Online poker or casino?

Poker or Casino?Today we try to compare the online poker and online casino. And it is today - the beginning of 2016. We would like to share with you their forecasts trends in the development of the world of the gambling and online poker. Over the past ten years we have seen the market of the gambling, as in the CIS and far abroad. We hope that the presented conclusions and observations will be useful for you. Let`s try to understand what is more profitable to gamble at online poker or at online casino by Net Entertainment?

The Golden Age of poker or a brilliant scam of the 21st century:

We think that the creation of the online poker in general is one of the biggest scams of the 21st century. Create one huge casino, which will play hundreds of thousands players and each bank to take on 3-5% in rake in favor of the establishment - its brilliant. But poker rooms today went even further and they spend money from the players` accounts, even before they were taken in the rake. There are many examples of closing poker operators, without payment of any money in the usual players. Just once, trying to go to your account, the player sees the error 404. And if before such stories evoked loud resonance in the circles of the poker players, they are now only cause a smile on the faces of those who understand.

Playing poker with people you earn money at the poker room:

What to Choose Poker or CasinoWe allow ourselves to digress from our main theme, to try to express their opinion about the choice between poker and casino. One day I went to the casino. This is the usual gambling house, which belonged to people of Caucasian nationality. That is why it is not very popular among the players. When I walked into the room it was there alone. Besides me was sitting very sexy girl pit boss, and the tables were dealers. Since I was alone, attention was focused on the staff of my person. My own attention was focused solely on the pit boss. I was in the casino for the first time.

In the process of communication, I went to the game rules. The most unpopular casino often makes some concessions in the rules, thereby reducing the expectation of the winning, trying to attract players. For example, the free exchange of the cards in a six-card poker, the dealer or buying games for free.

The rake and casino percentage:

My attention was drawn to the table for a few people. In response to my question, it replied with a smile that at these table players can play poker with each other. Is it worth 5% of the size of the pot? And eventually all the money players are on hand no matter that wins or loses. These words stick in my mind for years. In my opinion these words are very clearly characterize the essence of online poker.

Imagine the amount of money deposited daily in the rake. If you believe the lobby Poker stars, its tables simultaneously play more than 3000 ring-game players, and 50,000 to play in tournaments. Imagine earning per hour, if the average uploads speed software - 1 minute, and the commission in the tournament 5% of the premium payable for admission. Even rounded down, an hour a similar institution should bring at least 100 000 $. And all this is real money players. Playing at the Blood Suckers slot machine you get a refund of 98% of the bets. When playing poker, you pay 3% in favor of the poker room. Why poker players choose instead of online casino?

Pros and legends of online poker

When poker just moved to the Internet and timidly tried to earn the trust of the players, it was enough to have a basic idea of this game is to win money. The so-called "ABC" poker is a General idea of how to play with a small amount of the initial cards to positive expected payoff. In the early days of online poker this knowledge was enough to win. It was then that the first professionals to make the game the main source of income.

As the popularity of online poker, water is constantly in need of new players (fishes) and began the active PR Company of the leading poker rooms in the media. But it was impossible to make blocks of the text: "online poker - it's great!" People are not stupid enough to carry their money, losing again and again. But if you present them failures as temporary difficulties on the way to fame, where they wait for yachts, money, beautiful women and carefree life - it can work.

To brains or Michael Jose not overheated from the effort, were created recognizable images of successful people who play poker professionally and can afford everything. These people have become such big names today as Phil Ivey (who is now suing for fraud in the casino), Patrick Antonius (lost almost all that he had in 2013), Phil Helmuth and many others ... To date, many of them can no longer hide their fraud and fraud with the gambling, but so far the lowdown of this cuisine has not stood out so clearly. However, when collapsed, full tilt poker, a lot fell into place. It was the unauthorized deposits with the card players’ poker accounts and the multi-million dollar debt of professional poker in the room, and the inability to pay players their balance. And the heroes of poker drama this situation is perceived as the norm. "It is a pity that all this came to light ...".

The fish and the sharks:

Undoubtedly, there are professional poker players who have achieved success. They are something of a benchmark for other players after Daniel and Phil have been successful and live in luxury. What am I worse? There are a few professional players among my friends. Not in the sense that they are the champions and that they are professionally play 6-8 hours a day and earn a living. And earlier this month, it is very difficult to say what will be their balance at the end of the month. Poker game because the dispersion.

These players are called sharks, and they have to take money from the fish. In order to have a positive expectation of their game, the sharks needed opponents who play it a lot worse. Ideally, they should not even know the general rules of the poker and play any card, paying strong combination of the sharks. Tragically the past, new players who are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a "fun" is becoming less and less.

The crisis:

Close to the day when the tables except sharks there are no one and they have to chew each other. One of my friends lost about $ 250,000 per calendar month, with a positive expectation of their decisions. Software poker stars is rigged? Or is he just a loser? Unfortunately, the correct answer is not added money.

The fish called the players who play without a system for fun. These players are trying to find, keep and increase poker rooms, simultaneously reducing the amount of playing sharks. Although in recent years poker rooms (judging by the trends) prefer another way of the earning - "players gathered deposits and closed." But more on that is later.

Pond should be balanced:

In theory, the poker rooms should not be a difference, the player wins or loses. But, unfortunately, it is not. Inevitably, some players have to play for others to win. The problem is sharks. They do not want to play with their own kind. They want to play only with fish. Comical situations arise when a six-table for five players, robbing the fish, do not continue the game, and go to the "sit-out", switch to other tables. They do not care even to wait a few hands, while discouraged fish leave the table, closing it on your computer.

Needless to say, the loser is offended and disappointed. Actually the fish didn`t stand a chance to win. Statistics and mathematics it is very stubborn and science cannot be defeated in the long run. Undoubtedly, the bad poker player can win, but the amounts are small and, since 50 sums with which he plays the game for the selected limit, he has virtually no chance to win.

If someone from slightly above zero or near-zero poker players reading this article, then I have a question to them: do you think that you have a dependency on the game? Can you change your way of a life and refuse to play? You understand that online poker is already dead and you pay money for nothing? So why do players continue to play poker and not online casino?

Many players put everything in career poker player, not realizing or not wanting to admit that internet poker is dead. And he died yesterday. Unfortunately, there are young players arriving at the "landing page" to attract newcomers who created a few years ago. They charged atmosphere of an easy life and throw institutions and work, catching some good days of play.

Who are affiliates?

To continue our discussion, it is necessary to explain who the affiliates and what is their role in the chain of players` relationships poker room. In theory, affiliates should attract the new players to participate in the promotion of online poker in general; to carry out various promotions and receive a portion of the rake that will generate involved with their help the players.

In practice, things are a bit different affiliates trying to lure players from each other by promising them more and more percent return on its own share of the rake. To date, there is a situation that affiliates give all their share of players in the form of rake-back, leaving him 1-3% of the commission. Note that almost all poker rooms prohibit a rake-back. In the end, the whole scheme, which is known all links, turns into a kind of a game of cat and mouse. Moreover, when a poker room claims that affiliates caught red-handed on the rake-back payment, money players are not paid and remain on the balance room. Ultimately, the players suffer again.

Is it worth it now to start learning?

Say unequivocally - not worth it while you still have not listened. All you talk about the poker professionals - this is a bluff to attract new money. We believe that if you do and to risk their own money, and then do it wisely, with the best chance of a big win to at least completely cover all of our previous failures, when they happen. That is to choose an online casino, online poker instead. And poker is obtained as follows:

  • It is not enough to win, you need to have your affiliate was honest and did not steal your money;
  • Even if affiliate honest, it is necessary that the poker room and was honest and paid his fee in full and on time.
  • It is also necessary to have a poker room did not have penalties for what he has too many winning players as well as room wants to shift financial responsibility for affiliate, and he, in turn, will not be able to pay its players.
  • Even if an honest poker room - it is necessary to have a gaming network had no financial problems and it was not looking for ways not to pay Room, or pay less than he owed.
  • Not much do if? This is the real state of affairs. There is of course another option - play Poker-stars, but there you will have 25-40% of the rake paid by you, if you do not play all day. Beat such interest is extremely difficult. And certainly more difficult than playing with a positive expectation of the winning in the Netent casino.

Where it is profitable to play?

For us remains a mystery why losing players continue to play online poker? After all, this game is built just on the mathematical calculations and requires long distance (a very large number of hands) to win at least a little more than a poker room takes a rake. If you lose at short distances - why again and again to make a deposit? Indeed, one distribution cannot return to you all of your losses. And if you're lucky and you win a few large banks, with an increase in the number of hands you will still lose everything?

Try the Netent Casino, which can really give a very big win, even at low rates. This, at least, will be logic. How about a negative expectation game in the casino? We fending off and in this article we discussed how to achieve a positive mathematical expectation of the game in the casino. This statistic is obliged to carry out on long distances. And, considering the dispersion of Net Entertainment games and their random number generator, you can win a lot really.


Talk about the jackpots. The jackpot player from Sweden at the Mega Fortune slot machine amounted to more than 5 million Euros. However, attempts to catch the jackpots in the video slots casino it is a completely different game. Look at a few videos in the video section of the winnings and try to understand our idea. Certainly casino game it`s a risk. But the Netent casino game is a risk that can bring you huge amounts in the case of luck. What is poker? The life on rake-back and the hope for a brighter future is dying the game. Already, regular players play with weaker players and regular field continues to grow. However, lets order.

Comparison of mathematical calculations in the Internet poker and online casino:

To understand this part of the article, please become familiar with the following materials:

Mathematical expectation:

  • When you play poker with approximately equal rivals, your expectation of the winning in the long run will be about 3%. If you play Netent or other obscure0 poker networks with high raked, the negative expectation of the winning will seek to 5%.
  • Playing in the Casino Netent and even without using any of the offered recommendations to improve expectations, you get the expectation of minus 1.28%. If we are talking about the board games, the blackjack and poker casinos provide only 0.5%.
  • Use the above-described system and play to the positive expectation. In addition, you will always have a real chance to win big. Win a few thousand Euros per rotation betting one Euro. Someone plays for fun, and someone wants to earn.
  • Read how I`ve tried to make the online casino. Though, of course, ultimately up to you, look forward to your smart choice. Good Luck!

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