How to play Netent video slots for free?

Netent video slots for Free PlayThe main goal of our site is not just show you where you can play, but also to teach you how to win money at Netent casino. Therefore, we always encourage players to use the maximum capacity of free games before you start playing for real money. On this page you will find answers to the questions: why our website has a function of the free games on video slots by Netent? How to use the opportunity to play video slots for free, in order to increase your chances of the winning when playing in a casino? To go to the selection of free casino games by Netent, visit the following link:

Integration of free casino games:

In early 2013, Net Entertainment has made it possible to connect blocks of free play video slots to online gambling sites. We thought that we should not miss such great opportunity for our players. Later we found out that the behavior of the Netent video slots in the mode of free games have a little difference from playing for real money. This was additional argument in favor of a block of Netent games, in which our guests would be able to play casino games for free without registering an account and without spending real money. Let`s start in order:

Play for free without sign up at our website:

The main reason for the implementation of the detailed description in the blocks of video slots and the ability to play them for free is identical algorithms issuance winning sequences in free play mode and when you play for real money. It is a software program by Net Entertainment. Video slot takes remedial courses from the current state of the gaming machine and produces the winning or losing sequence of characters.

In other words, if you`re gambling video slot in free mode and win often and much, then you should make a deposit and play for real money in it. If you cannot win anything in free mode then, you should skip it in your next session for real money, even if it is your favorite game. Naturally, this feature should be considered. We have created a system of testing games in free mode, before real money game. You can learn more about this system in the following article:

Transparency of statistics:

Winning PercentageThe second major reason for the addition of free video slots by Net Entertainment is an open data on the percentage of the winnings with each game. Player should know for sure what percentage of bets is returned to players in the form of winnings in current game. You can find that information in the section "play for free at Net Entertainment video slots". The list of games is on the right column, shows the winning percentage of each. You can see the name of a video slot, its logo and the winning percentage, which is technically incorporated into its program when it is created.

If you play at low rates, it makes sense to choose games in hot state, and if you play with medium and large rates its will be more profitable to choose video slots with quick turnaround cycles return rates. This approach will save you from difficult decisions and help avoid the risk of large sums of money.

Using bonuses to take advantage:

BonusBased on the data according to the amount of winnings from bets made by all players and bonus offers from the casino, the player can get a positive expectation on its playing video slots, using the bonus money, which are subject to wager requirements 40s and below. If you want to know more, read the following article:

If you want to use bonus programs to get the positive expectation of the winnings, you should refer to the "Netent casinos" section where you can find reliable and honest casino operators by Net Entertainment. They allow you to quickly withdraw winnings at convenient payment system. Bonus on first deposit, weekly and monthly bonuses, free games and bonus offers personal is just a small part of the benefits offered by our partners for their players.

Testing tactics and winning strategies:

StarburstOur website has a section of materials that are unique. It's called "How to Win at software by Net Entertainment". Almost all of the articles have been written on the basis of data collected by our testers and analyst`s classification. There were more than 10 million spins to gather statistics of wins and "empty rotations". According to the results of our research, we have developed recommendations and strategies of the winning in exact slots. Please, find some of them:

If you plan to get the serious gambling on Netent software, we recommend that you get acquainted with these materials. If you like the search features, bugs and errors that appeared in programming of video slots, they also took a place in free games. Change your bet, forcibly stopping the reels and raising or lowering the overall rate, or the number of active lines, you can find the response of the software. If you test these tactics in free mode, it will save you from additional costs and nervous tension. Believe that set the machine for such actions can be very cruel and merciless.

Finding bugs and errors:

CoinsI had the opportunity to make sure that there is a real opportunity to find bugs in the settings or increased payments for fixed nominal rates on my own experience. I described it in the following article:

It is important to note that no one calls you to break the rules of the online casino. Increased payments for a certain amount of the total bet or application of progressive betting strategies are not prohibited by the rules of the casino. As you know, all that is not forbidden is allowed. If you find any feature or program, try to win without attracting attention to the conclusions of large sums. This measure will allow you to use longer and monetize your observations. Can give you some examples of the observations and tests? Read the following article and you can find out the general direction of the thoughts and strategies that should be checked during the testing of gambling slot machines in free mode:

Note that we have tried to make out for you not only the strengths of each of the games, but also negative features that are also worth paying attention while playing. In the end, when you learn to apply the proposed strategy and bring yourself to own your chances of big winnings increase significantly.


It is difficult to overestimate presented on our site the opportunity to play free slot machines. Players can understand the rules and see bonus features is only the tip of the iceberg, which is accessible to the uninitiated. You must learn how to properly use this opportunity and you will stop losing money on the course.

Imagine that:

  • You are making deposits only during bonus offers and reload bonuses, carefully choosing video slots with a high percentage of the winnings that gives you a positive expectation of the winnings in the casino on the distance (with a large number of spins).
  • Before each game session for real money you are checking the video slots in a free game and choose three suitable. Playing in them, your chances of a big win significantly increases.
  • You are using a variety of techniques, systems and strategies to change cycles.
  • Using an integrated approach is the key to a successful game in the casino. Do not be lazy to take the time to try out our recommendations and you will be surprised by the result. Without the ability to play free video slots by Netent without registration all this would not have been possible.

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