators, which are settling with the software organizations for a package of games for payment made once in a massive single amount, as opposed to smaller payments over time, i.e. upfront lump-sum rather than a sum paid out over time. These casinos, who have had purchased the entire software for a specific number and versions of games, are not making additional payments from the players' losses.

By buying the programs in one complete package, these operators have lost the ability to obtain game updates and upgrades with newer better quality games. The big networks are looking at these packages as a project, without a long-term financial and support plan. After the software company has been paid in total for the project, and the project itself is being “obsolete” they create a new software package and sell it again for a profit.

In cases like this, when the casino operator procured the software package with one huge single payment, he gains absolute control of the game's settings and all the fine software fixtures become at his disposal. Of importance to the player is that if he chooses to play at such a casino operator, who owns completely the game software and is not being network represented, is that he should be cautious. 

The self-managed - separately established operator, functioning inside his own purchased software circle, has the ability to adjust any game settings and tamper with RTP and the player account. You play at such an online casino at your own risk!

Payments setup

Every player has his own preferred payment method. Most casinos accept and handle payments in a variety of systems. If you are scouting for THE BEST casino, then one of your preliminary concerns should be if your payment method is approved for deposits as well as for withdrawals by the casino of your choice. You can use the search option on our site in regard to the payment method you have adopted when you want to select THE BEST casino to play.

You pick your payment system from the upper main menu of the "Payments" section and you shall see the list of casinos operating with that method. In the section "Where to play" you can find additional payment information in the convenient classification of our partners’ online casinos as well

Untarnished reputation

Fastpay casino

Needless to say that as pivotal the winning is, it is not all there is to concentrate on. The next key factor is to receive your prize in your bank account. Some of the operators are sagacious enough to recon that instead of patiently waiting for the pending payout most of the gamblers cancel the withdrawal and keep on playing with the winnings until they are entirely consumed. This way the operator certainly doesn’t have to pay anything. THE BEST online casino has a flawless payout reputation.

Some low-level operators are intentionally fabricating ways not to pay at all or to delay the player’s payouts. Sure a scorched player will have the chance to place an argumentative claim in the negative forums’ feedback section. For all the operators striving to be labelled as THE BEST online casino these comments matter. At the same time, the likelihood of serious disagreement with a reputable gambling house is typically very low.

  • Play at casinos, which are using the NetEnt software.
  • Obtaining a NetEnt license card is difficult and seen as a higher level of honesty acknowledgment. Therefore the operators who earned it are persistently working on keeping it.

Mainly named reasons for entire nonpayment or for payment delay

Mandatory account verification

Following the specifics of the casino rules (terms and conditions), the player’s documentation for verification can be requested at any time. At NetEnt casino, stated by the “T&C’s”, a request for verification can be sent only if the total withdrawal exceeds the amount of 2500 CAD

In case you have issues with the verification of your casino account, you can exploit the possibility of playing without deep verification for withdrawals.

Obligatory time interval

At some casinos, you will have to wait for 24 hours - a time interval imposed between your last deposit and the payout order from your account. All the while the dishonest casino is assuming the same calculation as in the prior section, and instead of patiently waiting for the payout most of the gamblers cancel the pending withdrawal and keep on playing till depleting the prize they have won. Only here the player is not even able to make a payout order within 24 hours. After this time he must log in again and request the payment. This “technique” invokes the gambler’s impulse to play once more.

Screenshot deposit requisite

The usual practice for some operators is the demand of a screenshot of your payment page, testifying that the deposit is made to this casino account. Be attentive - such a snapshot can reveal some private data extraction. One honest casino will never use doubtful payment schemes if wants to keep you as a Customer.

Bonus offers

Bonus ProgramsWhen it comes to bonuses, players' opinions are sharply polarized. One group is completely focused on finding THE BEST casino with the biggest bonuses and at the other extreme is the group that does not pay attention or ignores the importance of this attribute. The bonus policy of online operators is different, but most often depends on:

  • Unquestionable history and honesty

In case you stop at a casino with a dubious reputation, you will also have to prepare for the fact that hidden bonus conditions are possible, which are intentionally created to confuse the player and will give reasons for excuses for non-payment of the player's winnings. Try to read and understand the rules (terms and conditions) of the casino related to the bonus offers before making the first deposit. 

You should get a positive mathematical expectation from a game, utilizing a bonus system that is based on NetEnt software. Read more on this subject in our article: how to get a positive mathematical expectation from your game at Netent Casino with the help of bonuses.

  • Distinct by country

Commonly, the bonus offer deviates from their requirements for players from one country to another. The important matter related to this is the difference between the short bonus rules, which only point at the general wagering requirement (for example of 20x), and the full version including some additional constrains can be found inside the terms and conditions regulating chapter, which often remains unread for its length and ambiguity.

The casinos with suspicious rules and disguised not straightforward fundamentals should be avoided.

  • Bonus withdrawals

In search of THE BEST Canadian online casino the chance to withdraw your bonus amount it is one more determinative factor. Some operators under the Playtech and Microgaming networks are practicing a special bonus deduction policy, i.e. when you win the wager requirements, you are allowed to withdraw only the money earned. The system automatically writes off the bonus money from the players' accounts before payment. 

Casinos with similar bonus payout regimens should be bypassed.

  • Wagering requirements clarity

Wagering is a multiplier which shows how many times you have to play through the bonus money before you are allowed to withdraw any winnings. Nowadays the players have more visible details about the real wagering of the bonuses offered by the online casinos. The full relevant information should be obtained from the terms and regulations. Once the player accepts the bonus wagering requirements are applied for his account. To release your pending funds to your wallet, you need to complete the wagering requirement for that applicable bonus. For example: if your deposit is 50 CAD, and you received a 100 CAD bonus with 10x wagering, that will say that you need to wager a total of 1500 CAD in order to make a cash withdrawal. (50+100=150 *10= 1500 CAD).


To find out which is THE BEST Canadian online casino, you first must separate the reputable from the dishonest casinos. From the number of operators leftover, who are honest and loyal to the player, you will have to select the one that suits your impulses perfectly.

  • What software is utilized at that casino? You should use the houses with network represented software because with them it is unlikely to rig the software for a specific player. It will be even better if several software providers are presented in the operations of your chosen casino.
  • What is the bonus policy for the casino of your choice? Are the wagering requirements concerning your country of origin specified and clear and is it feasible to withdraw the amount you have won?
  • THE BEST casino should hold an impeccable reputation. Did you perform multiple search engine checks, and did you find some negative feedback?
  • Is the casino where you are prepared to play working with your payment method - for deposits and for withdrawals?
  • Have you already spotted the place that is THE BEST for you and offers your favourite game? Do you know the rules of the game? Have you seriously read the terms and conditions of the casino?
  • On our website, you can find a detailed description of our partners’ operators including a list of their accepted payment systems and paragraphs from their terms and conditions, about which you should be attentive.

Where to play?

  • Fastpay casino is THE BEST choice on our site and has a wide range of casino games, over 5000 games in their portfolio, the top casino on our site. Moreover, they will send the money super-fast (1-5 minutes). Our list of best online casinos for money 2020

The best Canadian online casino for real money in 2020