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Winning strategies for NetEnt slots

Winning strategies for NetEnt slotsThe section on how to win at NetEnt slots is the heart and soul of our website. We invest a lot of time and emotion to create it for you. We’ve made millions of spins on their slots. We will familiarize you with information about the hidden data of the games (variance of winnings, RTP, probability of triggering the bonus feature, tester’s review etc.) We will also show tricks, strategies, unique materials and beneficial recommendations on how to win.

We are proud of our work and are very happy to share it with you. We also believe that your chances of winning from NetEnt’s slots will dramatically increase if you follow our recommendations.

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How do I win from NetEnt slots?

How do I win from NetEnt slots?Who doesn’t want to win from slots? We do, do you? To have a better chance of winning, you have to be familiar with the software’s hidden data and functions. This information will help you choose the best slot for your playing style, the optimal bet and will give you an advantage over other players who don’t know our site, poor them!!!

What to do step by step?

  • First, you need to find out which group you are classified in
  • Learn more about the hidden parameters of the slots (variance, probabilities, cycle length). For example, how to win at the Blood Suckers slot?
  • Use our recommendations and get a positive expectation of winnings.
  • Choose a generous slot following our recommendations.
  • Try to find a bug in the slot’s software. This is the most unnecessary step because it happens very rarely, but keep it a secret if u find something like this.

Balance is important

  • Balance is importantA few people know that the current balance in your account has an important role in increasing the chances of winning. We believe that less than 100 bets will not give you a high chance to hit a huge sum. The optimal balance is 200-300 bets.
  • So, why is balance such an important factor? Believe us, modern software is everywhere, from the money in the balance to the bet you made.
  • Many gamblers love the bonuses from Canadian online casinos. Just pay attention to 1 thing, the slot behaves very well until you fulfil around 70%-90% of the wagering requirements, then the slot slows down but for sure is “eating” the money.

Classification of players

Classification of playersAs we said, NetEnt’s software is very complicated; it makes a difference between the player with a small balance who plays on high bets and the player who has 1000 CAD and bets 2 CAD per spin.
Let’s give an example – If you have 5000 CAD in the account and play on 10 CAD (on slots tested in demo mode before), then your chance to hit a good payment combination is much bigger. The software classifies the player depending on their bets, frequency of withdrawals, deposits and how active they are. After that, the software will help you or will keep you away from the big winnings. Check our list of Canadian online casinos with no verification withdrawal.

Selecting a slot in demo mode

Our professional tester proved that the behaviour of NetEnt’s slots is identical more than once, no matter if you play in demo mode or for real money. So, following our recommendations can dramatically increase your chance of winning. Just imagine, you can select your favourite slot and determine the “mood” (Hot or Cold) without losing 1 dollar.

This is the basic strategy used by our players. If you are patient enough to train and then apply it in a real game, you will see that the percentage of winning from the online casino will increase.

Bonuses and wagering

Bonuses and wageringThe policy of some Canadian online casinos will allow you to get positive mathematical expectations. We know how you can have a 1.5% advantage over the casino. How? Very simple, look for a bonus with wagering requirements 40x or less and choose a slot with an RTP of over 97.5%.

NetEnt’s slots with high volatility

As you know, some slots can be very generous (can pay out Super-Mega-Big Win) but can also“eat” your money very quickly. Such slots have a long cycle and high volatility (variance). The player needs to be very careful, and we suggest that no-experience players skip them. The recommended reserve of bet balance should be at least 300 bets ( 500 is better).


To win from NetEnt slots, you will have to look for a few things – Get familiar with the slot by testing it in demo mode first, find out what group the software classifies you in, the balance is essential, find bonus offers of 40x wagering requirements or less as well as slot with an RTP of more than 97.5%. These tips and many more are happily presented in the section “How to win.” Follow our recommendations and turn the luck to your side because the luck follows the professionalists.

Where should I play?

  • At Fastpay Casino, you can try all your strategies in demo mode or for real money. There, you will find NetEnt’s games and more than 5000 games from the top providers in the world.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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