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Should I play in a new online casino in Canada?

Should I play in new Canadian online casinos?What are the advantages of a new Canadian online casino? More bonuses, promotions, free spins, bla bla bla… In 90% of the cases, the players won't even fulfil the wagering requirements, but they will play in a casino that mightn't pay their money, and the prize pool is empty. Once, when I wasn't such an experienced player, I was stupid enough to play at a new casino, and the result was minus 12k. Then, of course, I wanted my money back and tried another one, guess, another 38k CAD, so for two days, I lost 50 000 CAD in a new casino. Anyway, let's imagine I was just very unlucky. Further, we will explain in more detail.

Please pay attention!!! There are two theories about the prize pool; the first one is that the prize pool is connected to all of the online casinos that present the slot you play at, and the second theory is that the pool is separate for each casino. If you believe in the second, it is obvious that the pool (casino) should collect money first before triggering a Mega-Big-Win. You have to lose before having any chance to win.

Best no deposit bonus free spins at online casinos Canada

In this paragraph, we will introduce you to the best Canadian online casino promotions about no deposit bonuses in the form of free spins. You will just need to register in the following casinos to get your free bonus. In the first place, we recommend you the most trusted casino - get your 15 free spins (no deposit bonus) at Fastpay Casino and enjoy super-fast withdrawals. Our second offer is to click here and grab 15 free spins (no deposit bonus) for sign up at Casino4U - enjoy problem-free payouts. The third recommended online casino offer is to go to Instantpay Casino and get 15 free spins without any deposit, just for registration - they will send the winnings instantly. At last but not least is to get 15 free spins casino no deposit bonus at Wildblaster - they will offer perfect customer support and fast payouts.

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I was so stupid, it was a new casino, what I was expecting?

You need to know that the online casino cannot control the RTP (return to player percentage), volatility, cycle and any other slot settings; the provider's software configures all of this.


We choose a new Canadian online casino with a bonus offer of up to 1000 CAD with 40x wagering requirements; in this case, the player must roll over 40 000 CAD before he/she can withdraw the money. Such bonuses given by the casinos are very expensive for the gambling site itself, but it will attract many new players very quickly. It will also be challenging for the punter to wager 40k even if they hit a big win; perhaps only 5-10% will do it.

If you want to throw your money, why not give it to me? If you play in a new casino, you are crazy!!. New casinos are like a pyramid. The first players will have no chance to win money because they will fill the prize pool. Most of them will trigger an almost empty bonus round, free spins, etc. Second, players will also lose money, but this process will be a bit slower. They will be able to win something but not initially, but when they already lost half of their deposit, they will continue playing to win the full deposit back; in the end, the result is obvious – zero. After that, perhaps there will be some gamblers who will be able to finish the session with winnings.

You can imagine the situation if we compare it with two players on the Texas Hold 'em table. Both of them start the game with 10 000 CAD (20k on the table). A few hours later, each of them will have 8 000, and the rest will be for a rake of the casino – this is called RNG (random number generator). Good deal for the casino, eh? It is the same with slots, 20 000 will be spun within a few hours, and according to the RTP of the slot (let say is 96%), 4% of all wagered money will be the winning shared between the casino and the slot's provider. The rest of the money will be reserved in the prize pool for further winnings on that slot. That's how it works!!!

The casino always wins!!! ROI

The casino always wins!!! ROI.What is ROI – the return of the investments? You will see the formula on the picture on the right side. If the casino has proper management and cares about its reputation, it is 99% sure that it will win over 50% of the money spent on opening and advertising the new business. Therefore, the online casino is usually an excellent income resource, and not a lot of money is needed.


It is much better to play at Canadian online casinos that already have a full prize pool. Don't forget that you are playing against the other players for winning from the pool; the casino will take its percentage anyway. What kinds of wins will you expect, and will you "fight" for the big win if the prize pool is empty? So, we strongly advise you to wait several months before making the first deposit in the new Canadian online casino.

Where can I play?

  • Our highly recommended Canadian online casino is Fastpay, 100% trusted. It is on the market since 2018 and has one of the best feedbacks in the online gambling industry.

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Written by Kamen Valev
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