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How to win at a live casino in Canada

How to win at Canadian live casinoThis article will talk about strategies in live gaming, and we will give you tips on how to win at live casinos. Many people like the adrenalin in live games more than slots; this review will help them. For those of you who are not so familiar with this topic, you need to know that the strategies and recommendations will work when playing live games only. We will talk about the card counting in Blackjack; here, it's essential to know that if you want to use this strategy, the tables with shuffle machines will not help; choose the tables where dealers are shuffling with hands.

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What is a live casino?

If you don’t believe in RNG (random number generator) at slots, then you should play live games. Playing there, you can see everything with your eyes, and the dealers are live. Many players choose live gaming because they trust it more than slots.

In the live casino, you play against the rules of the game, not against the software. You see the dealers, you can communicate with them, and they will answer immediately. So, now it's time to talk about the positive and negative sides of live casinos in Canada.

Land-based or online?

Live rouletteNot so many years ago, the idea of an online live casino was like a fantasy. To play from your home at roulette and speak to the dealer simultaneously, without leaving your room, No One Could Even Imagine It!!!

Right now, it is like a piece of cake, we all have a stable internet connection, and such games are two clicks away. Whether the player is in a land-based or online Canadian casino, they are all asking us: how do I win from a live game? You have to know that the strategies are all the same. The small difference is that in an online casino, you are at home, and nobody is bothering you about the amount you bet, there are no drunk people, and one of the most important things is no one will rub you when leaving the casino after a big win.

Control and usability

The entire process is simple. All buttons are on the screen, and you start betting. You can choose the minimum or maximum bet hit or stay (blackjack), bet on sectors or numbers by how much you want (roulette), etc. You will have an exact time to place your stake and won't be able to change it after the time is over, so be careful not to do anything stupid. After the spin or hand is over, your winnings will be automatically sent to your account. If there are any questions, the dealers will be happy to help you. Most of them are pretty girls, but all of them are married… very sad!!!

Live chat

The chat in a live casino proves that everything is live, and there is no cheating. You are asking your question by typing, and the dealers will answer immediately with/her voice.

How do I beat a live dealer?

How do I beat a live dealer?Let's compare the online casinos with land-based ones and mention the differences.

  • In online casinos, while playing any poker game, the dealers make a semi-shuffle after each hand, while the land-based casinos do a shuffle after a big hand (flush, for example). This is a small plus for land-based casinos, but it isn't so significant in my eyes.
  • Nowadays, it isn't easy to find a land-based casino where the dealers are shuffling the 3rd card in blackjack. If you want to use the card counting strategy and the table uses a shuffle machine, the strategy is useless. In online casinos, you can find both variants, hand and machine shuffling.
  • Spinning the ball in roulette should be from the last winning number; in both casinos, the dealers are not so strict in this rule.

As you see, there are almost no differences between the two variants. But I will tell you a secret: playing online is much more profitable. Why? Many reasons but I will tell you the most obvious ones. The first one is at Blackjack if you sit at the table in a land-based casino and want to count cards, and if the casino staff caught you (and they will, counting is obvious), they would immediately stop your game, and you will not be able to return in this casino. The second is from the psychological side: when you are with many people in a land-based casino, you cannot concentrate on strategies. You cannot think clearly, and other people will always make you do something stupid; we as humans are always trying to show ourselves, which is an enemy to any strategy. When playing at home, your brain is concentrated 100%.

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