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The number and value of coins

The number and value of coinsIn this article, we will consider all of the changes in the behaviour of the slot if we change the number or the value of the coins per spin. Is it possible to affect the slot if we change the number and value of the coin? For example, is it true that the slot behaves differently if you bet 1 CAD and 50 CAD? Read further, and you will know the answer to all of your questions.

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How do you change the value and number of coins?

Let’s do our experiment in the demo mode of the Steam Tower slot. We will make 100 spins on all denominations, and the total bet will be 1.5 CAD. After 100 spins, write down the results and try the next denomination.

  • Set the value of a coin at 0.01 and 10 coins per pay-line. Note that the final bet will be 1.5 CAD.
  • Now, try 0.02 and bet 5 coins per pay-line. The overall stake is also equal to 1.5 CAD.
  • Coin value at 0.05 and 2 coins per line. The final stake is still 1.5 CAD.
  • Finally, at the cost of 0.1, we set the level of rates at 1, and again the total bet rate is 1.5 CAD.

After the test is completed, check the written results, and you will see a difference in the slots’ behaviour, regardless of the final bet is always 1.5 CAD.

How to use the feature?

You should understand that if you believe in changing the behaviour by number and coin value of the coin, then you should believe in different prize pools at every denomination. The software may have a separate statistic for winning/losing on each bet or denomination. We are sure for one thing; we noticed that it is better to play on the maximum number of coins per line (no matter the coin value) than at maximum value and minimum/average number of coins. But, of course, there are always exceptions!!!


  • You should play on a maximum number of coins per line when playing at the Steam Tower slot.
  • It's better to set the maximum number of coins per line at Blood Suckers slots.
  • In slots such as Lost Island, the cycle is changed depending on their behaviour.
  • Perhaps there is a close connection between changing the number and value of the coin and the cycle. We concluded this after we noticed a different behaviour of the slots in various denominations.

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