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The basic strategy of Blackjack in casino in Canada

The basic strategy of Blackjack in Canadian casinosBlackjack is a top-rated game in casinos. This game has so much popularity because of the equal chances for a player and a casino house to win. In this article, you will read the blackjack basic strategy chart.

Not-so-experienced players can reach advantage of up to 0.5% if using the basic strategy. In comparison, the experienced players can achieve up to 5% of the average bet together with the scorecard if using the basic strategy. Try to test the basic strategy in a free demo mode before playing.

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How to apply the basic strategy in a real game

Below, you can look at some examples of when it’s relevant to use the basic strategy of blackjack.

  • Situation: The dealer’s first card is worth 2,3,4,5 or 6. The dealer will probably lose because the blackjack rules state that the dealer must draw cards until he gets more than 17 points.

Player: the blackjack rules specify that in a situation where the dealer’s cards are from 2 to 4, the player with 11 points or less could take the cards without the possibility of busting after stopping at 12 or above. If the dealer has a card from 5 to 6, the player with 10 or 11 points should double down (Double).

  • Table schemeSituation 2: the dealer shows his card, which is worth seven, eight, nine or ten; the dealer is likely to get seventeen, eighteen, nineteen or twenty.

Action: In this situation, the aim is to try to collect a higher amount of points than the dealer had. Let’s say that the first card that the dealer shows is 7; this means that the player has to attempt to score 17 points or more.

  • The third case: Occasionally, even if the dealer shows a picture, the players do not hit at 12-15, thinking that they get 10 too often, so these players mostly stay on 12 vs 7 or 3 vs 8

Action: You should take another card, although you might think that it is a mistake. The only exception is using a counting card plus or else a minus counting system or when you have a positive real account. If you are in this situation, and there is a chance that a few dozen cards might come, you may reject a further set of cards.

  • Case Four: At some stage, the player will realize that the casino owners are not stupid and have chosen the perfect rules for a casino dealer. Then he/she start following the same rules obtaining up to 17; it does not end at 16 points.

Actions: The player’s chances to win are lowered if the dealer shows a card from 2 to 6. In the case of 7,8,9,10, or ace, this strategy will probably sound reasonable; there is a point to draw a card on 16.

Decisions’ table:

Blackjack basic strategy table

You can adapt to the table and use it very easily. First, find your cards (vertically), then the dealer’s cards (horizontally). After that, find out where the connection point is and follow the instructions on the table. There is a table on the bottom describing what the letters mean.

Decisions you should make when following the table

The basic strategy of blackjackThings that may help with table values at the basic strategy of blackjack:

The red marks the action to a set of cards, red-stop, blue-double.The other colours in the decrypted values are underneath this text.

  • H - Take an additional card to the available one.Hit
  • S - Do not take more cards. Stay.
  • D - Double the current bet. Double.
  • Ds - You can double if the rules allow you to; otherwise, don’t take a card. Double or Stay.
  • P - If you get identical cards, separate them. Split.
  • H / P - If the casino rules allow you, you can split the cards and double after that, otherwise take a card. Hit or Split.
  • S / P - Split and double if the rules allow you to do it, otherwise stay. Stay or Split.
  • D / P - Split the cards and double after that, or double the initial points Split or Double.
  • H / R - If the rules allow you to leave half of the bet to the casino, then do it (surrender), otherwise take another card. Hit or Surrender.
  • S / R - If leaving half of the bet is allowed in your casino, you should do so or do not take a card. Stay or Surrender. 


The basic strategy is a traditional variant of blackjack. Its use can decrease the house edge to 0.5%. Try using a system of card counting and the basic strategy together.

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