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Slots that can catch you

Slots that can catch youOne of the most important factors in slots is the RTP (return to player percentage) that can differ a lot. It can be from 91% to 99%, which is a huge difference. This percentage means that the slot will return 96% (for example) of the bets made, but you need to remember that it will be fulfilled within a very long period – billion of spins. It all depends on:

  • The structure of the slot;
  • The popularity of the casino;
  • The numbers of players spinning on it.
  • How often the pool is filled

The winnings are distributed by the RNG (random number generator), which has a close connection with the RTP and the prize pool. Believe us, nobody sits behind a PC deciding: “Ok, this guy will win 1000 CAD or hmm, I don’t like his game style so I will take his money, Nothing will change if you promise God that this is your last time gambling… Learn more about which slots can catch you further in the article.

The cycle of the slot

The cycle is the period (number of spins) of the slot for losing and winnings. At the beginning of the cycle, the slot collects money to fill the prize pool, when the pool gets filled, you should take the opportunity and play at this slot. During this period, the slot is“Hot” and can “fire” a Mega-Big-Win. There is a close connection between the cycle and the volatility (variance). The bigger the maximum payout, the higher the volatility and the longer the cycle.

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Long cycles

The following slots have a long cycle and can be very dangerous but can be very profitable: Dead or Alive, Jack and Beanstalk, Mega Joker, Wonky Wabbits, Creature Black Lagoon and many others. Our recommendation for such slots is to be very careful because they can “eat” your money very quickly. We also advise the beginners to skip such slots. The recommended reserve of bets balance is 300 – 500 bets.

Why is it not profitable to chase a jackpot?

JackpotImagine the following situation: you decided to go on on vacation with your family in Dubai. As you know, everything there is expensive, so you need a huge bankroll to see most of the city. The point is that even if you have a considerable amount your most likely not going to see all of the you "sights" of this beautiful city. It's the same with long cycles, the progressive jackpot's slot has the longest cycle. Even if you are prepared with bottomless reserves, perhaps you won be able to see everything in Dubai (winning the jackpot).

How to identify the state of the slot – “Hot” or “Cold.”

Our most liked provider is NetEnt. Why? Because slots from this provider have the same behaviour when playing in demo mode and for real money. So you can find what the “mood” of the slot is without losing a single cent. When you start playing in the demo mode, you will follow the behaviour of the slot, if there's a lot of action (frequent payments, bonuses, etc.), then you can switch to real money play. You need to know that it is essential to use the same bet and denomination when playing with real money as you used it in demo mode. 

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