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Why are small bets more profitable at an online casino in Canada?

Why it is more profitable to gamble at small stakesNowadays, modern software (NetEnt, Microgaming, etc.) is very complicated, and the casino is considering a lot of data from the players’ accounts before spreading the big win. The casino takes all of the data in the player's account; they look at all of the deposits, withdrawals, the bets they are using, how long they are playing etc. The software may even consider psychological effects like how they act after winning, how much money they have left in the balance and the amount of money they withdraw.

What's the difference between a player who is depositing 10 000 CAD and a player depositing a 100 CAD bet and the other who deposits 10k but is playing on a 10 CAD bet? Of course, the behaviour of the slot will be different. The software will classify them into different groups, and in the future, the winnings will depend on the group the player is in.

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The advantages of small bets

The advantages of small betsFollowing the statistic, it is much more profitable to play on small bets; all the professional players and the bonus hunters will confirm it. On such bets, the chance to get a big win is much higher, that’s because the prize pool is filled much faster, and the winnings are distributed between the gamblers more often. Check the next example:

The prize pool for winnings

  • Most players play on bets of up to 10 CAD. All of the beginners, the most addicted ones, and the bonus hunters are in this group. That’s why it’s obvious that the prize pool will be filled very fast, and the Big Win will be frequent. Even though a percentage of the pool is moved to winnings at higher levels, these are still the most profitable bets. 
  • As the pool fills and gets fuller, the chance to win gets higher. As a result, this group of bets are more likely to trigger a win of 1000x total bets than on higher stakes.

The account balance and bet per spin

Are you wondering why you never get big payment combinations with your last money (for example, when you are left with 100 CAD and your bet is 10 CAD)? Because the software “sees” everything!!! It knows that you are already ready to lose the money, and it's most likely that you already did in the previous deposits; what's the point in giving you something big, eh?

The only exception can be if your statistic shows that you’ve lost a lot in the past, and the software will try to keep you as close as possible to the RTP (return to player percentage).


Let’s imagine you are depositing 10 000 CAD and planning to play on a 10 CAD bet; this is a 1000:1 ratio (in most cases, the recommended is around 200:1). So, in this situation, the software “is thinking” in this way: “the player deposits a lot and is playing on a small bet, so I will give him something big so he will believe in his luck and will raise the bets believing that same thing will happen on higher bets.” This is a psychological part of gambling, and the software is programmed to consider this factor as well. Keep this example in mind, and if you are in such a situation, you should follow your intuition and leave the slot after a big win.

Types of players

Types of playersThe software classifies the player into different groups considering many factors such as overall statistics, withdrawals, deposits, bets, time spent in the Canadian online casino, etc. The final win or the Big Win depends on the type of group to which the player was added.

The player needs to know these principles

  • The players who are making deposits of over 1000 CAD are considered VIP gamblers. The software will try to keep them playing because they are important.
  • The software can raise the chances of players with big deposits and small bets. All this has “hidden thought,” as in the future; the player will believe that he is lucky and will start thinking that the same will happen when gambling big. This is what the software wants!!! After a while (week, month or even a year), all the money will be gone.


It is good to have more money in the account, but you have to be very careful after the big win is triggered. At small bets (up to 10 CAD), the prize pool is filled much faster, so the probability of a big win is higher. So the best decision will be to stop playing after the win. What can we conclude after all these observations – playing with small bets is more profitable.

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