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Malfunctions voids all pays and plays

Malfunctions voids all pays and plays

  • Casino script.
  • Luxurious, inviting environment.
  • Gambler slowly walking through the alleys choosing this or another shiny slot machine.
  • Loading the slot with the coins.
  • Pushing the start button, waiting for the takings to be more than what he deposited. 
  • Spin in. Spin out. 
  • Some bonus rounds. Some special surprises. 
  • Out of the blue - the slot machine goes insane: showing on display - Your cash ticket now is 
  • ….mln CAD. What?
  • It is all the gambler fantasized about.
  • The jackpot fever slowly takes in his brain and body.
  • He thinks - he is a WINNER! He thinks that he will step out of the Canadian online casino today as a new man!

Well, don’t rush with the conclusions just yet!

There are many ways how this movie could end. And not all of them so happy!

Besides the tax forms, identification verification, some partial financial arrangement, what could happen to the gambler (in the worst-case scenario) is - after some casino operator is being sent from the back monitoring surveillance room to come and check the slot display - he can announce that this is not a real win, but just a machine malfunction! Like a true professional, he can point to the sign on the entrance of the casino: “In case of slot failure, all the winnings are void" or “Malfunctions void all pays and plays.”

True story - that is precisely what happened to a woman from the USA after her slot showed she is a winner of 43 mln $. The Canadian online casino denied her prize. Moreover, after opening a civil case against the casino, the USA Gaming Commission ruled in favour of the casino. For the obvious reason: There was a clear warning about what will happen in sudden machine defection.

Be prepared!

Read the following page what to do if the Canadian online casino doesn’t pay due to slot failure:

With this feature, we will try to shed light on the stumper- Why the casinos have such a regulation?

What possible failure might the slot have?

The basis of the slot operation is a plain software program. This program displays its complex random numerical combinations in motion via symbols and images, translated into casino language with specific spin outcomes and payouts. The machine ‘RNG’ (Random Number Generator) is responsible for the sequence of events happening “behind the scene” at any given moment during the slot functioning. 

ErrorsThe manufacturer decides the design and the characteristics of the slot machine program. Regardless of the extreme scrutiny and the huge tests performed during the production, like with every program, there is some small chance of a program glitch. So, winning, losing, all that is happening on the slot monitor in a fraction of a second- all are emerging out of mathematical algorithms. Even being strictly verified during the production period, while operating one machine can exhibit system defects.

All Net Entertainment games, running in dozens of Canadian online casinos, are actually operating from inside a single space - the developers' servers space. The game sequences are coming to the server, and from there via the RNG are sent as transformed digits back to the machine. Certainly, any program can show errors. In contingency situations like these, the casinos enforce the rule: "In case of slot failure, all the winnings are void."

Types of errors:

  • Wrong winning calculations occurrence.
  • Wrong jackpot dispense occurrence.
  • Error - foul bonus game starts.
  • Error - foul balance refresh.

Safety measures:

SoftwareIn case the Canadian online casino refused to pay your prize, about the machine failure regulation, the swift protection measure you can take is making a screenshot with your win.

This way, you will have the game number and slot view. You can turn to the producer (possibly NetEnt Company) or the local gambling authorities if it comes to incident hearings.

This way, you will probably have evidence of the positions of your winning combination as well.

Nevertheless, the photo you will make can prove when you have won the prize, in case there is a dispute between multiple winners.

Do not attempt using notable bugs and errors of the slots (there is always intense monitoring at casinos).


The trick of winnings payout avoidance because of machine failure is one unfair practice of low-level online casinos. Such establishments are not looking to keep their good reputation, and their names and methods can be reported. Check the Canadian online casino’s blacklist as a factual tool of early fraudulent identification, which alerts all players to be cautious in handling their online activities with great awareness.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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