Position: General Site Manager

Vladislav Dibrov

Vladislav Dibrov is our General Site Manager. With his over 15 years of exposure to the global digital casino environment, including the Canadian online industry, 10 of which as a creator and real power behind the site, Mr. Dibrov has developed efficient operational processes the content management for our entire site, as well as Canadian version. Cross-collaborating and guiding various teams, he enables streamlined workflow, keeping the content teams aligned to the core casino business objectives on operational matters, tools, and software.
Mr Dibrov is the leader of design, conceptualization, implementation, and control of our site's total digital activities. As a multi-tasker, able to effectively navigate our organization in the fast-paced, competitive casino industry, with his extensive know-how around online slots, sports betting, and affiliate marketing, he manages various international content teams and multi-language content projects, including the Canadian version of the site.

Strictly defining, planning, monitoring, and managing our increasing library of features and portfolio of partners, our General Manager is relentlessly working toward shortening the bridge between quality content and viewers' requirements keeping our team's visions: To fascinate and inspire our Canadian readers. To work toward exceeding their expectations based on expertise and passion. To create and maintain impactful, player-oriented, and extraordinary content.

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Vladislav Dibrov