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Should I change the online casino in Canada after a big win?

Is it worth changing online casino after a big win?A proverb says: “Do not put oil in the pan before you catch the fish.” We are doing a similar thing ...After we've hit the big win in some Canadian online casinos, we have thoughts like: is it worth changing the online casino after a big win; what should I do; will the slot take all the money back, etc. Many players (IMHO, without much experience) are thinking that the slot will start “eating” money after the big win (to get closer to the RTP), so changing the casino is the best decision. Read the article further, and you will find out if you should or not.

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How does the casino pay the winnings?

First, we will talk about the technical part of the slots. The software is the one who “chooses” when the winnings will be paid and who is getting an empty bonus feature that will be triggered. The Canadian online casino cannot adjust the RNG (random number generator), the prize pool or the cycle length of the slot; everything is already programmed in the software. We will explain all this in the following example.

The winner

The winnerImagine that you and the other ten players are betting at Piggy Riches slot. All of you are placing 10 CAD bets, so each spin fills the prize pool with 100 CAD. You need to know that there is no difference if you play at Fastpay or BitStarz on this slot. They use the same platform (NetEnt), and the prize pool will be the same for all online casinos providing this specific slot.

  • According to the officially declared RTP (return to player percentage), which is 96.4%, statistically, after 100 CAD wagered, the slot has to return in the form of winning 96,4 CAD.
  • In this spin, the winnings paid are 40 CAD, so for further winnings, there will be 56,4CAD transferred in the prize pool.
  • So, for the next spin there will be 96,4 + 56,4 = 152.8 CAD for payments.The pool will eventually be filled, and the software will "choose" one or several players who will spread the money collected in the pool.
  • The priority for the most popular provider is to give equal chances to win to all gamblers. So, players shouldn't lose or win a lot in a row if the RTP is 96,4%; at the very end (after billion of spins), it should be precise- 96.4%.

Different Canadian online casinos – the same slot

Now let’s talk about the technical part of the gameplay. Our example, in this case, will be The South Park 2 slot, and the Canadian online casino is Fastpay. What happens after the big win?

  • As soon as we make the first spin on the slot, it makes a connection with the server of the provider; there is no difference if it’s at Fastpay or BitStarz. All players spinning on that slots are playing on the same server - NetEnt.
  • So, we can conclude there is no point in changing the casino after a big win, especially if you are pleased with the casino's services and fast withdrawals (as Fastpay does). The first reason is that you have approved and verified your account, your history is recorded, and you will be part of the further personal bonuses. The second and most important reason is that there is no point in changing the casino if they are honest and pay all of our winnings; anyway, there won't be a difference in the slots' behaviour.


As we understood from this review, the prize pool is filled for the entire network (NetEnt, Microgaming, etc.), so there is no difference if you play the same slot on Fastpay, Bitstarz or Casumo. The most important thing isn't just to win the money but also to withdrawal them successfully. That’s why it is best to choose trusted Canadian online casinos as all presented on our site. So, there is no point in changing the casino after a big win. Instead, you should change the slot.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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