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A new account in a Canadian online casino, is this the way to win?

New account at a Netent casino is a way to win?Last year, we received more and more feedback and interesting questions from our guests. But there was one particular email that attracted our attention: "A new account in a Canadian online casino, is this the way to win?" The player is sharing his theory that after opening new accounts in the casinos, his chances of hitting big winnings are higher than those who are repeatedly depositing in the same gambling club. Is it true?

We already wrote about the chances of winning in the article "classification of players by the software." The moment to talk about opening a new account and will this increase the winning percentage has come. Now, we well' e confirm our opinion with a statistic. Below is a table of the winning amount and the number of the session when we won.

The winning amount CAD Number of sessions
200 1
540 4
820 3
239 2
12874 5
8956 4
72500 2
320 1
154 1
870 4
1900 4
230 1
350 1
2500 4
12800 2

Is there a bigger chance to win if you are playing for the first time?

This theory is based on opening new accounts in different online casinos and getting higher chances of a final win. Right now, there are over 3000 online casinos in the world, and many players find it easy to open thousands of accounts if they have a better percentage to win.

The statistic is gathered on bets between 10 CAD and 25 CAD, and the selection of the game is based on how to find a generous slot machine. The data is taken from our testing team archive and is relevant to 2020:

  • From 1 to 350 CAD was won mainly in the first session for real money.
  • 72,500 CAD was won in the second session.
  • Up to 820 CAD was hit in the third.
  • Up to 2,500 CAD in the fourth.
  • And up to 12,874 CAD in the fifth session of the game for real money.

Arguments for this theory

Following the statistic, we can conclude that those players who were registered in new casinos with the new accounts were mostly winning and finished the session with money in the account. That's because of the following parameters:

  • The players didn't have accounts in the exact Canadian online casino; otherwise, the software would remember their statistical data. Learn more about software and classifications of the players.
  • They won up to 200% of their deposits. The initial bets didn't exceed 5% of the money in their balance (100 CAD, the max bet was 5 CAD).
  • They played without bonuses from the casino, and there were no restrictions in the games session.

Arguments against the theory

Now is time to get back to reality. The truth is that if this strategy works, there would not be online casinos. Nowadays, so many good players are looking for weak places in slots, that if this theory was working, they would follow and close many Canadian online casinos. The internet is full of scams that are saying that casinos pay more in the first 5 minutes. More experienced players are skipping such "advises."


Perhaps, there is something in the software that will give a slight advantage to new players, but nothing significant. Anyway, even in this case, everything is going to be very well controlled by the provider's software, and it won't be something huge. In my eyes, even if there is such an algorithm, this is not an advantage because all experienced gamblers know: the first win is the biggest loss. After the win, you are getting addicted, and this is what the casinos want. Please, pay attention that all big wins from professional players that are posted on YouTube are from the same gambling sites, the good gamblers are always playing in the same Canadian online casinos without making new accounts. This is our conclusion, but as always; we are just giving information, you make the decision to believe or not.

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