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Roulette techniques and secrets

Roulette techniques and secretsYou certainly can't win every time, nor can you win at every game. But like any game, Roulette has its tricks, secrets, and specific techniques that can enable you to make good gains and improve your overall positive experience around the table. 

Every serious player at Canadian online casinos clearly defines his preferences and uses one or another system in his game. High roll players even use several different systems or modifications of them. Small group players have reached such perfection and confidence in their game that they are ready to unravel some of their winning gimmicks and share with us their tricks.

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Different Roulette techniques


Below is highlighted the essence of one of the most well-received and easy to apply techniques, which is typical for the classic European Roulette.

The rule in this classic technique is the following:

  • Start with single betting on red. Minimum bet 10 CAD.
  • If you win - next place the same minimum bet 10 CAD but on black.
  • If you lose - stay on red but double your bet, i.e. 20 CAD.
  • This should be repeated until the table limit is hit.

This very usable method is bare simple to play, although it does not win big bundles. However, gamblers who can't stand a loss at any cost and are willing to take long and gruelling sessions can use this technique. Their desire to be "inside the game" but not lose anything will be satisfied.

Martingale strategy

We covered this technique in a separate article. However, if you want to learn more, please check this page:

Mirrored numbers

For all those who feel at home in mathematics and combinatorics and do not worry about spins, where you have to hold back, we recommend this technique called "Mirrors." The core here lies in the quick recognition of the mirror image of the one number that just dropped and a quick reaction for betting on all possible variants with this mirror similarity of the number.

The numbers considered mirrors are: 

Mirrored numbers

The numbers considered switch numbers are:

Switched numbers

The rule to follow is:

  • You can play a single small bet just in a waiting stage, checking your luck anywhere on the table.
  • Your true game begins when any of the above-mentioned numbers fall.
  • At that moment, you quickly bet with full-complete (straight up, splits, corners, streets, and six lines) on the corresponding number.

For example, at the moment when the ball falls on 31, next we go full force betting on 13. If you wait for the right moment and catch the correct correlation, you have a chance to collect a good chunk of money.

The systematic numbers

While the wheel is spinning, we are searching for the systematic order of numbers. That will say that we are patiently probing when and what number falls and at what time distance. For example, if the numbers 15 and 25 fall several times in the first hour and fall several more times in the next hour. This leads us to think that 5, 15, 25 or 35 will fall very soon. At this point, we start betting more seriously. Also, if the result is 1, 3, or 5 in any order, but a row, combinations with 2, 4, or 6 can be expected immediately afterward.

Basically, the search for secure systems implies determination and attention to detail! However, casinos have something to offer to any player with good luck and perseverance!

James Bond technique

If you are searching for something truly adventurous, then the next system could be your game plan with a famous name: James Bond. The urban tale goes that Bond could provide lavish dinner for his lady almost every night with these few special tricks.

Your necessary starting capital should be 200 CAD. The steps to follow are: 

  • First, bet 140 CAD on the group with high numbers “19 to 36”.
  • Secondly, bet 50 CAD on the numbers “13 to 18”.
  • Lastly, just like a safety measure, place 10 CAD on “0”.
  • If you get a stroke of luck, you could win 80 CAD for number at “19 to 36” pockets; if “13 to 18” shows up, you win 100 CAD; and if 0 shows up, your win is 160 CAD. 

Not so good is your outcome if a number between “1 and 12” comes up. That is the weak spot of Bond’s technique. Not putting bets on those numbers – means you knew the risk of losing your 200 CAD in total. If this roulette strategy is a little too bold and daring, you should search for another suitable system to try. Secret agent 007 surely was not shy to go for it.

Game of chance

If you still haven’t found your special system, don’t quit just yet. Instead, check this technique, which starting base is the early detection of colours, squares, and columns odds soar. Once you catch the sight that they started to increase, place your bet anywhere else but not on the prior one.

For instance, if the ball just felt in a number from the first square, you should rush and place a bet on a number from the second or third square, or even on both of them at the same time. Follow the same approach about columns. Only colours are to be handled differently. If they follow a specific pattern like red/black/red/black, you need to place a bet on the next colour from the same line.

And if the ball falls in the same colour as the last several spins, you need to bet on that same number. So, this Roulette technique requires observation and estimation of various chances. Therefore it is recommended for advanced players.

The D’Alembert Roulette strategy

Another possible choice to be picked as a proxy to The Martingale strategy is the D’Alembert Roulette technique. Here the gambler applies contracting or expending by one, unlike Martingale, where doubling on loss can be a little too aggressive for some players.

The steps to follow are:

  • Start with placing a small amount on 1-18, 19-36, Red, Black, Even, and Odd.
  • You should raise your bet with one after a loss and reduce it by “1” after winning.
  • If the count of your wins and losses is even, you should leave the game.
  • If you catch a long losing series, keep holing long enough for the winnings to hoist and even your losses.
  • If you run into multiple successes, proceed with betting until the number of your total losses equals your wins.
  • If you have reached that equal number of wins and losses, you should take your bankroll and walk while you are still ahead!

Place your initial bet and proceed like the example above:

D’Alembert Roulette strategy example

Leave the table here with 2 losses, 2 wins and a positive outcome of +2 (- 10- 11+12+11=+2). The obvious flaw of this technique is watching and counting the accurate number of your losses and wins.


Some say that winning at Roulette is a question of luck and how good you are strategizing and realizing the house edge. Principally Roulette is an uncomplicated and pleasant game to play. With all the systems created, there is an illusion that the player has everything under his control once he masters some of the techniques.

The Roulette secrets may not have answers to all the various outcomes and may not lead you to the biggest win. Still, with some personal adjustment to a proven technique, with mathematically accurate conclusions, savvy and acumen, you can yield good cash on Roulette without impulsive choices.

Where to play?

  • We highly recommend you try all of your strategies for free in demo mode before you start playing for real money. You can do all this at the best gambling place in the Canadian market - Fastpay casino, 100% honest operator!

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