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Best ways to win at online poker Canada

Best ways to win at online pokerThis article will talk about strategies, tips, and recommendations on how to win online poker. The poker we will review is different from the one in PokerStars; the first is against the casino and the second against the players. In both, you need skills, patients and a little bit of luck. Some people believe that all you need is luck in online poker, but our opinion is that you should have skills.

We’ve tested a strategy of progressing bets where you can get an advantage over the Canadian online casino. We will teach you how to turn the odds even if you are losing in the beginning. Online poker has simple rules and is easy to play.

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Types of online poker

We are providing you with different types of online casino poker from NetEnt. After the name of the game is the RTP (return to player percentage).

The strategy of winning

We will share a strategy written by one of our players. He is such an amazing poker player that he can win around 200-300 CAD every day, but the point is to have limits and stop at the right moment; the next day, he returns and starts following the same scheme, but remember: DO NOT get greedy!!!

"I used to play different card games in an online casino for an extended period, and I succeeded most of the time. My strategy was: to be calm in the losing moment and to have a limited losing amount (stop loss). When you reach your goal, - quit the game and don’t continue to play until the next day.

The most important thing is to choose a dealer that you can beat. For example, you are playing with the dealer, and you see (if five players are on the table) the dealer wins from 4 players and loses to 1. The player that wins is playing the smallest stakes. You should avoid playing with such a dealer. In an online casino, you can connect yourself to the table and look at the results of the next deal (without betting). If you choose a lucky dealer, you can put yourself in the losing streak: you have good cards - the dealer is not qualified; if you have bad cards, the dealer always has a combination to win.

Now an example for Texas Hold'em online casino poker. First of all, I never play for the bonus bet. When I start with some chips, I continue it until the end with the same chip denomination amount of lost hands doesn’t change my mind, but if I have a 30% chance of winning, I will win at some point. The most important thing here is to stop when you're in profit and don’t increase the stakes or add money when you're losing. shortly said, my winning strategy is to stop whenever I reach the goal."

Odds in Texas Ultimate (7 cards are used in total)
  • The possibility the players wins with Royal flush is – 0.0026%
  • With Straight Flush it is – 0.0216%
  • To win with Flush, it is – 1,8%
  • With a combination of Street and bellow, it is – 23%
  • Even (the same combinations)it is – 2.4%

The player should call in on 82% of the cases and fold in an obvious situation when he has no chance to win. For example, there are two cards in hand and three different cards on the flop, so he has no chance to get street, flush or higher combination on turn and river. In most online casinos in Canada, the dealers must have at least a pair of fours to qualify and start comparing the cards.

Caribbean Stud

In Caribbean Stud, the game starts when the player bets on the Ante box. Then both the player and the dealer receive five cards, and one of the dealers is opened. The player checks the cards, and if he wants to continue, he has to place the ante by two times. Then the dealer opens the cards; if he has at least a combination of Ace + King, he is qualified to compare the cards with the player where the highest combination wins. If the dealers don’t qualify, then he must pay the ante to the player regardless of the player’s combination.

The Canadian online casino has an advantage of 5%, and if you want to lower it, you should follow our recommendations.

  • Always call with any pair if the dealer’s opened card is Ace or King.
  • Call regardless of the dealer’s card if you have a pair of 7’s and higher.

Oasis Poker

The Caribbean poker is very similar; the only difference is that the player can change one or more cards from the five (this rule can differ in the online casinos). The cost of change is the following:

  • One card – one ante
  • Two cards will cost the player two antes
  • Five cards – one ante (not all casinos allow changing five cards)
We suggest you follow our recommendations for changing cards
  • If you have one card missing for combinations such as Royal and Straight Flush.
  • If you have two pairs in hand and one card is missing for the Full House.
  • If one card is missing for Flush or Straight.
  • We also don't recommend you split pairs of 7's and higher. The only way, in my opinion, is to split them if you have the chance to get Straight and Royal Flush; this is a one-time in life combination.


As we always recommend, be patient and disciplined while gambling. Yes, the Canadian online casinos have advantages in odds but remember that they always follow strict rules, which help them win in the end. Remember, one of the most important things is to catch the moment and stop playing, no matter how much you believe you will win in the coming hour! If you play by the recommendations we share, the chance to be the winner, in the end, is much higher than the people who are not familiar with our site.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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