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How to win at slots?

How to win at online slotsOne of the most important things when playing at slots is to understand that when you're gambling on slots, there is a negative mathematical expectation for the player. So, it will not be possible to win without a specific strategy.

Many slots have an RTP (return to player percentage) of 97% or 98%, there is even 99%, but in the long run (a month or a year), the long term is impossible to win at slots. But, following our recommendations and using our strategies, you can win at the Casino in a short distance (a few days or weeks), especially if you are lucky enough to trigger a Big-Win. That's why we always try to update the hidden parameters of the slots (volatility, probability of triggering the bonus feature, wagering rating), so your chances for a big win are much higher.

By the way, it is essential for the game style you have. If you are playing for fun, then you don't need to use any strategies. But our experience shows that 98% of the people gamble for money. If you are in the 2 % group, you can skip this article, if not, keep reading.

The strategy of playing slots

99% of the people who are gambling don't follow any strategy; this is the reason for most losses. On our site, you can learn a lot of winning strategies that will increase your chances of winning. We advise you to read the following articles:

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BankrollOne of the most important things when gambling is to understand that you need some separated money that you will use for the Casino only. You cannot use them to buy cigarettes or food or clothes, etc. Depending on your play style, you can define how much money is needed. 

If you play small, then you don't need a big bankroll, but if you are a high-roller, then deep pockets will be necessary. For example, you're betting no more than 5 CAD per spin, so we recommend you have around 1000 bets in your bank account - 5000 CAD.

This money can look astronomical for some of you, but it isn't. The reason why you need this much money is that in slots, it is very easy to "tilt" and lose a considerable amount. That's why we suggest a more significant amount to cover the days when you lose and go out of your mind.

RTP, volatility, prize pool and the cycle of slots

Let say you have chosen your stake already, and now you need to select the slot. Our most recommended provider is NetEnt; it is the most popular and they have a very creative way of thinking when developing their casino games. The advantages of NetEnt:

  • Most of NetEnt's slots have a high RTP; the average is 96%-97%.
  • The second advantage of NetEnt is the high volatility; it means that you can easily win a payment combination of 300x total bets, or more.
  • The high popularity of this provider makes them an excellent choice because the prize pool is often filled, and the slots are "Hot." 
  • Many of NetEnt's slots have a long cycle, which can lead you to zero balance quickly, but at the same time, you can trigger a huge winning.
  • Learn more about how the slots from NetEnt operate. 
  • Find out how to select the winning slot.


betSo, we already know the advantages, but how do I choose the slot that suits me best? When you know your bets and the bankroll, you need to look at the hidden parameters of the slot, such as the probability of triggering the bonus, how often it gives out payment combinations and the wagering rating, you need to do this before playing. We always try to review as many slots as possible and reveal their hidden data. The next articles will reveal more secrets about what bet to choose.

  • Is it better to play on small bets?
  • On what stakes is it best to play?


Stop-lossStop-loss is one of the fundamental rules when playing in an online casino in Canada. It means that you will stop playing at a certain amount of loss. The point is to risk no more than 10% of your current balance, and even better, 5%. For example, if you have 2000 CAD, you need to start the session with 200 CAD, and if you lose them, you have to stop playing at all circumstances.

You need to remember that it is essential to stop playing after losing 10% of your balance. Do not say: "come on, just a few more spins"; "the slot is about to trigger a bonus feature, I cannot stop now"; "I have 1800 CAD left, I can spend 200 more, and I will not play tomorrow", etc. Betting 1 dollar after you go over the limit can put you in big trouble. Believe us; it is better to lose a small part of your money than to lose everything.

Risky game (double feature)

Do not risk your payment combination. The chance to double it is less than 50%, and this feature is made entirely in the advantage of the Canadian online Casino. I will now give you an example of when a risk game is acceptable.

A few years ago, a friend of mine found a bug at slots in a land-based casino, the name of the game is well-known to all - Mega Jack. So, he found out that he was doubling the win of 5 CAD 2 times out of ten.. he was able to reach the limit of doubling, that was nine times, and the winning was 1280 CAD. Yeah, he was delighted until the owner of the Casino caught him… this period lasts around two weeks.

Stop win

Stop win is also one of the fundamental rules for a successful game. Most players don't make limits at the beginning of their session. We advise you to do the opposite and put restrictions on the desired win. Let say we started the session with 200 CAD; the best way to win would be if you concentrate on winning 20%-30% of your initial deposit.

Yes, it doesn't sound like a lot and isn't enough for most of you, but just imagine the total sum in a long-distance (weeks or months).

Some gamblers try to follow this rule, but their limit is usually 50-100% of the initial deposit. I will tell you a secret: most of them aren't able to do it. Remember that if you pick a low stop limit, it would be much easier to stop.

Reduce the bets when winning

I know that reducing the bets when losing doesn't sound logical for many of you, but this is the best move. Imagine that you started with 1000 CAD, and you have lost 150 of them already, you set a loss limit at the beginning of the session of 200 CAD. Your bet is 1 CAD, and you only have 50 bets left in your balance.

In this situation, we advise you to lower the bet on 0.5 CAD. Like that, you will have a double chance to increase the current balance. 100 spins are better than 50 in a long distance. Reducing the bet will give you more time to pass through the cycle of winning; thus, it will increase your chance to hit a big win. I always follow one simple rule: if all goes right, don't change anything, but if the luck is not with you, then you should definitely do something different.

Increase the bet when winning

Now, we're in the opposite situation; we've won a significant sum already. Let say we started again with 1000 CAD and we won 500, so there is 1500 CAD in our account. Our stop win is 20%-30% of the initial deposit, so we have 200 CAD on top that can be used for higher bets. Anyway, we will stop at a win of 300 CAD, why not raise the bets for a while, just like that, for luck. 

Once, I played with 2000 CAD, and I won 2000 CAD for 10 minutes, so I had 4k CAD in my account. I started the session with the idea that I will stop on a 25% win of the initial deposit, so I had 1500 CAD on top, I decided to risk the money on higher bets. In the beginning, I was betting 5 CAD, but after the win, I decided to make some spins on 25 CAD. Believe it or not, I won 25 000 CAD after 10 minutes. I can also mention another important rule: Always push your luck, but not too much; otherwise, you won't know your limits and what you can achieve in life.

I have to tell you one more thing about increasing the bets; you have to be very careful not to get addicted to the higher stake; it is very dangerous for your future. Keep telling yourself that this bet was just trying your luck, just today. Remember that it is impossible to have such luck every day.


So, what have we learned from this article? It's extremely important to have a considerable reserve of bet balance (a few thousand). The best way to win on slots is to choose no more than 10 games and explore them in every aspect. Learn as much as possible for the slot, the RTP, the cycle, the volatility, the probability of triggering the bonus, the wagering rating, etc. It is essential to choose the slot by the bet you want to play and how much it can pay.

You shouldn't risk more than 5%-10% of your balance (stop-loss)for one day, and of course, the opposite situation; stop when you win 20%-30% of your initial deposit. To be honest, winning in Canadian online Casino is far more dangerous than losing; in this case, you can get too addicted to gambling. In this article, we discussed many fundamental rules for gambling; there is also one more: never risk if you are afraid of losing, this rule applies to the life in total, not only in gambling. 

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