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Meaning of falling two scatters at the slot

Meaning of falling two scatters at the slotEvery player has been in a situation where they pray for the 3rd scatter when the slot gave out two on the first reels. We all know the feeling when we're expecting the 3rd scatter to trigger the bonus round. So, we spin and spin again and again, waiting for another spin with two scatters; after a few spins, the same thing happens; it makes you very mad, it can lead to craziness. Why does this happen? What should we do? Should we wait for the bonus, or is it better to change the slot? Read further in the article, and all of your questions will be answered.

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What kind of slots are we talking about

This article will consider the slots that need a combination of at least 3 scatters in a paying line or spread on the playing field to trigger the bonus round; such slots are the Secret of the Stones slot Piggy Riches and Egyptian Heroes.

Please note that if the slot needs a few payment combinations in a row, it can trigger the bonus not included in our observations, such as The Elements and The Wish Master.

What to expect when two scatters are often triggered

Our most tested slot for this article was the Secret of Stones. We concluded that when two scatters are often trigged; we shouldn't expect a bonus feature. Moreover, the slot is in a "mood" to take the player's money; that's why it makes the impression that the bonus is about to be triggered. We concluded this when testing the Secret of Stones more than any other slots (we made 300 000 spins), but we also got the same results we have on other slots. The interval when two scatters are shown can be 10 - 20 spins. 

The psychological factor

The psychological factor
The developers of slots know what the psychological factor that can be used against addicted players is. Two scatters on the screen always make the gambler more emotional. If they often appear on the screen, they will spin again and again... Especially if the slot slows the spinning of the reel after the two scatters are shown; such slots are Ariana, Wild Water, Immortal Romance.

Increasing the bet and bonus triggering

A lot of experienced players say that the cycle of the slot can change after increasing the stake. That's why your statistic is transferred to all casinos in Canada using the same software platform (NetEnt, Microgaming, etc.). The slots' software is programmed in this way to follow many of the statistical data of the player. That's why the software may trigger the bonus round after the player changes the denomination (coin value). All this is filled with "hidden thoughts," so the gambler gets more addicted and wants to play on high stakes all the time. Believe us, the software is very "clever," so after you triggered the bonus several times using this trick, the software knows that you are "hooked" and will stop using this trick. 


We concluded that if the slot wants to trigger the bonus round, it will do it without showing two scatter often. If two scatters are given out frequently, approximately once every 10-20 spins, this is an excellent reason to change the slot. We believe that the slot is in a "mood" to start taking the player's money in a situation like that. You can try to increase the total bet (denomination/coin value) to change the cycle of winnings. Using this trick, it is possible to trigger the bonus round soon, but don't be so happy; the software has a secret plan for you; it tries to keep you playing on higher stakes. You should be careful when using this trick, as the slot will not react to it all the time. And last but not least, always test the slots in demo mode before you start playing for real money.

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