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How to find a generous slot to win?

How to find generous slots to win?In this article, we will show you a strategy for choosing the most generous slot at a Canadian online casino by following the behaviour of the slot. We will also show you how to find a slot where you can win a larger amount with a small bet; sounds good, eh? Remember our position, we provide information about gambling (gathered from our rich experience), but you will choose whether to believe it or not.

So, in another article, we reviewed the theory that slots (especially those from NetEnt) have the same behaviour when you play for real money in demo mode. Otherwise, it’s easy; we will lose money in demo mode and then win all the money in the world if we switch to real money!!! That’s why the people who believe in the prize pool theory should probably skip this article.

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Slot’s behaviour in demo mode

The core of the strategy for choosing the best slot is to test it in demo mode first. Because all licensed slots are on the provider’s server (the online casinos are in the middle between players and providers, they receive and send money), then all slot’s demo is the same for all gambling sites.

The slots have 3 different “moods”

  • Positive (Hot). Hot pokies have positive results (collected more money than they paid), so all players want to find such slots. Playing in them, there is always a good chance of hitting something huge.
  • Negative (Cold). Such slots have paid more than collected. So, Cold slots are about to collect money to fill the prize pool. Perhaps no point to tell, but you shouldn’t play in those slots.
  • Neutral. These slots are on zero balance. Believe it or not, some people play in the casino for fun. Such slots are ideal for them; you don’t have to expect big winnings either big losses in slots with a neutral balance.

The perfect slot

To find the positive slot, you will have to test them in demo mode first. Remember, this strategy doesn’t work with all providers as many of them give much higher RTP (return to player percentage) to the demo mode of the slots. Our theory is based on millions of spins (in demo mode and real money play) at slots by NetEnt.

Next, we will show you how to find positive slots.
  • Choose a slot from our section to play free casino games. While choosing, you will have to consider the following parameters – RTP, volatility (variance), wagering rating, the probability of triggering the bonus round and distribution of the prize pool (between usual spins and bonus). When you click on the desired slot, it will lead you to a detailed review of the hidden data (dispersion, cycle length and tester’s review).
  • Choose a bet and lines on which you will play for real money. We suggest you read the following articles: variance of winnings and the cycle length of the slot.
  • While switching the different stakes, pay attention to the behaviour of the slot. If there is a lot of action (frequent payment combination, bonuses etc.), then the “mood” is Hot, so the chance of a big win is much higher.
  • If you lose all the virtual money on the selected bet, refresh the page and try another stake. If the slot is behaving in this way on all bets, then it is obvious it’s Cold, and you should find another casino game and repeat the procedure. For better results, read the following article: Change the value and quantity of coins per line.
  • It is important to notice that if you lost a big amount and the slot gives you some big winnings, this can be mostly considered like the returning part of the lost money but not for a Hot slot. But in our opinion, it’s an exception.
  • If you’ve found a Hot slot already, switch to a game for real money. It’s essential to play on the same lines and bets as you did in the demo mode.
  • We advise you to start practising the strategy on small bets because it will take time to understand it in the best way; playing on small bets will save you a lot of money.
  • Choose 10-15 of your favourite slots and test the strategy (better to select slots with high RTP). If all of them are cold, you should change the provider (Microgaming or NYX).
  • One of the fundamental things you need to know is that the balance in your account is essential. We recommend you have at least 200 bets in the balance. This depends on the volatility of the slots: 100-150 for low variance; 200-300 for average once; around 500 bets for slots with high volatility).
  • Our recommendation is to combine both strategies at once: selecting the slot in demo mode and getting a positive mathematical expectation of winnings.
  • Don’t worry if, in the beginning, it’s difficult to determine the slot’s “mood.” Good luck! All the good things in life need time and pieces of training.

Indirect signs

Some aspects of the slot’s behaviour also show the “mood”; such signs can trigger the bonus, often dropping 2 scatters. For example, the slot triggers 2 bonus features in 50 spins on a 10 CAD bet, but you get nothing on a 5 CAD bet. Another indirect sign can be how often the slot gives out 2 scatter symbols but never triggers the bonus. With time and practice, you will start noticing such signs, then your percentage of winnings in a Canadian online casino will be much higher.


  • Corrections
    Imagine the following example: Many pools, fish and fishers. The fish can’t swim from one pool to the other. The fishers are the players, and the fish is the money. An algorithm in the provider’s software controls the fish's bites and how big the fish will be. We believe that this algorithm is updating once a month. If you want to go “fishing” for big winnings, you need to get familiar with the prize pool theory.
  • Saying it more easily will be impossible to win if you are the only player in the Canadian online casino. First, you will have to lose money before the software gives you a big payment combination. Money is collected only from your bets in the prize pool and will return part of the money (90-99% depends on RTP) when the pool is filled.

Our tips and recommendations

  • We advise you to start playing for real money only when you feel confident in your skills and have passed through all the steps described above. It is important to switch from demo mode play to real money as fast as you can because if you make a pause, some players can hit something big on the slot, and the behaviour will be different.
  • Try not to play on new slots because they will have to collect money in the prize pool before giving some good payment combination. You should wait for a few months.
  • Spend more time playing in demo mode and analyzing the slot than playing for real money.
  • Choose only reliable and trusted Canadian online casinos from our list. In this case, we will be able to help you in a difficult situation.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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