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How can I win money at an online casino?

How to win money at the Netent casinoWhich strategy works the best and helps you win money from a Canadian casino? What should I not do to be excluded from promotions and bonuses? As we all know, the casinos' main target is to win money – this will never change. But not all of you know that we can also have a positive mathematical expectation with the help of bonuses.

Ok, but if we always win, the casino won't just simply exclude us from their bonuses…

How to earn at the casino?

There are a few ways to earn money from Canadian online casinos. We've found and tested them many times. We are not saying that you will win 100% of the playing sessions, but this will definitely increase your chance of winning. Let us be honest, while playing in land-based casino your chance to win is about 10-20%, in online gambling perhaps it is 30-50%, but following our recommendations can make it even higher, sounds nice, eh?

Testing the "mood" of the slot

On our site, you can play and test the casino games for free. Following our recommendations, you will be able to find the "Hot" slots much easier; this will safe you time and, most importantly - money. Find more detailed information on the following link:

  • How to choose a game to win

Our basic strategy is to use bonuses

Every provider develops the slots with an advantage for the casino, and this can be between 1% and 10%. Yes, but we found a way to turn things on our side – with the help of bonuses. You will just need to find bonus offers with wagering requirements of 40x or less and a slot machine with an RTP (return to player percentage) of 97% and higher.

  • How to win with the help of bonuses

Using the recommendations described on the link above can give you an advantage over the casino with 1.5%.

How to apply the recommendations in a real game

How to apply the recommendations in a real gameIn every slot, we have a detailed description of the hidden data (volatility, cycle length, probability of triggering the bonus feature and personal tester's opinion). For the most popular slots, we've made special articles about how to win. Check the following links:

  • How to win at Blood Suckers
  • How to win at Wish Master slot
  • How to win at Starburst

Let's give an example

Imagine we have 200 CAD in Visa card, we suggest the following plan:

  • Choose a bonus offer with 40x wagering requirements or less.
  • Find the Canadian casino from our list that suits you best.
  • Deposit 100 CAD and get a 100% bonus. Let say we found a casino with 35x wagering requirements. This means you will have to wager 3500 CAD before you order a withdrawal.
  • Select the desired slot and find out whether it's in a "Hot" mood or not. You can test all of the slots in demo mode here.
  • Read the article about getting a positive mathematical expectation of winning carefully. This can be done on slots with a high RTP: Blood Suckers (98%), Jackpot 6000 (98.86%), King of Chicago (97.5%).
  • Select a bet of 1 CAD; you will have to spin at least 200 times. If you lose 50 bets from your account, change the slot.
  • When you fulfil the wagering requirements, order a payout to your Visa card, then use another 100 CAD find another Canadian online casino with a similar bonus offer and make a new deposit. Repeat all of the steps described above.
  • It doesn't sound complicated, and in fact, it's not at all. But following this strategy will increase your chance of winning at an online casino. We wish you the best of luck!!!

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