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Should we play at new slots?

Should we play at new slots?In this article, we will talk about everything related to new slots in the market. Is it worth playing at new slot machines, or is it better to wait a few months until the prize pool is filled? Usually, all providers are making a presentation of the new products. We can see the functionality, gameplay, features, etc. But do we play for real money from the first day? Read further, and you will know.

Determining the mood of the slot

  • Always play in demo mode first. Make 100-200 spins and follow the slot's behaviour. 
  • Change the bet and denomination and see if the slot plays the same way. For example, try to spin on 10 coins with 0.01 bet (total bet of 1 CAD) and then change to 5 coins and 0.02 (again 1 CAD). The point is that on the same bet but different denominations, the slot can have different behaviour.
  • Always remember to check the RTP (return to player percentage) before you start playing. A higher RTP means a bigger chance to win. The best slots are those with 97% and higher; on them, you can get a positive mathematical expectation
  • Check the hidden parameters of the slot; we give you information that can help you a lot. It is essential to know the volatility, cycle length, the probability of triggering the bonus round etc. Gathering information will increase your chances to win more.
  • We recommend you skip slots with progressive jackpots, especially new casino games. The RTP will be very small; the slot must have some money in the prize pool before trigger the Big Win.


Spring BreakAll new online casinos usually have slots with a “weakness,” that can be easily found, and our following recommendations will save you a lot of money:

  • Typically, all new games should collect money for the prize pool first before the RNG (random number generator) starts working and distributing the money properly.
  • The first few days are like a testing period, and the slot can have much more software problems. We all know what it would be like if the slot is a failure if you don't, read the following article: the provider will void all winnings in a slot failure.


We suggest you skip all of the new slots, or at least for the first 6-7 weeks. No slot in the world (nowadays) will give the money first and then start collecting. The prize pool should be filled first before the player has a chance for big winning. There is no point in writing more about this theme. Everything sounds more than logical: Do not play at new slots!!!

Where could I play?

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