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What does a "HOT" slot machine mean?

What does a "HOT" slot machine mean?In this article, we will talk about the mood of the slots. What is a "Hot" slot machine, and is it suitable for players? Are they best to play at, or is it better to avoid them? How are the winnings distributed between the players? Why do some online casinos add the sign "Hot" in their lobby?

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How do the "Hot" slots function?

Go to our section with free casino games and you will find the RTP (return to player percentage) of all slots, the provider shows this percentage with the purpose of more convenience for the player and a fair game. In land-based casinos, this percentage is hidden. All professional players are using this percentage to identify how good the slot is. But this is not the only important factor you need to check before you start playing. You have to consider other specifications as well – volatility (variance), cycle length and the probabilities of winnings and triggering the bonus features.

The slots with high volatility and the long cycle can collect money in the prize pool for a long time, and then will distribute them between several players, or one lucky player will hit a Mega-Super-Big Win. But this will happen only when the slot is "Hot." We are fortunate because some Canadian online casinos are labelling the slots in their lobby.

How to consider RTP?

Let's take a closer look at one of the most popular slots ever developed– Blood Suckers with an RTP of 98%. When you see 98, it doesn't mean that after you have 100 CAD played in this slot, you will return 98 CAD of them. This percentage will be fulfilled after the long run (millions of spins); in a short time, anything can happen, you can lose all of your money or win something big.

98% RTP means the following:

Each player that makes bets on Blood Suckers slot at Canadian online casinos is filling one common prize pool. There is a theory that all casinos are connected in 1 prize pool at NetEnt's network.

98% of all the bets will be part of the winnings for the next spin. The winnings are distributed by RNG (random number generator) for the exact slot. If in the next spin the slot hasn't paid 98%, but let's say 90%, the difference is transferring for potential winnings in the next spin – like this; the next spin has to return 106% of the money. We will explain in the example below. With the time and spins made, the prize pool is filing and filling until the slots became "Hot."


  • So,10 people are playing at Blood Suckers slots (98% RTP) at the same time, and each of them is betting 10 CAD per spin. Let's imagine that the new cycle starts after 100 CAD wagered. They make the spin, but only 1 of them won 38 CAD, the rest won nothing. Like this, 60 CAD will be transferred to the next spin (98 RTP – 38 winning = 60 for the next spin).
  • The next spin will have 158CAD in the prize pool for winnings (98 RTP + 60 from the last spin).
  • When the slot collects enough money, it will give some good winnings in the form of the bonus round, free spins and so on.
  • When 50 000 CAD are collected in the prize pool, the slot becomes "Hot."
  • Learn more about the volatility (variance) of slots.


It's obvious that Hot slots have much more potential for issuing a big win, but there are some things you need to consider.

  • You are not the only person who sees the sign "Hot" in the casino's lobby. Many players are chasing the big hit, and you will have to be very lucky to get something big twice in one session.
  • The Hot slot must have a long cycle, as they can give out bigger winnings.

What happens when a new player starts playing Hot slots?

What happens when a new player starts playing Hot slots?
As the personal statistics at the online casino is only a corrective (not basic) number formed by the program's classification of players, the statistic is not assigned to a specific player. Every new player who joins a hot slot has an equal chance of winning big.

Comparison with the lottery

We believe that no matter how many tickets you bought in the previous round, and how much money you lost, the chances to win in the next round will be the same.

The same principles apply to slots (especially to NetEnt). You can win every day, no matter what your statistic of winnings and losing in the software are. A good example of distributing the winnings is the slots with a progressive jackpot. They can be very Hot but only until the jackpot is won.

Take a look at the most popular NetEnt's slots – Blood Suckers and Jackpot 6000; they are almost always Hot. The reason is their high RTP. That's why many players are trying to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning when they wager bonuses. Learn more about this in the following article.


Hot slot machines have a much higher potential of giving a Mega-Big-Win. Don't forget that they are like slots with a progressive jackpot (just with less dispersion); if the big prize is won, they will start to collect money.

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