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Bugs and holes in a slot at an online casino Canada

Bugs and holes in a slot at Canadian online casinoIn this article, we will concentrate on mistakes that the slot can have, so-called bugs and holes. Have you ever found some bugs? Have you ever noticed very different behaviour of the slot on a specific bet and denomination? Why are the providers making second versions of some slots?

You will find all the answers in this article. We will talk about how the provider software works and we will share the experience of our testers. You might not know this, but some second versions of the slots are 95% the same functionality, just with little difference, mostly new symbols and some different features. But the strangest thing is that it works mainly for taking the money from the player, sounds weird, eh?

A perfect example is Aliens slot, which received an award for innovation in 2014. The slot was removed in 2017! Why would NetEnt remove one of its best slot machines that were bringing a lot of money, hm? Don’t you think that someone found a bug in the system and was winning all the time before he/she was caught?
To fix the bug, providers are developing a new version

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What can the reason for developing the second version be?

  • The slot is top-rated, and the providers believe the second version will bring them even more money
  • Improved graphic and features
  • Found bug (hole) in the previous one.

These are the three reasons for making a new version, but right now is about time to tell you our experience, on which our article is devoted. A few years ago, we found a bug in a Jack Hammer slot. Believe us or not, we won around 150 000 CAD at this slot. We were lucky and patient enough and this lasted for around three months, after that the slot was re-programmed, and the most normal thing happened – the slot wasn't the same, mostly taking money. Soon after that, the second part was developed – Jack Hammer 2 slot.

Features of Jack Hummer and Jack Hummer 2

We know you are interested in our case, that's why we will write about it. We notice that on bets of 25 CAD and 250 CAD, the slot behaved very strange, it was paying us more than 100% RTP (return to player percentage), the original declared by NetEnt is 97%. So, we made more than 2 million spins on these bets. Of course, we had bad days where our loss was more than 30k CAD but also good days with a win over 100k CAD. Huge volatility, eh?

After a few months, our total result was 150k+ CAD. Of course, it was much more but it took days before we notice that the bug is fixed… Soon after that case, the second version was on the market – Jack Hammer 2.

Vulnerabilities: Achilles heel of the Canadian online casino

In bugs, we don't mean huge mistakes in the software, mostly is something small, like different behaviour on some bets, primarily favourable for the player. Of course, this doesn't mean that at all other stakes, the slot only will be "eating" your money. In total, finding such a bug is tremendous luck for the player and a nightmare for the casino.

Let's take a look at the other side. What will happen if the casino notes the provider that one player keeps winning at the exact slot? What can the consequences be? If the casino refuses to pay the money, they can ruin the entire business. And what’s the reason they declined, the player didn't do anything illegal. That's why they are offering a deal to the provider to share the losses.

Now we are coming to the provider's side. What can they do? Of course, the first thing is to fix the bug. The point is that they cannot close the version just like this: what about all other players that lost a lot on it? Such a move will be very unprofessional. The best step is developing another version of the slot and fixing the bug on the first one, which is a slow process. After this is done, the first version is re-programmed on "taking money mood," "oh, that hurt…

Personal experience

We are a team of players with over 12 years of experience in gambling. We’ve been playing on many slots before selecting Jack Hammer; we liked “Sticky Win Feature.” Firstly, we played on 25 CAD bet, and we saw a considerable change in behaviour. Our experience is telling me that if the luck is found, don’t change anything, so we won over 150 000 CAD in several casinos.

At the end of every day, we were calculating the RTP, and the average was 125%, which is a massive difference. Of course, our curiosity pushed us to track all the possible variants to win; we were losing on all bets except 25 and 250.

What we are trying to say is that as time passes, following our recommendations, you will start noticing some small signs that can help you increase your chance of winning Such signs can be often dropped of two scatters, some symbols on the same positions, or many wild symbols without big payment combinations, etc.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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