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Roulette gambling using the Fibonacci sequence

Roulette gambling using the Fibonacci sequenceThe wide Fibonacci roulette strategy importance

This is a chain of numbers, starting with 0, and 1, where each number is the sum of the previous two. The chart below displays the beginning of the pattern.

The wide Fibonacci importance

The fascinating thing about this progression is that it is mathematically used and proved (for example, in arithmetic and induction), used in games, construction, and as a tool in the market stock exchange. But most captivating is its use in Nature itself. 

Naturally could be found throughout the whole universe, from the formation of galaxies and hurricanes to the way leaves grow on the stem of the tree, to the way rabbits and honeybees reproduce, to the golden climax in the texture of some of the most melodic music and poetic pieces. (Golden ratio: φ). 

One of the most common ways to see the Fibonacci sequence is in spirals. Imagine the bottom of the pine cone or pineapple, the core of a sunflower, or the number of the petals in flower - all those are a true application of spiral Fibonacci (if you count the number of their spirals in any direction, you will always come with a number of the Fibonacci chain). Check our list of Canadian online casinos with no verification withdrawal.

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Fibonacci in casino language

While playing at the Canadian online casino, the Fibonacci sequence can be applied as betting/ money management. The Casino system utilizes the Fibonacci progression but ignores the zero at the start. Commonly, using this system will give you a better chance of winning (playing colour, odd /even, high/low, sometimes playing columns and dozens).

The idea is that if you lose, you need to loop one step up in that sequence. If you win, you back down two steps in that sequence.

Roulette gambling

Roulette gambling
The numbers of Fibonacci are appreciated during the Roulette gambling from the standpoint of calculations.

If you choose gambling with this system, you need to follow these two rules:

  • You start playing at the minimum bet, trying to reach the maximum limit of the stakes by getting through the maximum number of steps.
  • If your bet is not successful, you need to increase your next bet according to the Fibonacci sequence.
Number   Rate amount CAD
1 1
2 2
3 2
4 3
5 5
6 8
7 13
8 21
9 34
10 55
11 89
12 144
13 233
14 377
15 610
16 987
17 1597

Example of usage at the Roulette

  • Minimum bet: 1CAD.
  • 1st spin - bet 1CAD - we lose.
  • Following the Fibonacci progression, 2nd spin - we bet an additional 1 CAD.
  • If we lose in the 2nd spin, we add an additional 2 CAD to our prior bet.
  • If we lose in the 3rd spin, we add an additional 3 CAD to our prior bet. Then 5 CAD, 8 CAD, 13 CAD and so on.
  • We carry on increasing the bets until we win.
  • When we ultimately win a spin, instead of starting all over, we have to take 2 steps back in the Fibonacci number sequence.

In figures: Imagine our game at round 10.

  • We lost all 9 rounds before. The balance of our total loss is 88 CAD. (1+1+2+3+5+8+13+21+21+34=88)
  • Our Bet starting the 10th spin is 55 CAD. We win. The capital of this winning is 110 CAD.
  • At this point, we are 22 CAD in a plus.
  • Next, we go 2 rounds back and place a bet of 21 CAD.
  • If we win again, we go back, and back, and back till the first number of the progression.
  • With that, the system is considered complete, so you start your game all over from the beginning.

Using the Fibonacci progression technique resembles the game with the Martingale system only with Fibonacci in our example; after the win, we don’t go back to spin N: 1 but we go back to spin N: 8.

Comparing the two sequences

  • Compare to the Martingale technique, and the Fibonacci technique is a slower stake of progression.
  • With Fibonacci’s sequence slower stake rate, you need smaller bankrolls in pursuit of gain.
  • This makes Fibonacci relatively safer to use a betting system.
  • With Fibonacci, the casino software is facing far greater betting adjustment issues compared to the Martingale.
  • With Fibonacci, we see sizeable dispersion reduction.
  • Both systems show some drawbacks at a distance because the house edge persists untouched ofc.
  • Both systems operate on permitted betting 1:1.
  • The betting control challenges both systems, i.e. you are extra burdened by their bet limits.
    (Most roulette tables have set their table limit at 100 CAD. According to Fibonacci's sequence, the closest bet to 100 CAD is 89 CAD at spin N: 11. If you are unsuccessful with 89 CAD bet, you can be ruined as it is not permitted to proceed to employ the system after the 11th spin – not at this table at least)
  • Both systems are with Negative progression, i.e. both require raising the bet after precipitated a loss, on the ground of “getting even money with the first upcoming win” expectation.


Roulette gambling using the Fibonacci sequence is one clever adoption of math in your playtime. Your game process is more structured using this progression frame, but don’t lose your head on the numbers! (It is recommended to make notes of your rounds and mark them down while you play). Fibonacci is a medium risk betting management system that can retake you to profit regularly, even though not as fast as using other strategies.

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