Record Jackpots

Record JackpotsEvery player who at least once played in a casino, dreams of winning the jackpot. Numerous casinos and lotteries are different form Bank jackpot, but for all gamblers record winnings of money is their dream. In this paper we present data on the record jackpot won in casinos and lotteries over the past 20 years. We remind you that the player is obliged to pay tax on the gain from the jackpot.

The record jackpot Big Game: 363,000,000 US dollars:

  • Record Jackpot May 2000 the biggest lottery games in the United States, played the true record jackpot. He made three hundred sixty-three million US dollars. Amount seems fabulous, even in these times. What can we say about fifteen years ago? Darling of fortune at the same time became two players. One of Michigan, the second of Illinois. A remarkable story of ticketing one of the lucky ones. According to him, 98 tickets were bought by them only for the reason that the seller could not give change to the bill in one hundred dollars. The player was also very hungry and wanted to buy a hot dog, worth two dollars. If only he knew that would be at 180 million richer.

Jackpot who didn`t brought happiness to the winner:

  • MoneyTwo years after the first big win in 2002 in the state of West Virginia was won following a record jackpot. This time lucky was alone, and his win was astronomical three hundred and fourteen million dollars. Unfortunately, money does not bring happiness to the player. It turned out that the rumors about big money spread around the neighborhood and his house was robbed several times. Another blow was the death of his granddaughter. She was only seventeen years old. Casino on whose behalf the check was issued to the money made him abolition, citing the financial insolvency. After going to court, the manager was nominated counter-claim to the player on the debt of half a million dollars.

Tax deduction and a fine of jackpot:

  • Player who had to pay taxes and penalties for withdrawing the entire amount, a native of Massachusetts. His prize was two hundred and ninety million dollars. The player wished to withdraw all the money at once, probably so as not to repeat the experience of the previous record holder with the abolition of the check. According to the rules of the lottery conducted in this case, the player receives at the hands only half the amount. Under American law the tax he had to pay the whole amount. In the end, after all payments, fines and tax deductions of 290 million players got my hands on a fifty.

Immediately three records from the online lottery PowerBall:

  • Jackpot PowerballAfter five years, Steve West, who lives in Oregon, won the online lottery Powerball three hundred and forty million dollars. During the presentation of the check winner publicly offered thanks to his family and said that winning combination of numbers, they were all together.
  • By the way, in September 2011, with a Powerball took a curious case. Groggy janitor won two hundred fifty-four million dollars and not sober, lost the winning ticket. That's because alcohol takes a ticket to a better life.
  • Another big win Powerball lottery was played in 2006. Jackpot three hundred sixty-five million won gambler Nebraska, but rather just eight gamblers, who worked together in the meat plant. And together they bought a ticket just for the sake of jokes.

Jackpot using the ticket at the gas station:

  • Mega MillionsAt the gas station, which is located in the state of Virginia, in 2006 it was bought a few lottery tickets. One of them was the winner. Winning on it entered the list of record jackpots. He was two hundred and thirty million dollars. The winners were all. Lottery decided to pay the owners of charging a premium of twenty-five thousand dollars.
  • The proud owner of one hundred and forty-nine million dollars became a gambler from New York, who bought the winning ticket at the last dollar. Held for this momentous event of an immigrant from Colombia in 2009.

Record prize money in the Mega Millions:

  • Net EntertainmentIn 2007, was won by the biggest record jackpot in the history of gaming. The amount of prize money amounted to three hundred and ninety million dollars. Players who were registered as "unemployed persons" and lived on public assistance, became the owners of 254 million (after tax).

Jackpots casino Net Entertainment:

  • For last year online casinos Net Entertainment totals payments of more than 50 million Euros in the progressive jackpot slot machines. Slot machine Mega Fortune paid large sums of money several times over three months.
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