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Can a player affect the work of the slot?

If a player can affect the slot machineThe human brain is not a robot, and most of the time is difficult for us to accept there are mathematical laws that we cannot control. It's the same thing with online slots; they work on the same principles: random outcome of each spin. We are always looking for patterns to follow, and it is much easier for us to accept the surrounded world by some models.

The sun rises from the east and goes down on the west; we add gasoline (electricity) to the car and start driving, all this is an algorithm that we use to live every day, and it cannot be changed. It's the same with slots and their work. We push the button, and the slot spins and shows us an animation, but the software already "knows" the spin result. Ok, but how can the player affect the work of the slot? Read further in the article for detailed information.

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The main rule at any slot machine

The main rule in the slot is called RNG (random number generator); this means that each spin is different and doesn't depend on the previous one - you need to remember this. Do you know how high the probability is to hit two jackpots in one slot? It is close to impossible, but there is still a possibility because of the RNG.

When we press the button "Spin," the slot connects to the server, and after the reels are spun, the final result is shown on the screen; everything is coming from the provider's software. The slot can be in a "Hot mood" (have enough money in the prize to trigger a big win) or a "Cold mood" (need to collect money for the prize pool). Learn more at the following link.

How do slots work?

Immediately after we press the "Spin" button, the slot sends information about your account (history and statistics) to the software of the provider and the software already "knows" the result of the spin. This process is much shorter than we see, perhaps less than a second. But it won't be fun if we get the result after the button is pressed; that's why all the animations are made for more adrenaline.

After the spin is made, the RNG creates a random combination of numbers, for example, 2, 43, 16, 23, 11. Each one of them is a specific symbol on the reels. For example, let say 2 is a Cherry on the 1st reel and 2nd row, 43 is a Scatter on the 2nd reel and 3rd row, 23 is a Wild od on the 3rd reel and 1st row, etc.

If the slot has many symbols and pay lines, this combination of numbers can be thousands. There is a close connection between RNG and the prize pool. RNG checks how much money is in the prize pool and "decides" how much to give out or take from the player. You can be sure that RNG in all licensed slots is reliable; the relevant organizations continuously check it.

How does the pirated software work?

We advise you to carefully check the licence of the slot (fake software) before you start playing at the casino. Hackers usually make fake copies of providers such as Novomatic, Igrosoft and Playtech. Anything can happen if the Canadian casinos work with fake software, the RNG is not random, and the owner of the casino can do whatever he wants with the RTP of the games. For example, he can make the RTP from 96% to 70% and many other tricks to make you lose more.

Is the result from the bonus round known in advance?

Is the result from the bonus round known in advance?
The bonus rounds in most slots (there are slots without bonus features) are a player's desire; this feature can give you the biggest payouts and return your lost money. They are the same as regular spins; the RNG takes the statistic from your account and looks at the prize pool to "decide" how much to give. The result is known right after the bonus is triggered.

Statistic of bonus features

Compared with the usual spins, the bonus features are triggered more rarely. If you want to make a statistic of bonus rounds and understand what and when to expect things from the spin, it would be much easier than in the main game. You can create a file (excel, word, etc.) and write down the statistic of the future 100 bonuses. So after that, you should have a clear idea of what to expect, but like everything, this will take you time, and you will need to be patient. This will make you a more professional player and will increase your chance of further winnings. Good luck!


So, can the player affect the work of the slot? In our opinion, we cannot affect the final result of the spin or bonus round. There is RNG in the slots that are connected with the prize pool, and according to the player's statistics, the RNG "decides" to take or give money. Also, the next spin is always independent of the previous one, so even if you have the chance to win two jackpots in one slot for a short period, the probability is almost zero. That's why we believe our winnings depend mostly on the right slots chosen and the best bonus offer that the Canadian online casino offers.

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