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At what bet to play at slots in an online casino in Canada?

At what bets to play at Netent slotsEvery day we receive many questions from our readers about what slots to choose, which online casino in Canada to choose and at what bets to play at slots? This article will talk about the opportunities you have while playing on different bets and denominations. We will also mention the different groups of players, depending on the stake placed.

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Are the online casino games fair?

As we know from our testing team, the casino games providers (especially NetEnt) are trying to provide equal chances for winning to all players. Perhaps you don’t know, but the licensed Canadian online casinos don’t have access to the settings of the games, so they cannot configure anything. All data is coming from the developer, and they provide the same software and settings to all licensed online casinos.

We all know that the provider of casino games is taking a percentage of the losses of the players in casinos, so they will do everything to attract as many players as possible. That’s why it’s normal that all players will have equal chances of playing in licensed casino games. Ok, but at what bet and denomination are it best to gamble? The answer is easy – you need to check how much the slot and provider can pay as the maximum payout. There is no point in betting 200 CAD on the slot where the maximum you can win is 10 000 CAD, eh?

Distribution оf the winnings

In our opinion, it is obvious that different bets and denominations have different prize pools. And it has to be in this way; otherwise, the high-rollers will have much less chance to win because they don’t make so many spins as, for example, players who are betting 1 – 10 CAD bets. So let’s suppose that the stakes are filling different prize pools. It’s most likely they are separated into three groups like everything in the online gambling industry, examples are low, average and high volatility; short, medium and long cycle; for the bets is the same – low, medium and high rollers:

  • The prize pool for players with bets between 0.1 – 10CAD
  • Distribution of winnings for medium betting players 10 – 5CAD
  • The prize pool for players with stakes of 50CAD up to maximum bet.

What denomination does software prefer?

Further, in the article, we will review all the bets described above and mention the strong and weak sides of them.

Stakes from 0.1 to 10 CAD

This is the group of players where the most bets are made. It’s essential to understand that the online casino can’t fix the settings of the slot, the provider’s software control everything. Read more on how the NetEnt slots operate here. The common aspects of the bets from this group are:

  • For players with active bonuses playing on these bets, it is common to get often payments at the beginning of the game session. The closer we are to the end of the wagering requirements, as fewer the slots are triggering payment combinations.
  • When you are playing with bets of up to 10 CAD, you will often be in a series of winnings and losing in a row.

Stakes from 10 to 50 CAD

Following the statistic from our testing team, we can conclude that this is the most profitable group of bets. We’ve recorded the best payment combinations and gaming sessions on bets between 20 and 45 CAD. The common characteristic for such bets is:

  • Usually, the Canadian online casinos are putting restrictions on a maximum bet when playing with bonus money. For this reason, it is more likely for the other gamblers to hit Mega Win; the probability increases several times on bets between 10 and 50 CAD.
  • Follow the rules of the reserve of the bets balance very strictly while gambling on such bets. For example, if you are planning to bet 25 CAD, the reserve should be as follow: low volatility slots around 100 bets (2500 CAD); slots with average volatility 100 – 200 reserve of bets (5000 CAD); and slots with high volatility is best to have a minimum reserve of 300 bets (better 500).

Bets from 50 Cad up to the maximum

We believe that not so many players in Canada can afford to play in such bets, but they can be very profitable. An example is a NetEnt software: when it notices that a player has made a big deposit and doesn’t have any statistical data (history of playing), the software can increase the chance for him to win a little bit more than usual. Of course, all this is with “hidden thoughts,” the software is trying to keep such players “on fire,” so they will get addicted and will sooner or later lose all. If you can play on such bets, consider the following factors:

  • Make sure you have at least 200 stakes in your balance; if you play on a 100 CAD bet is better to have a minimum of 20 000 in the account. Of course, with a small amount of money and without any history of gambling (deposit/withdrawals), the chance for winnings will be much less.
  • Do not take bonuses from the online casinos in Canada; usually, bonuses limit max bets and winnings. However, there is no point in adding restrictions to your game for 1000 CAD free money if your initial bet is 100 CAD.
  • The best is to play on slots with high RTP (return to player percentage) and a fast winning cycle.
  • Do not play on new slots (these are recommendations for all bets).

Where to play?

Find your favourite online casino in Canada 2021

Written by Kamen Valev
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