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What to choose: slots, online poker or roulette?

Slot machines, poker or roulette?
The virtual casinos have already become a favourite place for people for a long time who want to feel the waves of excitement, to try the luck, to make good money, and even to relax and enjoy; people receive real emotional satisfaction from the exciting game process. Let's try to answer the questions: "What is more profitable for a player in a casino: poker, roulette, or slot machines?" What is more profitable to play in an online casino?

Online version

The advantage of the virtual playground is that anyone can quickly become its visitors, even a person who does not want to risk real money at all. To the attention of this group of users, the slot machines are always available, which are tested in free mode. Consequently, there are guaranteed, at least, the pleasure and excitement. So, what about winning – who knows? Maybe, if you studied the rules and practised a lot in one of the slots, you would try your luck. Would you like to play for free at the slot machines from the Netent company? You can get the opportunity to try free games in any of the slot machines which are made by Net Entertainment on our site. You can find out more on the next page:

Poker, roulette or slot machines in the modern casinos

Today modern online casinos present a lot of entertainments, which we can divide into three main categories concerning profitability. If you want to identify what is more profitable to play in a casino, let's look at every game in more detail:

Poker vs Dealer

Poker Roulette or Slot Machines at Online Casino
Regarding profitability, this game takes first place. In truth, certain obstacles are the complication of the rules and the choice of strategy games. You will need time to learn them. This statement is not typical for video poker, which is just a simple online slot, but for playing poker with the compulsory participation of the dealer. The poker rooms, of which the same players become members, are also not included in the category of the most profitable games.

In its term, the casinos guarantee the highest percentage of the return (almost 99%) when playing at the maximum bets and, of course, with the right strategy. But you cannot save with only the stakes, because the necessary condition of getting a big winning in poker is knowing not only the rules but also the nuances of the game and specific experience which you need to have. You can get detailed information about poker at the Netent casino and check the effectiveness of the offered strategies for free on the following page:

The presented variations of Hold 'em, an oasis of poker and "live game in poker against the dealer" are preferred for players who appreciate the card games. The most profitable variant seems for us is the Hold 'em poker pro, which is realised in all partner casinos from Netent.

Online roulette in Netent

The second place in the list of profitable gambling is roulette. Mainly, it is typical for the European version. Here, the benefit of the casino is also minimal, and it is only 2.7%, and simple rules will not mislead even the beginner. And the winning in roulette will help you increase several systems, which also you should not forget about it. Learn more about the roulette systems on the following pages of our website:

Slot machines and slots from Netent

Third place, but it is no less honourable, take slot machines, which RTP is set to 95-99%. The slots are characterized by enormous amounts of bonus features and a fascinating story. The rules are also very simple such that they do not require the player to waste time on their development. You can view all percentages of the payouts which are set in each of the games by developers in the table on the right on the following page:

Now we have already found out that while using software from Net Entertainment, three variants are profitable such as roulette, poker and slot machines for a player. When choosing the right games, you can use this knowledge to get a positive mathematical expectation from your game process in a casino with the help of bonuses.

Where to play

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