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Secrets at online casinos in Canada

Secrets in Canadian online casinosWhat is the deepest secret in online casinos in Canada? We will talk about it in this article. The main thing you should understand is that the casino always wins. The strange thing is that we all know this, but the number of gamblers is increasing, crazy, eh? Some like driving fast, some jump with a parachute, others climb mountains; the point is that every one of these things needs preparations, but gambling is only two clicks away, and the adrenaline is also very high. It is even proved that gambling can give you one of the most elevated known adrenaline, strange, but it’s true. So, you want to know the secret of gambling?

There it is: Every single gambler wins at least one Mega-Big-Win sooner or later; this win will be saved in your memory forever! After that, the brain will want to feel the same again and again. Only 10% of the gamblers will be able to refuse that desire. This is how the casinos keep winning. Anyway, if we are gonna play, let's at least increase the chance of winning. We will reveal some strategies and tips further in the article. 

Best no deposit bonus free spins at online casinos Canada

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Different secrets

Our recommendation is to read the following casino secrets:

The major secret is hidden in the bonus offers at Canadian Online Casinos

When you are a new member of the casino, you are always offered a welcome bonus. Usually, they will double your first deposit money, and the offers can differ from up to 100 CAD to 1000 CAD. You deposit 500 CAD, and the amount of 1000 CAD is in your balance immediately; sounds great, right? Yes, but this is the trap that Canadian Online Casinos use!!!

The main secrets in bonus offers are:

  • 1. Bonus wagering requirements. To double your money sounds great, but there are always hidden terms in such bonuses. You will have to wager the bonus money. Let's say, for example, if you deposit 500 CAD, and the wagering requirement is 40x, then you will be able to withdrawal your money after 20 000 CAD is wagered (40 * 500 = 20 000). By the way, 99% of the Canadian online casinos will not allow you to play while wagering on table games (roulette, Blackjack, etc.) or slots with high volatility (with big potential for Mega Win).
  • 2. You will see the bonus offer everywhere on the website; there is no way you’ll skip it. But the terms and conditions for wagering the bonus money are so well hidden, experienced players may be able to find it, but at the same time, it’s not for sure. Therefore before you take any bonus money, read the terms and conditions (bonus money wagering).

Not-random event

What do you think about how the winnings are distributed in slots and online roulette, etc. - with the help of the RNG (random number generator). Many reliable online casinos in Canada love to give big bonuses with fewer requirements to their most loyal players, especially to the high rollers. Why is that so? Simple, they are the most valuable players for the online casinos. The casinos are not worried if they sometimes win when the player is addicted; he will return the money that he won at the casino sooner or later. Such players are more likely to hit the Mega Win; you will find more information in an article about the classification of players. 

Gambling strategies

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that the casino always wins, but when the player uses specific strategies, he can dramatically increase the chances of winning. 

You have to understand that the casino's mathematical advantage in the long term cannot be changed. But in a short distance, with the help of bonuses (bonus hunting), the professional player can get a positive expectation of winning; our strategy is based on how to win from a casino with the help of mathematic. Of course, it is essential to remember that we cannot promise you that this strategy will always give you a mathematical advantage; in fact, nothing in life is guaranteed! However, there is one thing you can be sure of, after implementing a few strategies from our site, you will be a much better player than before.

How is the player motivated to keep gambling?

Psychology of gambling at Canadian online casinosAs we all know, the players that the casino needs the most are the very addicted ones. No matter how much or how often they win, in the end, the money will be in the casino owner’s pocket. Each time the player spins, he gets closer to the RTP of the slot, roulette, Blackjack, etc. We will now talk about a few tactics and secrets that Canadian online casinos use to attract players:

  • Bonuses have an “expiration date,” in most cases, is like a week or ten days.
  • The secret of bonuses (especially personal ones – they have fewer requirements) is to fire the passion of gambling in the player. But, of course, nothing will stop him from losing a lot in the casino after this happens.
  • Every Canadian online casino advertises the biggest win, and they have a psychological effect.
  • Most people start thinking: “If this guy who is a normal taxi driver in Toronto can hit such a big win, then I can too; I will try, maybe it’s my day today….”
  • The hazard makes the illusion of easy and fast money: “Oh my god, one more symbol and the jackpot is mine,” “Please, give me an Ace of diamonds on the river, please, and I will have the Royal Flush.” In gambling, we are always 1 step away from the big win.
  • Every casino tries to attract as many players as possible; some provide very fast payouts (Fastpay is the leader), others give big bonuses, a few make tournaments, etc.; all this is to get more and more addicted players.

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