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The best dozen roulette strategy at an online casino in Canada

The best dozen roulette strategy at an online casino in CanadaThis article features an explanation about several of the most popular dozen techniques and strategies at Roulette. Any of the dozen strategies is a good pick for gamblers, who embark on the persuasion of winning for the winning and not for the amount of money received.

It is not recommended to play a dozen strategies with high bets to avoid substantial cash deficiency quickly. Instead, it is better to choose the lowest possible bet.

By betting on dozen, you are actually betting on a group of 12 numbers out of 37 and - your return is 1:3, i.e. for every 1 CAD you play and win – you get back 3 CAD.

  • 1st dozen (1 - 12)
  • 2nd dozen (13 - 24)
  • 3rd dozen (25 - 36)

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Any dozen bet strategy

Suppose you choose to follow this technique. You need to play in 3 cycles, each of them consisting of 6 spins. You will play with chips of 1 CAD and need to prepare a 102 CAD bankroll (17+34+51= 102).

Follow these steps:

  • 1st cycle - Place one chip on any of the 3 dozens - no matter which.
  • - If you win - you get back 3 CAD that is 2 CAD net profit.
  • Place once more one chip on any of the 3 dozens - no matter which.
  • Keep betting randomly on any of the 3 dozens, checking your luck as is your 1st spin on the 1st cycle. 
  • - If you lose - you have to start applying the following roulette dozens progression: 1-1-2-3-4-6.
  • The exact cycle and the spin situation are shown in the chart below.
  • Imagine you lose all 6 spins of the 1st cycle. 
  • Keep playing with the 2nd cycle, but this time you have to play with the double amount.
  • If you lose all 6 spins in the 2nd cycle, you play the 6 spins of the 3rd cycle but trip your initial bet.

In short – Every time you win, start from spin 1 – 1st cycle, and keep on repeating this spin 1 the whole time you are winning. So every time you lose, you have a total of 18 spins to recover your losses and make some profit.

Cycles of betting at roulette

Favourite dozen bet strategy

The name already reveals it: you have to define your “favourite” dozen and place bets on it by certain rules. All it takes is to discover the dozen that appear most times during 9 consecutive spins. In case one dozen is falling predominantly - go to the steps in “Betting evaluation.”  In case the result of the 9 consecutive spins is divided, your first bet decision should be established as the example in the chart below:

Bet strategy

Betting persistence:

You can keep placing bets on your favourite dozen until:

  • 1) You win.
  • 2) You lose three rounds in a row - then you need to select another dozen. 

If that occurs - take a break, observe and identify which other dozen you can call “favourite.”
This can be done by skipping some betting rounds or placing the smallest bet that doesn’t hurt your budget.

Betting evaluation:

  • Your betting during the first 6 betting rounds should follow the roulette dozens progression: 1-1-1-2-3-4. (Similar to the previous section of this article -“Any dozen strategy”). That will say that you need to place one chip during spin N: 1, spin N: 2, and spin N: 3. 
  • If you lose these three times, you need to raise your bet to 2, then 3, then 4 chips.
  • If you did not win even once after 6 betting rounds, your next bet should be decided by your current bankroll:
  • - When your overall money balance is between 12 and 24 chips, you need to divide the amount of your next bet by 4 (for example, your balance is 17 chips, then divide 17 by 4 and round it up, so the outcome is 4, i.e. your next bet should be 4 CAD).
  • - When your overall money balance is between 0 and 11 chips, you need to divide the amount of your next bet by 3. 
  • - When your overall money balance is between 25 and 40 chips, you need to divide the amount of your next bet by 5.


The player needs to have a minimum of 40 chips to be able to play the steps of this roulette double dozen strategy. That will say: with a minimum bet of 1 CAD, yоu need to prepare a 40 CAD bankroll.

The Favorite Dozen system allows the gamblers to win decently (expected profit from a session is 8-10 chips).

Single dozen bet strategy

The “Single dozen” Roulette system is a progressive staking roulette betting strategy dozens designed on the prior history of spins. Before making the placement of your bet, you need to study the history of a wheel in your preferred casino. Then, during a period of time, choose the same roulette table and take notes of all winning numbers. After a while, you might see which numbers won at that roulette table more frequently than the other. Finally, to place your bet, you must wait for a "trigger." This is ascertained by the outcome of the last three spins.

Your "trigger" is the dozen that have appeared just once in the last three spins. Therefore, you should proceed to place a bet on that dozen.

1st dozen (1 - 12)  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
 2nd dozen (13 - 24)  13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
 3rd dozen (25 - 36)  25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36

For example, if the last three spins came up with the numbers 16, 18, and 3. However, a number from the first dozen (number 3) showed only once, so you should focus on betting on that dozen.

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In the game of Roulette, even though the house has as much as a 5.26 % advantage, it doesn't stop the people from playing. The reason is that roulette offers one of the best chances to double your bet and has one of the greatest payouts of 36/37 to 1. At the same time, you should remember that no betting system guarantees to win. The strategies mentioned in this article are not the exception to this rule.

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