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Classification of players by the online casino Canada 2022

Classification of players by the casinoOur rich experience shows that there is a close connection between your average bet, the current balance in the Canadian online casino and the frequency of deposits and withdrawals. Based on these factors, the software classifies the players into different groups. Here, apply the so-called adaptive mathematics.

When you register with the same data in different Canadian casinos but play on the same provider’s slots (NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’N Go, etc.), the software classifies you as the same player, and the statistic and manner of the slot will be the same. What is the classification of players at Canadian casinos, and how is the casino doing it? With our help, you will be able to “jump” from one group to another. We will also review the bonus hunting in the casino.

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How the Canadian casino classify players?

Our information and conclusion are based on rich experience in online and land-based gambling, but we still don’t reassure you that the information we give you is the only truth. Nevertheless, our experience shows that we revealed the general scheme of software behaviour. Please note that the big win will not depend on your current group but many other factors:

Tests and conclusion

Tests and conclusion
The test and the conclusion depend on the frequency and size of the deposits and withdrawals; the software can perform some tricks. For example, the software can do a lot of spins without any payment combination; this way, it will push the player to make another deposit because they are expecting the big win at any moment, and they can get a part of the lost money back (the hope of returning your money). Other players believe that depositing in a new account will bring them more luck (the software will try to keep them because they are new players, giving them a bigger chance to win). Finally, other players believe that if a small amount of money is left in the account, it will help them win in the next session.

In our opinion, things are much more complicated. For the software, there is a difference between a player who has just won 100 000 CAD and leaves 1000 CAD for the next session and a player who is depositing 1000 CAD for the 100th time in the same Canadian online casino without any single cash-out. We believe that each provider’s software has an algorithm for classifying the players into different groups depending on their statistics and financial history.

Does the account balance affect the slot’s behaviour?

Let’s make a straightforward example and show you how the software classifies the player. Then, of course, we will explain everything step by step.

  • First, choose a slot (we did this on NetEnt provider) and lose 4500 from the 5000 given from the beginning. So now you have 500 virtual money in your balance.
  • Place a bet of 25 (you will have money for 20 spins). Then, spin all the money and remember how the slot behaved (even the smallest things).
  • Now it is time to refresh the page; you will have another 5000 virtual money in the same slot.
  • Place the same bet of 25 and start spinning the reels again. Again, you will see and feel the difference when you have money for 20 and 200 spins.

The example above shows that there is a clear connection between the bet, balance and the slot’s behaviour. That’s why we concluded that the software is always following these factors, and the winnings depend on your statistic and history.

Correction courses of the program

The players who have lost more than the RTP of the slot (statistically in his history) have better chances to hit on big bets than the players with positive results.

NetEnt is complicated and advanced software; that’s why it will keep players losing (statistically). Of course, there are always exceptions, but in most cases, it is better to bet 1/100th (if you have 1000CAD, the best is to stake 10 CAD) of your balance on slots with low volatility and 1/500th on high variance slots.

Different groups by the deposit

  • Registered player. These players have been playing in demo mode logged in the system. Sometimes they are taking the free spins bonuses from the casino. The software classifies such players as beginners and will give them a bigger chance to win, so they get addicted and deposit money.
  • Regular players. We believe that this group is the worst one. They make regular deposits of around 500 CAD every week, and the software’s target is to keep them depositing. As we say, the system will kill them softly, but for sure. It is important to do something different to go to another group. Make smaller or bigger deposits, play on different bets or even stay away from gambling for around a month or more. This will make the software classifies you into a different group. The casino owners win the most from this group.
  • Big player. Such players deposit more than 500 CAD per week. The software likes this group and will try to keep them “alive” as long as possible. There is a good chance for the players in this group to hit something massive.
  • The elite players. Their deposits are around 10 000 CAD and don’t have any systematic. They can deposit 5 days in a row and then stay away for a few months. For VIP players, the probability of hitting a really colossal win or even the jackpot is always available. If you think you are part of this group, we recommend you leave the casino after doubling your balance.

Casino groups by the playing style

  • Gambler. They never withdraw the money, they are too passionate about gambling, and the software loves such players. If, for some reason, you think the software classifies you here (even for VIP players), raise the bets, it’s most likely the software will give you a huge win very soon. Make a big deposit and play on bets like 30-40 CAD, and of course, stop after some Mega-Big-Win. The most important thing is not to miss the moment because, after the big win, the software will start collecting money.
  • Rational player. Such players are always following their rules. They have a clear target, double their money, stop playing after a big win, or finish the game after raising their balance 50%. The software doesn’t like such players, and the chance to hit big is minimal. If you want to be in another group, do different deposits and bets.
  • High roller in the past. These players played on big stakes before and have a good history of deposits and withdrawals. But for some reason, they are away from gambling, don’t have money or anything else. When such players return, the software will immediately recognize them and give them something significant to get addicted again and continue depositing. It is essential to have 200/300 bets in your current balance (if you play on a 10 CAD stake – 2000/3000 CAD). After a big win, you should cash out all of your money.

Bonus hunting

The deposits and withdrawals do not classify the player here but the style of betting.

  • Bonus hunter is a player who only plays with bonuses given by the Canadian online casino. He plays on small bets for a long time and always stops when the bonus is over and the wagering requirements are fulfilled. These players probably have a positive mathematical expectation of winning.

Where to play?

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Written by Kamen Valev
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